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Kerry’s Silence Indicates Complicity with Vote Fraud

by Open-Publishing - Friday 26 November 2004

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Go to JohnKerry.com and you will find absolutely nothing about the
mounting evidence of vote fraud- why? There is no mention of the official voting receipts found in the garbage, or about the vote suppression in Ohio, or about the GAO starting an investigation
into the 57,000 reported cased of voting ’irregularities’
nationwide. 13 Members of Congress have asked for an investigation into the voting problems, heaven forbid JohnKerry.com
mention that. Why is it that VoteNader.com and VoteCobb.org
both address the voting problems right on the front page, but the
Democratic ticket of Kerry and Edwards won’t address the issue at all?

It seems like Kerry and Edwards didn’t really want to win, almost like
they’re ready for a vacation. They’re telling us, get over it, we
lost, it’s time to move on and unite behind our leader? What the
bleep is that all about? I thought Kerry was our candidate because Bush
was so bad we had to get
rid of shrubbie. Then after this election where all of the computer
’glitches’ favored bush, kerry just tucks tail and hides? Thousands of
Americans were turned away from the polls thanks to Republican dirty
tricks, so kerry gives up and tells us to get behind Bush? seettuuuup.

We’ve wasted billions of dollars and destroyed hundreds of thousands of
lives- now we’re stuck in a war without end and the hatred of America
at an all time high... and our guy, Mr. Anybody But Bush, is silent
about vote fraud and suppression that clearly cost him the election.
Doesn’t that seem a little bit fishy?

Kerry is joined in silence by Edwards, Dean, Clinton, Gore and the
official Democratic Party. They all remain silent in the face of
undeniable evidence of vote fraud. And it’s not just the voting
machines without a paper trail, there are hundreds of sworn statements delivered by Ohio residents detailing various Republican tricks to prevent democrats from voting.

Why are Nader and Cobb raising money for recounts while Kerry refuses
to pay for any of them? Is Kerry really fighting for the people? If he
is, why does he have $51 million left over from his campaign? How can
anyone think that not spending $50 million was part of a successful
plan to win? Why did Kerry do that?

If you’d been reading news on the net before the election, you’d have known that some people were claiming Kerry was throwing the election all the way. That in fact, Bush and Kerry are distant cousins, and both members of the ’frat’ Skull and Bones at Yale.
(1) Think, is it just an amazing coincidence that the two main
candidates were related, multi-millionaire boners? Is it possible for
you to consider that, perhaps there really is an elite group of
families running the country? Some call it the New World Order, it’s like the Mafia x 1000, without the accents.

Understandably most Americans are reluctant to think that organized
crime has taken over our government, that both candidates were puppets
for evil behind the scenes masters. But folks, what if its
true? Isn’t it worth looking at? It’s easier for people to tell
themselves that Bush really won, stupid people voted for him and now
we’re stuck with four more years of war. This is easier because they
can continue about their life as usual- recognizing that our gov’t is
corrupt might require them to change their daily lives. It’s so much
easier to say, "Oh well, too bad for those
Iraqis and Iranians that will die, at least I still have my life as
usual." Apathy- that’s what is killing our country.

To acknowledge that the mafia has taken over is a scary concept,
nonetheless, i ask you to see if the hat fits. In my opinion, this was
a staged election all the way, with the express purpose of
re-installing Bush to create the illusion of warmongering America,
justifying more wars, more terror threats and more spying on Americans-
Big Brother has arrived. Am I a ’conspiracy nut’? Think for yourself,
which doesn’t mean believe everything I say, but it means do not
discredit it just because the mainstream media does. Are these thoughts
really outlandish conspiracy, or just basic logic?

Why did the Democrats choose a pro-war candidate. If we really
had to beat Bush, wouldn’t an anti-war candidate been the clear
difference that kerry couldn’t create. By election day, people were
saying, "well their policies are about the same, and i like bush
better, he’s funny to listen to." Why weren’t we allowed a choice
between pro-war and anti-war? Was kerry really the choice of the people, or was he a puppet installed against our will- by the corporate media.

Kerry’s campaign sucked. Bush lied, flat out lied, and we have it
on tape! All kerry needed to do was present these lies to the public
and the idiot would be exposed, but kerry didn’t. He "never used
the harshest word" to describe bush’s lies. Why?

I’m sorry but I just can’t get over this- Kerry finished this election campaign with $50 million in the bank.
Why? He didn’t want to win is the only logical explanation. Several
days after the story broke, they came out with damage control- Kerry
has only $15 million left, he gave the rest to the DNC. Think the
numbers transposed is mere coincidence, or intentional misinformation?

Even with the $15 million, kerry hasn’t offered to help pay for any of
the recounts, BBVs Florida investigation or even the Volusia County Lawsuit. (2)

Exit Polls are the canary in the mine shaft, they’ve exposed vote fraud in two
other nations this year, but in America the media and Kerry/Edwards say the exit polls were wrong- move on, get over it.

From Exit Polls to Protect the Vote
 after the exit polls and results didn’t match in Georgia (Russia), opposition supporters
stormed the parliament and the president was forced to resign.

After Exit Polls clashed with final results in the Ukraine Yushchenko stood up and demanded a fair vote. Why didn’t Kerry? This led to hundreds of thousands braving sub-zero temperatures to protest the unelected government.

The Exit Polls were off here, only in the Key swing states, and always in favor of Bush, what an amazing coincidence... 250 million to 1 odds
according to Steven Freeman, PhD. Why hasn’t kerry mentioned
this, or at least posted a link on his website.... because he doesn’t
want to look bad? I’d say he looks pretty f***in bad right now.

If Kerry had stood up and addressed these vote fraud issues, the media
would not have been able to completely blackout the story as they
have. Only Keith Olbermann has mentioned it on MSNBC, so perhaps
a few million americans have seen it on tv, and a few million more on
the internet.... but the vast majority continues to live in the ’bush
won’ reality. Kerry’s silence is enabling this media blackout.

Are these the actions of a real candidate that really wanted to save America from the warmongers?

"But to find a resolution of the conflict does not mean accepting
falsified elections. We will never agree to that." Nice eh, too bad
that came from

Ukranian Presidential Challenger Viktor


. Why didn’t our candidate say that?

And perhaps more importantly, does Bush agree with these words from the
Ukranian incumbent, "I need no fictitious victory, a result which could
lead to violence and victims. No position of authority, no matter how
important, is worth a single human life."

What can you do about it? Boycott entertainment- turn off the tv and NPR. Listen to inspiring music and get fired up. Listen to that MLK speech everyday and feel his passion.

Then, be your own media- make phone calls, write emails, print flyers or even FreewayBlog. Do something, anything to pass this information on, the election was stolen, and Kerry is complicit. Trust me, most people are excited to hear that there is hope to overthrow the shrubbie- get out there and give people hope!

Or is it easier to just forget all this and turn the tv back on, i’m sure some great sitcoms or reality shows are on to distract you, to keep you silent, stuck inside your own home.

"There comes a time when silence is betrayal" - Martin Luther King Jr.

1. How weird is Skull and Bones? When they tried to admit women in the 90’s, a group of bonesman including William F. Buckley sued to keep the women out, claiming it would lead to date rape.

2. BlackBoxVoting’s Bev Harris found the smoking gun, proof of fraud and the Kerry camp does not care. According to a statement by the Supervisor of Elections
on November 17, 2004, the GEMS computer is not networked, and is "stand
alone." The furnished computer logs show evidence of at least two
attempts to remotely access the GEMS central tabulator, which is
claimed to be secure. A computer screen shot printout on November 17,
2004 (found in the trash) shows that the GEMS computer at that time had
two networked hard drives.

I showed the logs to CNN cameramen yesterday, along
with 59 orange-tagged poll tapes that were missing signatures, zero
tapes, sometimes missing results altogether! No interest in getting a
shot of that smoking gun at all.

