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More Evidence of the FBI’s Lie About Nick Berg

Tuesday 23 August 2005

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Michael P. Wright —
Norman, Oklahoma, USA

I have recently reported an enormous lie by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, they denied ever having had an "investigatory interest" in Nick Berg. Go here for details and a scan of their letter:

There is more evidence about the agency’s deep interest in Berg. When the laptop computer of Zacarias Moussaoui was searched on 9/11, the FBI recovered the University of Oklahoma computer identification record, Berg6273, which belonged to Nick Berg. In 2001 he was a temporary OU employee. He had been a student there only for the fall of 1999.

In its report about this, CNN stated that Berg’s "password" had come into Moussaoui’s possession. Go here for my earlier article about the CNN report and its phony "stranger on the bus" story to account for this:

Berg6273 was actually his userID, which is called the "four by four" at OU. Each student is assigned a unique ID, constructed from the first four letters of the individual’s surname plus the last four digits of the Social Security number. Both the userID and a unique password are necessary to enable a student to gain access to the OU computer network, for purposes of inspecting the individual’s private records.

CNN’s statement that his "password" was found was probably an error. They did not mention the userID, which the FBI reports came into Moussaoui’s possession.

The scans accompanying this article were taken from an FBI document called "Penttbomb," which refers to the 9/11 aircraft which crashed into the Pentagon. They use the letter t twice to symbolize the two World Trade Center towers. The document also has information about United Airlines flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania. Berg’s userID is in the box in the lower right corner of this page. Readers might need to use the mouse to enlarge the scans:

There was a series of Penttbomb documents produced and distributed by the FBI to local public officials and law enforcement personnel. The material presented in these scans came from the one dated November 16, 2001. This document was available online temporarily.

The other two scans identify the source and demonstrate the FBI’s keen awareness of Oklahoma as a place of interest for the 9/11 investigation. The Penttbomb documents were referenced in the final report of the 9/11 Commission.

Penttbomb is also a term used by the FBI to indicate that the 9/11 attacks were designated as a major case for the agency’s resources. That is another reason why the FBI’s current claim to having had no investigatory interest in Nick Berg is startling, extraordinary, unbelievable, and indicative of participation in a massive cover-up. This U.S. Department of Justice document lists Penttbomb as the highest-ranking case:

For more information, see this summary of my comprehensive investigation of the 9/11 attack, with emphasis on both CIA and Al Qaeda activities in Oklahoma:

Regarding Nick Berg, my tentative conclusion is that (1) he was the one who bought the 9/11 hijacker’s airline ticket from the University of Oklahoma library, (2) he was infiltrating Al Qaeda under CIA supervision at the time, and (3) the CIA arranged for the dirty little secret to die with him in Iraq.

If I am correct, this would explain why the University of Oklahoma, the FBI,
and the Social Security Administration have not cooperated with my requests
for information. A cover-up is in progress. With its bogus "stranger on the bus story," CNN has assisted in the cover-up. This story misled readers into thinking that there was no association between Berg and Moussaoui.


Forum posts

  • Its time the Congress, Senate, House of Rep. all those in our government must do a wake up call.

    It appears they do not have the courage or the backbone to stand up and demand the answers to these questions of Sept. 11, Invasion of Iraq.

    I know one thing, come 2006 it will not be hard to vote for anyone office.
    Those in office will face elections on fine line. My vote will be cast in the NO section for those who are so weak and have no consideration for the thousands that have been killed. in the bush great war of treason against all of us. He lied, mislead the country and the world.

    Martha goes to jail, Clinton was going to be impeached for his bad judgement with Monica, but bush has murdered thousands and everyday more people in the Middle east and other countries are being killed for the occupation of Iraq. We are not freedom makers, we created a hell on earth for the world.

    Thank you for writing about Nick Berg, the facts are there if people will only read them.

    Impeach bush and all of them now.

    • outstanding investigation Michael - I personally remember George Tenet’s bizarre press statement stating that investigations into Nick’s relationship with the purported masterminds of 911 had shown no known association - and the Freedom of Information Requests which state there were no such investigations just supports my strong suspicion that the planning and financing for the events on that day has much greater government involvement and knowledge than most people would be able to comprehend. I’d always suspected Nick had been involved in the purchase of the airline tickets and you’ve provided enough supporting information for that. Nick’s assignment in Iraq would appear to me to be possibly related to prepping the communications infrastructure there for easy infiltration. Thanks !