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Karl Rove tabulates own results election night- has network of contacts down to precinct level

Wednesday 22 December 2004

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from the BBC story "Drawing up blueprints for Bush victory"

By the time election night came around, Mr Rove was in the White House, where, unusually for a political adviser, he has an office.

He set up computers in the Old Family Dining Room and started tabulating results. He had set up a massive network of contacts, not just in state capitals, but individual districts and precincts to monitor turnout and support.

Reporters surround Karl Rove
Mr Rove may spin the news, but the media still wants to hear him
Early exit polls quoted by media seemed to give Mr Kerry the edge, but colleagues said Mr Rove indicated right away that they did not tally with his information.

He used his own data to put Ohio and Florida in the Bush column - bringing cheers from the president and his family when he went into the Roosevelt Room and told them.

And when the TV networks gave either Ohio or Nevada to Mr Bush but not both - which would have led him to be declared as the winner - Mr Rove was one of the president’s aides who got on the phone to news chiefs to try to pressure them to change their minds.

Forum posts

  • Is this how Bush won the election? What if he was set up to interconnect with the actual machines, and could manipulate them from the White House.

  • Anyone reading this article should try to get the word to someone investigating voting fraud, this could be the central connection for manipulating the vote, all over the country. Remember when Karen Hughes on election night said I think we’re going to see some changes in the results soon, and sure enough about an hour later the results started to change. Rove was bussy, busy in his office and was able to come out with his own results before anyone else, why, why, why!!!!
    I have already emailed to Black box voting, if readers could shoot this story to others it would be helpful.

    • Hacking was done by a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of Roves. Certainly not from the white house and no provable connection likely exists. Probably from a library or public access workstation maybe not even from within America. One ex Diebold employee could do it with phone numbers and IP addresses.

      I thought it was interesting that an Ex-Diebold exceutive became top dog at Cincinnati Bell about a week before the election. I now doubt phone traces and research will pan out if they are relying on Cin Bell to do it.

      Could be an Eric Randolph Rudolph or a Haliburton employee.

      I am sure the genius of Rove will remain in tact at least for a while. We will catch this administration some day. They are smart enough to tell us how they will screw so when they screw us we can’t say they were lying. But they can lie about everything else.

  • Those who posted to this article don’t know a thing about politics. Rove was not casting votes from mystery computers. He was executing a flawless GOTV plan. He and the GOP had people at all polling locations where they wanted them so they could measure whether their voters were getting to the polls. Instead of trying to find fraud in the election, perhaps you should concentrate on better refining your policies to something a little less anti-American, then perhaps you will win an election again.

    • What you call anti american is questioning an illegal election. What if the democrats had won under suspicious circusmstance, would you be searching for the truth or delcaring anti american anyone who did. Isn’t it interesting that Rove could have a worker in a precinct that could tabulate votes better than the cable news networks could. And I guess he must have had workers at all the Democrat precrincts too. Workers to keep the machines away and to challenge the people who were trying to vote. Or maybe just to keep them in the rain for 10 hours, because they could not break machines out of storage.
      Don’t know a thing about politics, and you do. I guess you have never heard of corruption in politics before. I guess you have never heard of stolen elections before. I guess it is only bad when it happens in Unraine.
      Refining my policies, oh dear, how refined can you get but to search for the truth, no matter where it may lie. I find it amusing that you referred to his plan as flawless, the perfect crime perhaps. Type in a google search " Karl Rove Scandal" see what you come up with, thousands of sites exposing Karl Rove for the kind of man he really is.
      I will end by saying I guess you mean to be American is not to question. Is that the kind of America you want.
      And maybe "we" will not win an election until we get rid of the controllers of the machines or until we come up with a flawless plan like your buddy.