We intereviewed poll workers. On camera. Showed them
the poll tapes we were given by Volusia County. To a person, they said,
with great concern, "That is NOT what we submitted to the county."
One remembered the results on his poll tape. What he
remembered, before ever seeing the results tape or hearing what was on
our copy, was not the same. His memory for a precinct with a tad over
400 voters had 60 more votes for Kerry. Of course, that’s not legally
binding, since he hadn’t written it down.

And don’t forget that in Volusia, poll workers were
told to bring their memory cards and poll tapes off to ’drop offs’ or
’depots’, and it was there that the modem-ing occurred. We have no
information whatsoever on who was in those depots, or what they were
doing, or what equipment was there.

Meahwhile a completely irresponsible Kerry Campaign
holds on to a $52 million litigation war chest accumulated from citizen
donations for that purpose.

If they were the slightest bit interested in either
voting system integrity or actually winning, they would have litigated
the Black Box Voting records requests to apply some real muscle into
prompt disclosure of audit materials, at least in Ohio and Florida.
Failure to comply with sunshine laws is against the law, yet a citizens
group like Black Box Voting cannot claim legal urgency, forcing
immediate compliance, in the same way that a campaign can. There is no
question that if the campaign had enforced the sunshine laws, analyzing
the audit data, two things would have happened:

1) records would have been produced
2) auditing would have been enabled, and we all know that would have produced hard evidence of irregularities....

The Kerry attorney in Volusia, by the way, came by but
asked not a single question, never asked to look at any evidence, and
told one of the producers of Votergate that he thought Black Box Voting
was just here to "stir up trouble."

3. How do they corrupt our politicians? In Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins writes about "when the National Security Agency recruited me, they put me through
a day of lie detector tests. They found out all my weaknesses and
immediately seduced me. They used the strongest drugs in our culture,
sex, power and money, to win me over.... I felt guilty throughout the whole time, but I was seduced. The power
of these drugs, sex, power, and money, was extremely strong for me."

ps- that photo of kerry and Theresa was taken shortly after the election loss- do they look sad?


Forum posts

  • Quite simply the same machines were present in the Primaries...Kerry would have lost without them.

    • Everyone, get over it. You lost.

    • All of you are losers . . . just like Kerry. Get the hell out of the country.

    • You wrote: " All of you are losers . . . just like Kerry. Get the hell out of the country."

      The day after the election I bought a new deer rifle with a powerful scope... WHAT’S YOUR ADDRESS?

      We don’t just "hate bush" - now, we hate all the republican traitors!

    • It makes one wonder! Kerry supposedly today says he favors the recount! He should be made to pay back the Green Party as well as give Bev Harris some money that he needlessly horded instead of using it to beat Bush or recount or any number of things like helping other D’s win! Makes you wonder if he didn’t cut a deal with Bush? If he doesn’t straighten up and he still loses this election, WHICH HE DIDN’T REALLY I AM CONVINCED OF THAT! THEN I HOPE HE SURE AS HELL ISN’T THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE NEXT TIME! I DON’T TRUST HIM, HE IS SKULL AND BONES TOO! THAT SAID, HE WOULD BE MUCH BETTER THEN BUSH, WHICH LIKE I SAID BEFORE I BELIEVE HE TRULY WON! MAKES ONE WONDER IF PRIMARIES WHERE CROOKED TOO?

    • Could this have been a setup? After all both boys are Skulls and we, normal folks have no clue how these creeps operate!

    • "everyone, get over it. You lost"
      Wow, that is soo true. Everyone did lose.
      It was everyone. Republicans, Democrats, Independants, women, children,
      elderly, everyone. More War, more corruption, more inhumanities.
      For what?
      And by the way, what exactly was Kerry supposed to do about
      Bush stealing the election, again? Shrub has the media in his pocket.
      The manufacturers of the voting machines in his pocket.
      Just like the Florida secretary of state in 2000, Blackwell in Ohio
      is involved in the Bush campaign. We’re doomed!!!!!

    • This election was thrown like cheap bubble gum.

    • "Get over it"? Try telling that to all those people who suffer at the hands of the luney zionists in White House and Congres. Americans should understand their responsibilty as citizens and voters in the world’s only "superpower". They should realize the consequences of their vote for the rest of the world, instead of just sticking to their own back yard.

    • EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT when Kerry was mysteriously getting hundreds of thousands of votes during the Primaries. It made no sense because Kerry’s platform wasn’t strongly about anything that would drive that many people to vote for him.

    • No, by bush winning the country lost

    • Your comment is representative of the conservative, right. Bush only won by a narrow magin So dont think you own the country. Now that you won what the hell you goin to do with it. You guys are scary!!!

    • youre right, kerry is a loser, but bush is a murderous waste of skin, and is a danger to me and even you. you have the right to your view, but i wonder if that view will change when king george decides that taking out foreign countries isn’t enough. 911 was bad, but what bush has in his reptilian brain is worse i can assure you. as to getting the hell out of the country...........not in this lifetime. i am an american, and damn proud of it..........but im not proud of attitudes like yours, and im not proud of my government. if the founding fathers knew what was going on theyd be rolling in their graves.

    • I wish some Ukrainians would come over here and tell us how they are doing what they are doing. Thier situation is IDENTICAL TO OURS...! Any Ukrainians out there? Hello, please help us. hello? hellO? helLO? heLLO?! hELLO? HELLO?!!!

      O’ HELL.

    • Of course they were! Good Lord! Howard Dean had a FOLLOWING! I noticed Carolyn Moesly-Braun more than either of the Vanilla Twins... and trust me, I was IN-VOL-VED!

    • you wrote: "The day after the election I bought a new deer rifle with a powerful scope... WHAT’S YOUR ADDRESS? "We don’t just "hate bush" - now, we hate all the republican traitors!"

      Address is: 4341 HORIZON NORTH PKWY #1127, Dallas, TX 75287. Bring it on jack-ass! You’ll get that pop gun shoved up your ass all the way back to Cali.

    • At the moment, silence is the best plan.

      IF they get indisputable evidence, and the story break, I think the US dollar could spiral, the economy could be in for a very rough ride, and quite possible civil unrest. Do you realize how dangerous something like a stolen election, in such a divided country, could be?

      You don’t just rush into something like that.

    • How much must a Texan Republican give Tom DeLay to win your key post-election assignment of butting onto internet chatboards and spouting Bush’s tough guy slogans? Get over yourself.

    • My God!!!You sure have A LOT to find out Moron!!!This county is going to fall no matter what they do!!! I hope you don’t have all your money tied up in investments!...You are going to loose it ALL..BIG TIME!!!..and VERY SHORTLY too!!! Hey!...Look at the "Brite side" we may meet on the streets one day after we are "Homeless"!!!

    • GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY?!!!!! F*&K YOU!!!!!!!
      THis is MY country, and I’ll be damned if some BUSH FLUNKY is going to push me out of it.
      If you had even half a brain you’d see jsut how truly screwed we are, and yes that means YOU to.
      Do you really think King George gives a rats ass about you? PLEASE!!! Bev Harris is right, Kerry sold out. We knew it months ago, and his silence speaks VOLUMES.

    • Get out of the country!

    • You wrote:Address is: 4341 HORIZON NORTH PKWY #1127, Dallas, TX 75287. Bring it on jack-ass! You’ll get that pop gun shoved up your ass all the way back to Cali.

      Fuck off fuck face. You get out the country

    • When you have to start calling folks names because of what they believe you are wasting our time and taking up space that we ’grown up’s’can use.

      I have been telling all who would listen that as long as these ’boxes’ were our voting medium justice would never be done on election day. I too have wondered why Kerry never spoke out about these voting boxes after the election or more importantly before it.

      Yes, why was Kerry silent even after all the proof of fraud was found? I am glad I found this site today it says everything I have been asking myself since the election. $50,000 HE KEPT INSTEAD OF USEING IT BEFORE THE ELECTION???

      Canada’s looking better each day...

