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Latin Nations Call for Punishment of Pat Robertson

by Open-Publishing - Monday 29 August 2005

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Source: La Jornada (Mexico)

sent & translated by Luis Martin

Foreign Ministers of the Latin American countries belonging to the
Rio Group expressed confidence that U.S. authorities will set in
motion the "appropiate legal processes" to punish the call of
evangelical telepreacher Pat Robertson to assassinate Venezuelan
president Hugo Chavez.

The declaration, signed by diplomats of 19 Latin American and
Caribbean nations meeting in Bariloche, Argentina states, in relevant
part: "We are amazed at the declarations of Pat Robertson, founder of
the Christian Coalition, an organization linked to the Republican
Party of the USA, urging the assassination of the
democratically-elected president of Venezuela." The declaration
described the telepreacher’s remarks as "a clear call, to commit a

Meanwhile President Chavez asked in a speech at the Miraflores
presidential palace in Caracas: "Imagine what would happen if some
one in Venezuela would appear on TV to ask my government to
assassinate the president of the U.S."

President Hugo Chavez added that the major dilemma facing the planet
today is "either the world ends U.S. hegemony, or U.S. hegemony ends
the world."

Forum posts

  • I can imagine it, the cries for legal action against any Venezuelan advocating the assassination of Bush would be deafening 24/7/365 until some steps were taken to bring that person to account labled a pariah and band from the air waves.

    However, as a "moral Christian" Roberston will be given a free pass (like Bush) excuses written for and provided by the press, and Bush will probably send him a medal of Honor or invite him to sit behind him at his next State of the Union address or both. After all, Roberston is just doing what Bush wants him to do by promoting more lies and hatred and promoting wanton killing for greed (OUR OIL, OUR OIL, OUR OIL. All of the oil in the world belongs to the U.S. just ask Pat) The "Christian" church has really sunk to its lowest level under Bush, they make the Taliban look like puritans.

  • President Hugo Chavez added that the major dilemma facing the planet today is "either the world ends U.S. hegemony, or U.S. hegemony ends the world."

    Satan rules the White House. What happens to U.S.?

    • just goes to show who controls and runs the country. the ’good ’ol boys’ can’nt do no wrong. now if ’homeland security’ would slap handcuffs on his wimpy wrists and ship him to ’gitmo’, .....

  • This goes to show how naive the politicians of Latin America are. They actually believe that the Administration of Dumbya would take what should be appropriate legal action against Robertson. That would be counter productive to what Bush has wished for regarding Chavez for a very long time.... Bumbya is just not in any position to make an open comment such as the one Good Ol boy Pat made on network Television. Shows the duplicity of the Criminals in the Office of the USA President, fight terror only if and when it suits your agenda.

    • The Latin American politicians are not naive they know full well nothing will happen....other than more insipid lectures about freedom and democracy from Donald and Condoleezza.
      (in musical parlance con-doleezza means ’with sweetness’, where did her parents go wrong?)

  • As a US citizen, I applaud the Rio Group for taking this step. Despite what people outside the US might think, most Americans are disgusted with the current state of our government. Pat Roberston must be criminally charged for what he said which is not the first time he has said something as outrageous this. Our government has been hijacked by warmongering extremist which unfortunately have control of Congress. International pressure on our Congress will definitely help the citizens of the United States. This Republican controlled Congress refuses to investigate vast amounts of evidence of corruption on many different issues! Thanks Rio Group for taking a stand.

  • As an American citizen, I am appalled that the American news media covering the comments made by Mr. Robinson to assassinate President Hugo Chavez, did not demonstrate outrage. Pat Robinson is a terrorist of the worst kind as he presents himself as a man of God. He is a criminal, a liar, a phony and a thief. I received a reply from him yesterday trying to explain his comments and the entire email was a lie, calling Mr. Chavez a dictator, etc., just filled with rubbish. I hope the American public will shock us all and call for criminal charges to be made against him to bring him to trial as a terrorist. I would also like for the media to tell the truth about Hugo Chavez and the good he has done for his people. Americans need to know that our government tried to overthrow him for reasons surrounding the oil that belongs to Venezuala. Surely ABC will take him off their network. However, the American media has aided and abetted our illegal, immoral attack on the innocent people of Iraq and are only just now giving a little unfavorable coverage of the slaughter. I can not expect much from them. Thank you to all the Latin American country who are addressing the evil request made by Pat Robinson.

    • I wonder if Chavez (or the government of Venezuela) couldn’t bring a civil action against Robertson in Us. court. just a thought.