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NYTimes’s Dirty Little Secrets

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 21 February 2008
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Our beloved NYTimes sat on the story of Bush’s secret and illegal wiretapping operations which went into effect shortly after he was selected to the White House by the SCOTUS back in January of 2000. You know the dirty little secret they decided to reveal only after the 2004 election cycle.

BTW, have you caught the other dirty little secret that they have been sitting of for the last eight years about Sen. McCain the current GOP front runner for that parties nod for POTUS?

It would appear that the NYTimes has a habit of hiding dirty little secrets from the American people.


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  • It’s hard to find truthful politicians in a world deceit has become so prevalent. The only candidate that has nothing to hide is Ron Paul.
    To bad the news media has chosen to not cover Ron Paul. That should tell many that corruption is wide and far.