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Let’s cut trough this deafening silence!

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 21 December 2005

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BellaCiao Collective UK

A violent attack is underway in Italy against the law n. 194 which regards the ‘norms protecting maternity and voluntary pregnancy termination’. The attempt is to curb the rights of women to self-determination and to diminish the responsibility women have long exercised and demonstrated in procreation.

We believe the 194 is a good law which enables women to use their freedom responsibly.

We believe this law has not boosted abortion but has granted the support and assistance needed by women facing hard decisions and undertaking the difficult actions of terminating a pregnancy.

The recognition of every woman to exercise autonomy and responsibility in her life and, specifically, in procreation is an inalienable right. This is, like many others, an irreducible right women and men have struggled for and are now called to defend for the benefit of all.

On January 14, 2006, in squares and streets all over Italy there is a demonstration of women and men in support of the 194 and the right of women to freedom and self-determination.

In solidarity, the BellaCiao Collective has organised a demonstration outside the Italian Consulate 111, Piccadilly Manchester, M1 January 14, 2006 @ 12.00 pm

If you believe in freedom and self-determination come along and give your solidarity

Let’s Cut Through This Deafening Silence!

BellaCiao Collective UK

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