    • There comes a time when you cannot worry what will happen to this country if indeed, it is true that there is a conspiracy within our government and country. For every action, there is a reaction. It is imperative that we do expose what is wrong in our country and if this leads to the weakening of the dollar, then so be it. The United States of America has proven on more than one occasion that she is resilient. We can, and would bounce back. No my friend, what is important here is to effect change and give America back to the people before it is too late regardless of the repercussions. The fate of a nation depend on it!

  • Am I supposed to be motivated to act on Kerry’s behalf ("...there is hope to overthrow the shrubbie-get out there and give the people hope.") on the basis of your conclusion that, "The election was stolen, and Kerry is complicit."? Why would I want to waste my time on someone who not only isn’t interested in his own victory, but was complicit in assuring his own defeat? This is very muddled thinking.

    • Unless you force a re-vote that includes the primaries using hand counted paper ballots and multiple witnesses from precinct to national tabulation.

    • This election may have been staged but it still should piss everyone off that peoples votes don’t count. Why even go to the polls if your vote will just be used?

    • Ummm... I think the short answer is no, you are not supposed to be motivated to act on Kerry’s behalf by the contents of this article. The fact is, we were, at least the vast majority, NOT voting FOR Kerry, rather we were voting AGAINST Bush. The point of the article is that Kerry ultimately hijacked that effort. His complicity with the vote fraud, his passivity in even commenting about the widespread allegations and the corresponding actions of the third party candidates who are the heroes of this election, indicate that in fact his intention was to deliver us to the current outcome, i.e. a Bush victory.
      Perhaps you will be motivated, however, to support the investigations into alleged voting irregularities, or fraud if you will, for the hope of a true democracy in the future. Perhaps you will be motivated to realize that the two-party system is a facade, and that those who train our attention on a purported divided America are the ones we should NOT be listening to. Just look at the new voter registrations in every state in 2004, what was the largest category? INDEPENDENT! The truth is that many Americans are disillusioned with the current status quo running this country. We should all commit ourselves to giving more attention and credit to the 3rd party candidates. As for myself, I have never belonged to a party, but I am getting very close to wanting to join the Green Party. It makes me proud to see that Cobb, Baradnik, and Nader are reaching accross the illusive party lines to work together. That’s what we need to support as independents. What we should all wake up to is that the mirage that separates us is exactly that. We are deliberately and methodically divided, and therefore conquered! We need to end this fictitious two party system and open it up so that all perspectives have a voice. Isn’t that what democracy is all about?

    • Acting on "Kerry’s behalf" is and was entirely naive. It was always clear that he was a war-monger just like Bush. Better to have supported the campaigns of the Socialist Equality Party in this election than waste energy breathing life back into the Democratic corpse. That said, evidence of vote-fixing still deserves attention simply because the implications go beyond the narrow question of which of two Skull & Bones criminals will represent the USA. The only "muddled thinking" was the belief by some that a vote for Kerry was a vote against the Iraq war. But there is nothing muddled about demanding the exposure of fraudulent elections.

    • The thinking is clear: "Get Bush OUT and save more than a few thousands of innocent lives."

      I think that in and of itself is a victory for humanity.

    • I don’t think that this article is trying to motivate you to "act on Kerry’s behalf". I think the point it’s trying to make is that we, the people, need to act on our own behalf, especially since our elected officials, and our mainstream media, do nothing to sort out the very valid questions that this election has brought up.

    • Because it is important to get the truth out....if and election was thrown....then the general public should know....and MAYBE people will begin to wake up to what is really going on
      that’s why - this isn’t about helping Skull & Bones Kerry!

    • you wrote: "The thinking is clear: "Get Bush OUT and save more than a few thousands of innocent lives." "I think that in and of itself is a victory for humanity."

      Whose innocent lives? The Iraqi’s? You, and the other bleeding-heart/liberal/democrat/pussies are oblivious to how government works. Otherwise, you would know that getting rid of Bush, or any other President, is not the answer. The President is a puppet whose strings are pulled by Congress. Congress is also a puppet whose strings are pulled by the corporate/banking community, which also has strings attached to it. You would be better off putting your ewnergy into researching the puppet masters.

  • This is exactly why I’m disgusted by the mainstream media in this country! They are the ones who are being unpatriotic. We are the victims of the crime of the century but when we try to report it, everything is done to discredit us. But don’t they always try to do that to rape victims?

    Angry Girl


    • fuck bush and fuck kerry and fuck the new world order elite

    • I’m from The Netherlands and I’m sorry to tell you that our media is just the same as yours!
      Fraud in Ukraine is filling the headlines of all newspapers for several days now, election fraud in the US is not mentioned anywhere, not a single letter. Yuk.

    • Please no bullshit.
      We’ve lost.
      And the fascist pig has won.
      That’s scary.

    • I had read about John Kerry’s conections with Bush and "skull and bones" evil club. I even saw tv interviews when Kerry and Bush were each separately asked about the secret club, and Kerry and Bush both said it was too secret to talk about.
      I wanted Bush to lose so badly that I reluctantly voted for Kerry instead of maybe the Libertarian or Green candidate.
      It is obvious now that John Kerry is no hero ("help is on the way!") - my ass. At least I wasn’t duped into donating money to that over-rich, money -grubbing, coward.
      Clearly, the U.S.A. never had a chance of influencing who are government is or what they do with our votes.
      Our government has enslaved us instead of serving the public, and they need to be removed.
      Religion = cult. Government = public servants. Religion + Government = revolution.

    • The New World order is in reality merely a bunch of old world asswholes!


    • Is everything you say this profound ? Lunatic




      Yep, you just summed and described up the sorry existence of every democrat in the Country!

    • This banter from the self proclaimed intellectuals. What a joke they are.

  • I have no doubt the electronic machines were rigged to record a Kerry vote as a Bush vote. Post-election I had second thoughts about it and concluded if Kerry won he would inherit an impossible mess, not be able to do anything about it, get beat in 2008 and the right wing would be back stronger than ever. The next 4 years will be the worst in our history, featuring a total collapse in the real estate/building markets, people losing their homes, bankruptcies, a big (possibly devastating) break in the stock and bond market, soaring interest rates, a int’l financial instruments meltdown, double digit unemployment and civil unrest all in the face of the extreme right’s efforts to convert our republic into a quasi-fascist state(check google for definitions of fascist) This is the only chance they will ever have, they will go for it - AND GET STOPPED IN THEIR TRACKS, but not before horrendous damage is done.

  • Well folks, this is what I have been telling people for years.....it is NOT real. The whole voting process is a scam and ALWAYS has been. Just because votes can be verified with paper trails does NOT mean that the election was real. If the powers that be have all sides covered in the election, who wins.......THEY DO! And this was THE most obvious fraud ever.......three guys with Skull & Bones connections......two are members and Nader’s advisor is Skull & Bones. This is NOT a conspiracy theory. In fact if I ever hear that from anyone again I think I will have to punch them in the face for saying it......I am very tired of being told I do not know what I am talking about. Elections are fake and they ALWAYS have been. Provable all day long. Just look at who the candidates are, who they are related too, who their handlers are and what organizations they belong too.

    In order to make changes all members of secret organizations with agendas that go against US need to be REMOVED. Skull & Bones, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grovers, Freemasons etc, etc.

    It will NEVER end unless we ALL stand up and fire these scumbags and never let their kind infiltrate our government again. And we CANNOT allow the UN to do this for us......which is precisely the plan all along.

    Remember the agenda...

    One World Government, One World Army (NaTo), One World Currency, One World Religion and a Microchipped Population that is a cinch to control.......DON"T LET IT HAPPEN!

    • It just amazes me how so many of you loonies really think that everything is a conspiracy. I bet the right wing conspiritors set up this entire article and blogfest just to see your rantings for a good laugh. It’s very entertaining to witness. Oh, but wait.... if I really belived that , I’d be one of you....I think I’ll go slit my wrists. Fools

    • Did you slit your wrists yet ?

