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Motion of support for the british students

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 18 November 2010

School-University UK France

Motion carried by the general meeting of students of the University of Le Havre on the 15th of November, 2010.

Dear comrades,
We have learnt with enthusiasm, that on November the 10th of 2010, 50’000 students and academics marched in the streets of London against the rise of tuition fees and the spending cuts announced in British universities.
We are particularly sensitive to these issues. Indeed, the law dealing with the liberties and responsibilities of the universities, which passed in 2007, already led to the fall of budgets and the rise of tuition fees for some degrees.
Austerity and attacks against workers and the youth being, at least, organized on a European scale, the counterattack has to be so.
We, students of Le Havre, gathered in a general meeting this Monday, November the 15th, declare that we stand by our fellow students and academics protesting in Britain. We’ll try, as much as we can, to popularize your struggle.