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More Reasons to Suspect the Bogus CNN Story About Nick Berg

Tuesday 16 August 2005

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Michael P. Wright —
Norman, Oklahoma, USA

After his beheading in Iraq during 2004, CNN reported that Nick Berg’s email password had come into the possession of confessed terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. Both men had spent time in Norman, home of the University of Oklahoma. The strange CNN article is here:

Relying on Berg’s father, CNN accounted for this event with the story that Berg, while he was an OU student, was taking a bus ride in Norman one day and happened to be seated next to a stranger. He allowed the stranger to borrow his laptop computer to send an email. From this encounter the stranger supposedly acquired the password. Next, we are told that the stranger turned out to be a friend of Moussaoui, and that is how Moussaoui came to possess the password.

The CNN story does not make sense, for these reasons: (1) Berg was a student at OU only for the fall 1999 semester, (2) Moussaoui did not arrive in Norman until February 2001, (3) like anyone else, Moussaoui was able to acquire free anonymous hotmail accounts, and (4) buses do not provide wireless networks to enable email to be sent from labtops. Here is the relevant documentation for (1), (2), and (3):

There are other ways to discredit the CNN story. One method is to start by
assuming that the story is true, and watch the obstacles and implausibilities
emerge as one tries to develop it. It becomes impossible to reconcile it with reality. We have to combine suppositions from the CNN story with known
facts. They cannot be reconciled.

It is a fact that Berg was an OU student only for the fall 1999 semester. Start with
the supposition that, during this period, he allowed some stranger he met on a bus
to borrow his laptop computer and send an email. Give CNN the benefit of the
doubt and make the implausible assumption that this encounter happened after the
bus ride at some place where a wireless network was available to enable an email to be sent. Assume that from this encounter the stranger acquired Berg’s email password.

Next, another big fact is that Moussaoui’s computer was searched on the day of
the 9/11 attack, in 2001. Since Berg was only a student for the fall 1999 semester, the "stranger on the bus" event had to take place approximately two years earlier.

It is a fact that at a later time, the FBI interviewed Berg to investigate this. If CNN were correct, then Berg had to say something like this:

"Hmm, now how could my email password have found its way to Moussaoui’s
computer? I sure never met the guy. I know ! It must have been because
two years ago, I was taking a bus ride in Norman, and I let this guy sitting next
to me borrow my laptop and send an email. Somehow he managed to remember
my password, and wrote it down when I wasn’t looking. He must have been
a friend of Moussaoui, and gave it to him."

Is it likely that Berg would have remembered such a trivial event two years after it happened? The FBI, of course, knew that Moussaoui did not even arrive in Norman until February 2001. But we’re writing fiction here, not history.

The FBI agents said, "Sure, kid. That must have been it. Sorry we troubled you.
Have a great life, kid."

Has the CNN story fallen apart yet? If so, then it is a likely conclusion that Berg
actually had a friendly acquaintance with Moussaoui, and the myth-makers in America’s ruling elites are concealing it. Is it possible that he was infiltrating the Oklahoma Al Qaeda cell, under the CIA’s supervision?

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Forum posts

  • It was unlikely Berg was a CIA agent infiltrating some Oklahoma Al Quaeda cell. What cell? What Al Quaeda? It’s all fiction! It’s more likely Berg was a Israeli/US agent handling or recruiting some poor naive Arabs into using them as patsies ( "Hey kid, how’d ya like to fly - hows about a free gym membership - know any smart buddies back home?).

  • amazing detective work!!!!...i smell a false flag op exposed

  • It’s possible that the email connection on the bus, was a simple 56K modem connected to a data-enabled cell phone. As this can’t be ruled out, the explanation can’t be entirely discredited... although it is unlikely

    • Six years ago, in 1999, only 5 percent of the population (primarily business people) even carried cellphones. Of those, only a small percentage (maybe 3%) had any kind of a slow (9600 baud) wireless data service. A student would not typically be in the .15% (yes, about one-seventh of one percent) of the population that had a wireless data connection.

  • Hey, you arab kids like to fly?

    I got something that’ll REALLY make you fly...

    Who’s gonna investigate whether Nick Berg and Daniel Lewin can be connected?