  • Colombian official: Rebels planned to kill Bush

    U.S. President George W. Bush was targeted for assassination by Marxist rebels this week when he visited the city of Cartagena, a Colombian official said Saturday. "We found out through informers and various sources that groups within the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia had been instructed from its leadership to make an assassination attempt on President Bush," Colombian Defense Secretary Jorge Alberto Uribe told Caracol TV, a Bogota-based satellite network. Uribe said no evidence of the alleged plot by the group - Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia or FARC - has been recovered. The U.S. Secret Service declined to comment on the alleged plot. "The Secret Service does not comment or release information regarding our protective intelligence and protective methods," said spokesman Jonathan Cherry. "Secret Service does not discuss any alleged threats to our protectees." Security was heavy during Bush’s visit, and no incidents occurred.
    FARC has frequently been accused of targeting visiting international leaders for assassination. "The administration of George W. Bush is everything that Marxist rebels hate in a U.S. government," journalist Toby Muse in Bogota, Colombia. "The plots against the president’s life don’t seem to have advanced very far," Muse said. The president stopped briefly in Colombia on November 22 on his way back to Washington after attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Santiago, Chile. Established in 1964 as the military wing of the Colombian Communist Party, FARC is Colombia’s oldest, largest, most capable and best-equipped Marxist rebel group, according to the U.S. Department of State. The group, which has about 13,500 members, conducts bombings, murders, kidnappings and hijackings, the State Department said. The State Department has classified FARC as a terrorist group. Colombia has seen decades of civil warfare, involving government troops, leftist rebels and right-wing paramilitary groups.

  • Kerry was a shill, part of a show to get everyone to decide between Skull and Bones 1 vs Skull and Bones 2. The best candidates for the Democratic Party were eliminated in the primaries and the convention, mysteriously and without a whimper, because barely anyone mainstream questioned the process. Edwards sold his populist voice out when he was seduced by the One World Order Bilderburgers at their international secret meeting a few months before he was chosen as the VP candidate. His voice and energy were even quieter and more subdued than Kerry’s during the campaigning and debates. All other Green, Libertarian, and Independent candidates were not even allowed to speak on the nationally staged phony debates. I think they were even barred from attending as audience members! Put your energy into learning to survive the coming bad times and NWO fascism, and quit letting them run you around with their false front games and left/right divisevness!

  • Man i was really surprised by this shit..its like kerry brain washed us. it first my slogan was fuck bush fuck kerry they all want it but cant have it ( nwo shit) and then the stuff kerry would say if i could of voted i would of had my vote over him then bush (im only 16) when i heard about that skull and bones i knew something was up (i know all about the nwo thanks to william cooper) and then i was wondering how he just bailed on the election. i didnt know that he had that much money left and all that all i can say is fuck the government lets see the real constitution put into place damnit!

  • Bush stole the election, there’s no doubt about it??

  • Look deep into your eyes, the mirror does not lie, deeper, deeper, you are feeling very sleepy, very very sleepy, good, that’s it, now repeat after me:

    "I live in a free country, I live in a free country, I live in a ..." Wake up. If the murder of JFK was not sufficent then the election of 2004 won’t be either. "You Americans," as Monty Python would say, "you talk and talk and don’t say anything."
    P.T. Barnum had you folks nailed down years ago. Elections are made to be fixed, not won. You are ignorant of your history, you are ignorant of your politics, you are just dumb and now the joke is you get to be dumber. You are ruled by a greedy minority who cheerfully swindle you and have for at least 150 years. 50 states, 200 million serfs. Who will emancipate you from your need to be ruled? You won’t even take time off work to demonstrate but instead mobilize on weekends when you can make the time for democracy.

  • A wise man once said "It ain’t over until it’s over."

    And as long as votes are being counted, it’s not over, is it?

    • Let’s hope that you are right. I have only seen one message from Kerry about the Ohio Recount. Still I have to wonder in my heart of hearts,is John Kerry being smart not to say anything further until the recount has proof positive of election fraud and deliberate electonic voting machine manipulation? I hope this is the answer. I hope that he is not the fraud that so many on this site think him. Still if the 51 million dollars left over from the campaign is accurate why would you not spend it in such an extremely close election be possible? Why would you not use every dollar available? What happened to the teams of lawyers, ready to fly anywhere in the country to contest voter fraud and manipulation? What happened to making sure all votes were counted, and not making the same mistakes that Gore did in the 2000 election. Why would you fold your tent and go home without a fight? I can’t believe we have to endure GWB for 4 more years. I want desperately to believe my candidate is working hard behind the scenes, and that the media will give the recount the full attention that it deserves when the counting is over. Sadly I have to wonder, are all thes people that have given up on Kerry correct, or am I just fooling myself? I hope for all of us that voted for Kerry that I am correct.

    • Sorry to inform you sweetheart, you’re Mr John Kerry is just as guilty as the rest of them in this scheme. And lovin em off the throne aint gonna work. Sorry Mr Icke, I still love you though! They need shoved off by force, but as one person wrote earlier, the American people are too busy with their toys, games and working to worry about whats going on here.The power is in you people, not some bunch of crazy idiotic ultrarich morons that think they have some divine right to rule.
      They think money is power, but if the common man or woman can start to think for themselves and NOT let money rule their mind, then there might be a chance to get rid of these power mongering dirty pukes. Get them off their Ivory thrones and put them where they need to be!

      So stop buying into their scheme. Quit buying their fancy new cars, trucks, and SUV’s, video games that are designed to take you away frm reality AND OTHER JUNK THAT YOU DON’T REALLY NEED TO LIVE WITH. Don’t pay your utility bills, don’t buy their driver license or vehicle tags and inspection stickers. THINK! What are they gonna do, put everyone in jail or fine them? They cant remain in control if you people don’t let em!

      So now you see where you stand. If you stop buying, people will be out of work with no place to turn. These Ivory assed pricks have been doing this for years and have gotten us to the point that we depend on them to provide us with our "NEEDS." We as a people have been graciously letting their power grow without saying "I’ve had enough". So either shut the hell up and take it, or start doing something about it! Quit whining about a few people on welfare and living off the government dole. They would still take this money from you anyway. Why not give it back to the people so it can be used for something worthwhile. They’re GIVING Isreal about $5 billion each and every year of your tax dollars.

      Oh yeah, I don’t want to leave out the coke snorting public here either. Do you realize that that powder you’re sniffing up you’re nose was most likely brought into this country aided by the CIA?

      It’s going to take more than a few thousand people to make a stand, so everyone needs to spread the word and organize. It’s going to take the POWER OF THE PEOPLE to rid the world of this cancer!

  • I am tired of this expression of conspiracy nut. If there is a conspiracy then call it a
    conspiracy and nobody is a nut for doing so. And there certainly is conspiracy in the
    halls,cloak rooms, oval office and toilets of washington.

    No nut I.

  • John Kerry helped Bush win the election. They are both Yale University Skull and Bones members who have admitted in public to their membership. We`d have been worse off under Kerry.

    What you need to focus on is http://www.911truth.org/
    http://www.karlschwarz.com/ is also excellent.

    Forget about Kerry. Focus on Bush and get to the bottom of the whole dirty mess.

  • What a crock of nonesense. Kerry is quiet simply because he lost. Why would he want to lose? For some obscure complicity with the Conservatives or is it the Democrats who were in complicity with the Republicans?


    And why did he not spend the $51 million? Because Kerry is not a manager. He never managed anything. He SHOULD HAVE GIVEN THAT MONEY TO OTHER RUNNING DEMOCRATS WHO NEEDED FUNDS FOR THEIR CAMPAIGN!

    See? A lot simpler an answer than the utter nonesense which appears on your pages. Get a life, people. More important, get reality. It’s free. All it takes is half a brain.

    Dr. James S. Mortellaro

    • Several people have asked why Kerry would intentionally throw the election. If you go back and look at his history and lineage its not hard to see his motivations. Family ties, secret clubs and big money all give him incentive to tow the elite line. Your assertion that nobody would intentionally throw an election is based on flawed logic.....you simply have not accessed the information that other people on this message board are privy to. Research your candidates, people. (BTW, I am not an American, so i support neither candidate. I am merely a worried observer.)

    • Dr. James S. Mortellaro
      This man isn’t a REAL Doctor! Nor is he using his the other half of his brain, because he obviously lacks critical thought, and insight. His objections are weak, "Kerry is quiet simply because he lost." Well, Doc (if that’s what you want to call yourself), losing a position with such significance isn’t simple by any means. What are you implying? Hey everyone, presidency is no big deal, Oh! and elections, well you know what they say, you win some/you lose some. Anyone thinking with REALITY would conclude, that there must have been something for Kerry to gain, by remaining silent. So, tell us Doc, what kind of men were Kerry/Edwards, Also Kerry and Edwards both promised, "every vote would be counted", at least they could have kept their promise. These two were obviously not men of their word, and not viable canidates (only puppers).
      Lastly, if anyone wants to know some truth do some real research, nobody needs informed banter, and understand things are much worse than they seem!
      (you can believe me, I am a CIA recruit/intern, and I recieve tons of credible information, from cedible sources)

    • Wake up Dr. James. The world is in a shambles and it’s people like you that think these politicians are in it for the good of the people. You might consiter before being so judgemental of others, to do some serious research into the politics of the world and see from many sources
      other than the main stream media, who really rules the world and why they think they have some divine right to rule.

  • The Sequoia company, one of the voting machine companies, is a Gambino family enterprise. It really is the mob.

  • Kerry not only lost the election, he lost it because he is a loser. At some point even this rag of a publication, should just give it up and finally realize that it is over. Let it go! The loser has!

  • Would you feel sad if you had 51 million in your pocket,I guess not.

  • Ok, the election was indeed fraudulent and Kerry is down and is intentionally taking the count. (How long does it take to count $51,000,000.00?) But, I just don’t see any meaningful change in our future in having the election overturned and Kerry installed instead of Bush. We are still screwed. It’s "Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss" deja-vu all over again. Overturning the election may be a much needed morale boost for the time being. But it’s still a shell game.

    Our only hope for the future is to avoid the Republican and Democratic parties like the plague. Don’t even try to fix them because the end result is always the same, we lose. There needs to be a new party we can rally behind that has no connections with the major parties. We can beat the powers that be at their own game. We can do a lot in 4 years. It may take longer, but divorcing ourselves from the 2 party monopoly is the only rational alternative.

    Tony Naz,

    • The only way to win this thing is for more and more and more people to not vote...when the only people who vote are the few that think they are entitled to rule the country 23% it will call into question the whole system and it will implode upon itself...people join the 50 + % of the US electorate and refuse to vote in these rigged and meaningless elections. It easy just say no I won’t be used to validate fraud.

    • I think the issue is not to NOT VOTE - but to register UNAFFILIATED - I want to organize the Unaffiliated party with the slogan, "We’ll play your game, but we’re not pickin’ sides." That way, they can’t predict what we’ll do - like they know all of us personally.

    • here is a link to an online petition with 54,000 signatures on it to have congress investigate the statistical anomalies in this election .. Sign if you believe in fair elections and freedom


  • thanks for this great piece. I have not seen the question asked anywhere else:why was kerry so quick to concede?it looks like he either did not want to win, or is in on the fraud.

  • Ben,

    Of course Kerry will keep quiet about this election fraud as he is a part of the conspiracy to keep the Washington insiders in control of our government. It didn’t matter to "them" which candidate won, because, either way, the real powers behind the scene would still be in control.

    That is why Howard Dean was hammered so hard by the controlled media. The media did that in order to destroy his image in the mind of the public and bring about his defeat. A Washington outsider could not be allowed to win as he would not have played the "game" that was necessary for the people who really control this nation to stay in control. It would have been a dissaster for "them".

    I’m not saying that Dean was the perfect candidate, but he was not under "their" control.

    Troy Maples

  • Saying that Bush and Kerry are "related" is somewhat simplistic. According to the Family Forest genealogical site, Bush and Kerry are at best 9th cousins twice removed.


    As this chart shows, you have to go back to around 1600 to find a common ancestor.


    However, this may have more relevance:

    While Yale ’63 alumnus Ohio Governor Bob Taft (Robert Alfonso Taft II) does not appear on online rosters of Skull and Bones members, his great-great-grandfather Alfonso was a founder of Skull and Bones, as well as being Secretary of War, Attorney General, and an ambassador.

    Other members of his family who were Skull and Bones members, with their relationship to Bob Taft:

    William Howard Taft (great-grandfather) President of the United States and Chief Justice

    Charles Phelps Taft (great grand-uncle)U.S. representative from Ohio and for a time, an owner of the Chicago Cubs baseball team

    Horace Dutton Taft (Brother of William Howard Taft) Founder of the exclusive Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut,
    Peter Rawson Taft (great-great-great-grandfather)member of the Vermont legislature

    Robert Alphonso Taft (grandfather)US senator

    Other Taft Skull and Bones members:
    Henry Waters Taft,
    Thomas Prindle Taft, and
    Hulbert Taft.

    Yours for truth and accuracy,

    Ferry Fey

    • If it wasn’t for Adam fucking the kids, you wouldn’t be here, we are all related, read your Bible.

  • just goes to show you that "3rd world countries" politicians have more gall and are more willing to suffer a little for the sake of freedom. Americans don’t want to be free, they want T.V, they want meat everyday, they want S.U.V’s. Well, if they want that and still want freedom then I guess they are living in the twilight zone!
    U.S trained "economists" don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, neither do many of the other ones working for the government wellfare.
    Democracy is stupidity, it is nothing but a ruse to work up the people into a frenzy for the "populist" candidate, a Republic on the otherhand, which creates its leaders through learning in sciences and humanities and later makes him absolutely powerful is the only thing which might "save" the people. Yup! I’m an American who is a monarchist! people can’t decide for themselves, they are dumb! and ignorant and unwillful. They are like nightcrawlers who can barely see their two hands in the dark.
    Maybe the romans had it right after all! So, despite all our technical innovations (which is for the most part engeneering) are we not less aware of what is actually happening?

  • Kerry’s Silence Indicates Complicity with Vote Fraud? I say SUE KERRY for false advertising and FRAUD. He sold us down the river. Bring on the lawyers and force him to return the 52 million to the contributors.

    • If these "democracies" around the world are shams, why would this one be legit.

    • Finally, a voice that supports what I have long suspected. Except that I do not believe that the role of "also ran" is restricted to Kerry alone. I believe that the Democrats are merely around to support the illusion that we have an alternate political choice while the powers that be continue to usurp the freedom and wealth of the poor and middle class. Perhaps, one day again, the Democrats will be our prima facie leaders but you can count on them to continue to push the same fascist policies albeit in a different gift wrap. Let’s face it, vote fraud has been around for decades in american politics. That explains why greater than 90% of the destructive ideologues from both parties keep winning elections and are only earmarked for a loss when they have become political liabilities (as in the case of Tom Daschle), But, whereas in the past the support of a significant percentage of voters was required to pull off their fraudulent schemes, now all that is needed is the illusion of that support. In this regard, the mainstream media plays it’s role to perfection as does their primary target, our dearly beloved fellow citizen, the "Boobus Americus", the great regurgitator of all things passed on to him by the right-wing media icons as well as the "I’m not a liberal but only play one on TV" bunch. That is precisely why we need sites like this to provide the rest of us with ’the other side’ of the story as well to help us shape our own balanced opinions.

  • Hit he basturds where it hurts. Tell corporate America to fuck off. Don’t spend a god damn dime. Kerry can eat shit and die for all I care the fucking god damn traitor

    • Did you forget to take your meds today?

    • I don’t think one person here has said what is so blantly apparent, WE NEED TO REVOLT! When I say this I don’t mean wave your homemade picket signs, I don’t mean call and blast your local politician, it shouldn’t matter if they DO count every vote! That still won’t show alter touch-screan totals or other many ways they raped democracy Nov 2.


      I for one relocated to one of those "swing states" and worked fulltime for SIX MONTHS from April to Nov. I got chased by homeless people, offered blunts by people I registered, got into 2 car accidents (missed # 3 by calling in sick), even got so sick I had to go the hospital and get a steroid injection; all to make sure Bush got his ass kicked. Whanna know who I voted for on election day? NOBODY. Why? Because even after doing all that I could not vote for someone who was from the same secret society as Bush. In my eyes Kerry was complicit before the vote was even cast. So why do all that work? Because in the end, NOBODY can fuck things up like Bush can.

      WE NEED TO REVOLT! Think about it!!

      They clearly, ooobviously stole two elections, the second of which millions turned out to vote the asshole out & they had the voting structure so rigged that didn’t even matter! To put it clearly, no amount of voter mobilization will change election results. They were a little sloppy in 2000, 2004 did a bang-up job, and in 2008, the rigging will be seamless (including house/senate races). Secondly, the other candidate is COMPLICIT!! They not only rigged the votes but our choice of candidates. Sit and think about what life will be like 15 years from now, with voting totally dead and dick cheney & karl rove shaping history. Do you really want to live in a world like that? Or your (maybe yet to be) born child/ren?? Clearly NO. Stop. Sit. Think about how start it, be a part of it, help get conditions right, whatever. Just do something. If nothing happens you have two options: (a) Leave and hope the country you move to won’t be near any radiation cloud drafts or option (b) Hope the Homeland Security railcar you’ve been hoarded into leads a work camp without a crematory.

    • This election is nothing new. They have been rigging the elections since George Washington. They have always owned both sides. How can an election ever be real when they own all sides. Even Nader had a Skull & Bones advisor!!! EVERYTHING we have believed in has been a lie. Always has been. Pretty sad I know, but very true. I agree with you, we have to rise up and kick some ass......protesting will not work....you will just end up in a "free speech" zone........Let’s Go!

  • A good poker player does not reveal his hand before he’s ready to play his cards. Stop blowing your good sense with the winds. Ask yourself, first, why in hell the off-beat parties would be paying their own good money for a recount in Ohio (and New Hampshire, as it now develops) when they, themselves, have absolutely nothing to gain from whatever is turned up. Kerry is silent until the vote investigation, now underway, VERIFIABLY turns up the necessary evidence. Anything said by him prematurely would do nothing more than bring down the Republican wolves on him. The media would have their own raucus field day over it, painting Kerry in so many shades of bile that he’d have to retreat in shame. No...Let it play out as it should: with deliberation and careful expertise. Let the facts come in their own proper time. Give your guy abreak, for Christ’s sake, until the entire story is in on this.

    • Don’t hold your breath. Since the 2000 elections, our elected democrats should have been beating every drum alerting and educating the public about the inherent, and very possibly deliberately built-in mechanisms in the computerized and optical voting machines that leave them wide open to fradulent manipulation of the final vote tally, the complete lack of transparency of these voting machines in not having a paper trail (how often have you not received a cash register receipt at a store due to a printing machine malfunction that could not be corrected?), and the corporate control of these voting machines by individuals with highly questionable ethics and political affiliations. They should have been fighting tooth and nail to keep these machines from being used without addressing their security loop-holes and lack of transparancy. But they haven’t yet, and you can bet the farm, they won’t. Voting irregularities in the 2004 elections have been, for the most part compiled by dedicated individuals and private groups. To claim that they could certainly use the political clout and financial assistance of the democratic party to enhance their credibility would be a gross understatement. Moreover, the many questions and incidences of voting irregularites demand a thorough investigation now so that transparancy can at least be more assured for future elctions regardless of the impact on the outcome of this one. And how many "investigations" by goverment controlled entities will we have to endure before we all recognize that they are nothing but scams. So are your elected democrats timid or complicit? you decide.

    • Go back to the beginning.

      Go back to the beginning, then dig.

      Cool, cool dirt. You can feel it. The plants do. ---funny thing, that plants are more aware than we have become. Did you know that the average "yard" (mown lawn, no dandelions) can support a garden that will feed 20 people for a year?

      This, and so much more. Go back to the beginning. The revolution isn’t necessarily violent, but it is necessarily productive. You have a choice: TV, or dirt.

      I choose dirt.

      Look me up there. When you’re starving because all you know how to do is drive your rustcrap to the grocery store. I’ll be on my 5-acre farm (which 80% of you readers could afford in 1 year’s time) protecting the chickens, ducks, and crops with an ancient double-barrel shotgun from your desperate haranguings. Basically, I eat, you don’t. And by the way, enjoy that chip.


    • welll a man with a brain! Must be the tv sucks the life out of most .I for one agree with you. The Bible says woe to the men who builds building upon building. We can stop goverment by being SELF sufficient, but very few coming from the government schools can read or write.So you must teach them by example.For instance ,I have cut and burned wood for 23 years. Otherwise it woulg have went to the landfill... I would rather pay people the same amount to help cut and split and stack ,then give it to the gas company..Teach people how to stay warm and fed. I have found though, the critcism is tough as they say it’s too much work. Damn right it’s work. But when push comes shove, I am phisically stronger.
      PS, I did vote in this rigged election.As when I get to my maker, I shall receive recompense according to what I did do.I voted for PEROUTKA?BALWIN. See godfamilyrepublic.com

  • Bush is responsible for 9/11. Buildings just don’t collapse. Why were no fighter jets sent to intercept the planes? Takes him 14 months to make the 9/11 commission. Talks to the commision 1) only if Cheney is with him (keep their lies straight)
    2) Not under oath (So when he gets caught lying it will not have been under oath)
    3) No recording of the meeting (Do ya think he has something to hide...?)

    Insider trading, tons of warnings,... let’s face it, he’s f***ed everyone over quite well

    Kerry would have been more of the same, just a different face. Their voting record is 95% identical. 4 400 people vote for Bush when 638 people are registered? Wisconsin has a 106% voter turn out? Electronic machines are the biggest joke of them all. Haven’t you realized that it’s not the people who vote who decide the elections? It’s the people counting the votes that decide everything.

    God bless the people in Ukraine, they are smart enough and have the balls to stand up when something as flagrant as political fraud occurs...

    • From day ONE of the Ukrainian issue, I’ve had this sneaking suspicion, based on the fact that THEIR fraudulent election is so obvious and "in your face", that perhaps our friend Vladymir is trying to tell the American people something. Think about it. He seems to be playing the role of the bad guy, apparently backing the Thief, while at the same time, no news blackout on the response of the People. Can it be that he’s trying to tell us what we should be doing? Just a thought, but this has been in my gut from the beginning.

    • From day ONE of the Ukrainian issue, I’ve had this sneaking suspicion, based on the fact that THEIR fraudulent election is so obvious and "in your face", that perhaps our friend Vladymir is trying to tell the American people something. Think about it. He seems to be playing the role of the bad guy, apparently backing the Thief, while at the same time, no news blackout on the response of the People. Can it be that he’s trying to tell us what we should be doing? Just a thought, but this has been in my gut from the beginning.

  • How pathetic, but predictable, for the right Bushites to negate all this without thought. They have been brainwashed and groomed into being lead by the nose and not "thinking" for themselves. Besides, it’s too scary for them to deal with...so they choose to live in lala land all their lives. Rather like the emperor’s new clothes. And, they consider this being patriotic. More like idiotic.

  • why didn’y any of you stupid yanks think about questioning Kerry as a candidate before the election - it was obvious the whole election was just a scripted performance. i suppose there was too much WWF and Monter Truck Rallies on in the preceeding weeks.

  • I noticed this too. But what I think is ALSO interesting is that NEITHER KERRY OR NADER tested the voting machines on their own BEFORE THE ELECTION although the machines were proven to be compromised and easily hacked into. If you were running for the presidency and heard that the machines were fixed... wouldn’t you be making a stink during your campaign? But if you are part of the ’fix’, you wait until AFTER the election when it is more difficult to turn the results around... and THEN start balking... then you look as if you too, were concerned.
    We have been taken over. We need to realize this. Now.
    Kerry and Nader are BOTH paid actors. Nader is just a better actor and although he puts information up on his website to look like the more honest one ... I promise you ... that info will not only NOT rock the boat... it wasn’t meant to.

  • I don’t think one person here has said what is so blantly apparent, WE NEED TO REVOLT! When I say this I don’t mean wave your homemade picket signs, I don’t mean call and blast your local politician, it shouldn’t matter if they DO count every vote! That still won’t show alter touch-screan totals or other many ways they raped democracy Nov 2.


    I for one relocated to one of those "swing states" and worked fulltime for SIX MONTHS from April to Nov. I got chased by homeless people, offered blunts by people I registered, got into 2 car accidents (missed # 3 by calling in sick), even got so sick I had to go the hospital and get a steroid injection; all to make sure Bush got his ass kicked. Whanna know who I voted for on election day? NOBODY. Why? Because even after doing all that I could not vote for someone who was from the same secret society as Bush. In my eyes Kerry was complicit before the vote was even cast. So why do all that work? Because in the end, NOBODY can fuck things up like Bush can.

    WE NEED TO REVOLT! Think about it!!

    They clearly, ooobviously stole two elections, the second of which millions turned out to vote the asshole out & they had the voting structure so rigged that didn’t even matter! To put it clearly, no amount of voter mobilization will change election results. They were a little sloppy in 2000, 2004 did a bang-up job, and in 2008, the rigging will be seamless (including house/senate races). Secondly, the other candidate is COMPLICIT!! They not only rigged the votes but our choice of candidates. Sit and think about what life will be like 15 years from now, with voting totally dead and dick cheney & karl rove shaping history. Do you really want to live in a world like that? Or your (maybe yet to be) born child/ren?? Clearly NO. Stop. Sit. Think about how start it, be a part of it, help get conditions right, whatever. Just do something. If nothing happens you have two options: (a) Leave and hope the country you move to won’t be near any radiation cloud drafts or option (b) Hope the Homeland Security railcar you’ve been hoarded into leads a work camp without a crematory.

  • This election was nothing but a set-uo from the start and I think the American people are owed an explanation. Kerry was chosen to run against Bush and then conceed the way he did.

    I believe the election was decided long before it even took place! The Bush camp had four years to plan a way to steal this election and they did (once more). I repeat this was ANOTHER STOLEN ELECTION and this has to be faced. Bush was never elected from the beginning, but like a thief became president through fraud, lies and ’skullduggery’ (no pun intended). Kerry is complicit and in my opinion just as guilty of misleading Democratic voters.

    — -L. Norman, Washington State

  • I believe the election was rigged. Kerry and his wife were obviously relieved he did not win, as it shows in their picture here. I do not think he purposely threw the election, however anything is possible. The democrats picked the wrong guy to run. I knew that right away. He got in it and then decided it was’nt what he really wanted, Teresa hated the whole thing and was driving him crazy, especially after they shut her up. Watching them in the last days on TV was very revealing. Go figure!

  • Guess wh0 said this:

    The National Government will regard it as its first
    and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit
    of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend
    those basic principles on which our nation has been
    built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of
    our national morality, and the family as the basis
    of national life."

    • "Guess who said this"

      That’s a pipedream for some of the older ones that really believed in the constitution. The so called leaders today don’t believe in it or God or Christianity. I know this is contrary to some people’s thoughts that the present admin is so "Religious". Just because he mentioned something against the gays, that doesen’t make him a believer in anything but his own interests.

  • I have never seen such stupidity as in this article and in these postings...its no wonder the dem party is flacid

    • Get you’re head out of the sand darlin whoever said this site and postings were STUPID. It’s people like you that allow these morons to gain and keep their power. You need to quit reading the garbage that is cranked out by the Newspapers and magazine articles and quit believing everything you see and hear on TV. These media are owned by certain special interest groups and they only allow you to know what they want you to know. But, you being so closed minded, you couldn’t see or believe the truth about what’s going on even if it were pinned to your nose.
      WAKE UP!!!!!!


  • This was a great column. Keep up the good work.

  • Bellaciao, a fine article, but, I "saw" this long ago. My re-post follows.....

    RE-POST - Kerry v Bush or Kerry = Bush


    Forwarded as a repeat from February 2004, because this is still a very real concern, especially in view of the too rapid "CONCESSION". I have long felt that we have truly been "HAD". Just look how many (few) of our so-called "DEMOCRATIC LEADERS" stood in protest of the initial "Coup" in Nov/Dec 2000. Don’t think now but - all the courts are stacked; Governors and Mayors installed in all the major cities and states, even the so-called "Blue" ones; the theft of majority Senate and House. Our outspoken leaders Wellstoned and Carnahaned + Anthraxed Lettered. The illusory "power" of the vote is no more because the "system" is clearly rigged to give them the number of votes they want WHEN THEY WANT THEM. Rules are changed to suit their bidding, i.e., Delay in the Texas redistricting scandal, his indictments, and suddenly the rules change where he does not have to be concerned about punishment. And I should not fail to mention "OUR ONE-WAY-MIND-CONTROLLING" Press and Media. No one in this so-called government is accountable to ANYONE about ANYTHING, especially the people they allege to "serve". Anyone here awake yet??

    C. Cross

  • It amazes me that so many people still believe that their vote counts. Your vote doesn’t count! It never has, and it never will. All your vote does, if it does anything, is to rubberstamp decisions that were made elsewhere. And if the people should vote against that decision, then those who have the means to do so, will install their chosen candidate, anyway! Because they know full well that the majority don’t give a shit!

    For the most part, people aren’t interested in politics. People are too busy trying to keep their heads above water for politics to play any part in their daily lives. Even though the decisions that politicians make impact on their lives on a daily basis! The system that has been created for us ensures that to be the case. Catch 22!

    Of course, they know that baby Bush is an idiot, and they know that he has difficulty in stringing a coherent sentence together, and that he is a warmonger. But, they also know that he didn’t win the election in 2000, but that didn’t stop him serving four years in the Oval office, did it? And it will be the case this time. No matter how much complaining is done about vote rigging.

    Suppose John Kerry won the election? Which he did! Where would that have left Hillary Clinton? Her Presidential campaign would have been dead in the water, wouldn’t it? She is primed and ready to be the next President of the United States, maintaining the grip and power of the few influential families that have been controlling your country for decades. Had Kerry won, that would not have been possible. He is aware of this, which is why he isn’t causing any ripples. He is part of the scam!

    • As if Hiliary Clinton had a chance to be the president. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. It is even more stupid than Bush. This country will never allow a woman to be the president. Its a man’s country and women should just forget playing any part in the decisions. Women here are taught to hate other women. Men already hate them so they do not have to be taught. Its a man’s country and that is why it is so fucked up.

    • It’s really amazing ... you all really are in that deep of a trance, and have been duped into believing it’s been done to you – those awful Skull dudes have Boned you all, helpless American Morons without an answer any better than "REVOLT" to be divided by all of you. Wait ... you all are divided, by the media that passes it’s hand thisaway and that before the fishtank called the US, divided by ideologies that have stopped serving you all long ago, divided by your socio-economic stratum, your fears, your racial hatreds, your inbred inability to listen to one another and have mutual respect in the conversations you have (if one were to take their cues from the likes of Fox Channel person you’d least want to have at your dinner table, O’Reilly). Yeah, sadly, you all are "Red State," "Blue State" divided, "one fish ... " Oh hell, maybe you all should’ve written in Dr. Seuss for your candidate. Divided and conquered. Divided into snivelling whiners, divided by the educational chasm that exists between your so-called "intellectual elites" and you average, run-of-the-mill consumers of mainstream tripe.

      Speaking of tripe, there is one little distinction that unites you all. That overwhelmingly piggy way you all consume the world’s resources to the point that your carbon dioxide/greenhouse gas farting is creating a stink all over the planet and it’s causing weather disasters, insect and disease proliferation and wil lead to economic disaster to make the "Great Depression" seem like a picnic. Climate change is an obvious priority to be dealt with, recognized by nearly every other nation in the world. Do the research if you all are still literate enough to read Ross Gelbspan’s rivetting Pulitzer Prize reportership in his latest book, "Boiling Point."

      For your own sakes, turn off your damn TV sets and get educated. Wake up and join the planet and wipe that deer in the headlights look off of your faces. It won’t do you any good and it doesn’t make you look like convincing rebels either. Besides, you all wouldn’t know how to revolt even if manuals were passed out for free at all your favorite retail outlets.

      Tired of being deservedly berated? Does it piss you off a little? A lot? Good ... Now it looks a little better than a flatline on the screen. There, doesn’t it feel good to feel blood trickling through your veins again? Now keep going, stay pissed, but don’t keep waggling your fingers at your keyboard babbling about this and that distraction, this dopey candidate or that dopey SUV commercial, obviously tampered election, whatever ... While that slow dawning is coming over your faces, good ... slam your fists on the table ... and while you’re at your boiling point, dig out that library card and hop down to get the book to learn about what you’ve been distracted from, and how it’s going to kill us all if everyone doesn’t wake up right quick. Here, let me help you, for those of you who don’t want to wait for your library to get it, buy it http://www.powells.com/cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=8-046502761x-0 (from the biggest independent bookseller and you oughta be supporting them-and no, this isn’t a freakin’ advertisement, I’m trying to make it easy for you all to save your sorry ... ah, just get over it and pitch in with a couple friends), read it, start forming communities and learn to help each other, maybe look up a few sites on permaculture. Remember, this problem is way bigger than any of you, time to learn how to work together, stop being divided because that old game is boring and you won’t find your way out of this pickle you’re in alone.

      ’Kay, night night kiddies, don’t let the oncoming, brought to you by global warming, bed bugs bite. And dream a little dream of collaborative mutual aid for me, wouldja?

      xo, your guardian angel, well-meaning with just a bit of attitude from the hangover after reading all those postings.

    • So, women shouldn’t have any part in political decision making! That will be why George W has nominated Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State, then! The way is being made for Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton to be the candidates in the 2008 election, which will turn the next election into a race issue. And Condoleezza Rice won’t be the winner, will she?Not a pleasant thought, but then again, dividing a nation against itself is a surefire way to maintain the control and power that those who control the system crave. And there is nothing people can do about it until, and unless, they WAKE UP!

      The people of the United Kingdom used to say that women had no place in politics, and that a woman could never become Prime Minister. Then along came Margaret Thatcher. And she was more dangerous than any man, a real warmonger!

      The good people of the USA don’t have a say in who their President is. If they did, George W wouldn’t be sitting in the Whitehouse, would he? The voting system is an illusion, designed to make you think that you had some part in the process, but you never did!

    • Hey, Ben Frank, you would be alot better off if you were being frank instead of being brainwashed by your neo-environmentalist, there is just as much information disproving environmental issuses such as greenhouse as there are proving there existance, mother earth is very resilient (keep in mind this is the same atmosphere which w/stood hundreds of years unbreathable volcanic ash). Your isssues are servicable to those searching for answers on the surface but, REAL change comes with REVOLUTION only! Your holy grail Boiling Point isn’t the answer for people who look beyond common social ideologies, and are awake from the deep trance, a revolution is an uprooting (in a sense) affecting all social constructs from the bottom to the top, beginning with those who represent us and our rights, REVOLUTION is our Holy Grail! Yet, you think the environment is the key; when really it is the doing of god, the environment remains very important and shouldn’t be overexhausted, but it always has and always will be in the hands of god.

  • You are delusional to think that Kerry was involved in suppressing the vote. We Americans got gamed by Diebold. We Americans didn’t come out in the numbers needed to have enough padding to overtake what most of us knew was going to happen. I had known about how Diebold was going to play a huge part in having machines that would not offer a paper trail.

    As for you not knowing about how Kerry’s site offers nothing on voter fraud, perhaps you might check out the video he released on November 9th, 2004:

    There is a link on the Kerry site located within "Sign Up to Protect Every Child".

    Much of the efforts to get behind the story about voter fraud are under the radar. If you think that Kerry would expose his strategies in full view for Fox News and others to lie about and exploit, you have some things to learn. Kerry just went through being character assassinated by the Bush campaign for nine months.

    Do your homework before you spew tinfoil hat garbage.

  • Oh for heavens sake. Wake the F*CK UP YOU WILLFULLY IGNORANT SHEEP!!! The election wasnt stolen, it was RIGGED. If Kerry really had any intention on being president he would be unconceding right now. He was a shill. It’s like the tagline for Alien v Predator. Whoever wins....we lose. You republicans on here saying "Bush won, get over it." are the stupidest form of life on this planet. Maybe, just maybe when enough people have had their homes raided, enough people have been taken out of their homes and just disapear, enough people get drafted (its coming), enough people lose their homes, enough people lose their jobs, enough people get forced medicated, so on and so on. Maybe EVERYONE will wake up. Bush is a dictator, Kerry is a stooge.

  • Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepers!!!Folks..it finally looks like some of you "Cows" have finally figured out that the US government is one of, if not the BIGGEST frauds ever set upon a "Niave" people!...Finally someone how realizes that the whole damn election was nothing more than a grandstand circus show for all the "Cows" out there! As for all the "Cows"...Mooooooooooaaaaa.Mooooooooaaaaaaaaa..Moooooooooooaaaaaaaa!..Thank Goodness there are still some "Clear-Headed" people like Mr. john Kaminski...I now Nominate him for president!!! Think of where this country would be if He were president!!!

  • It certainly does. But the peoples willingness to participate in this election knowing what happened in 2000 and aware of Kerry’s skull and bones ties implicate us in our complicity. The only choice was a boycott of the election, not the "Anyone but Bush" mentality. We must not look to a government we know to be corrupt to remedy itself. It won’t. We must think and act for ourselves as the people of the USA and take back our country.

  • I think all of you democracts are a group of "crazy" people. If you do not like your country and the political system, then escape to Canada and never come back here to complain everything. You are all sickening, very sickening!

    • And all of us Democrats think you Republipukes are a collection of hypocritical moralistic self righous murdering bastards.....we are hoping you stupid people will send your children to Iraq to get killed in Bush’s war so that your kind can’t come back here and breed. We intend to stay here in our country and watch you guys go to hell with the country that you have turned over to the biggest criminal in all of history. We can’t wait to see it all go up in flames and fall into bankruptcy where the mess all belongs and you monkeys with it.

    • My son went to Iraqi, he in’t coming home. You are an offensive individual! Just like your president, your views and perceptions are garbled by narrcisim. You owe my son your life! Send your worthless ass over to Iraq and spew that crap. Thanks to folks like yourself I have one less child. And I can tell you this, your President is a coward, He is your devil personafied, He hides behind religion and uses it to manipulate the weak minded, right wing of this country. You are the ones who will destroy the greatest gift that has been given to us, as a nation. OUR FREEDOM

    • Until somebody starts shooting directly at the criminals, they have no reason to duck from any thing nor anybody! To the Gold Star American who said, "My son went to Iraqi, he in’t coming home.": Call a neighbor or relative you can trust, then get together and talk; then have each neighbor or relative call a neighbor or relative they can trust, and have them get together and talk; then gather everyone that can be trusted together and make plans! As long as we all just stand around and piss and moan, the cowards of the Country will keep on yapping and the bastards in control will just get worse; right? So let’s get it TOGETHER, people, and BRING IT ON!


  • if you really want to know why gas prices are too high?go to www.opensecrets.org after looking through this ,i now know why,they cannot force them to lower prices.im so shocked,you will have to go to this site yourself,and look at who contributes the most money.