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Neocons Are Not Fascists, They’re Worse

Sunday 25 June 2006

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Neocons Are Not Fascists, They’re Worse
Many critics of the current Administration are drawing parallels to Fascism. But the neoconservative movement now ruling America’s government is a distinct departure from any previous Administration, and though, at times, followers may use tactics that are fascistic, the movement is more ominous than Fascism. This movement was constructed mainly by intellectuals and civilians who were not and are not elected officials. Never before in American history has such a grand a priori strategy for America’s destiny controlled the political process the way it does now. Their grand ideals are clearly outlined in the "Project for the New American Century" (see Wikipedia).

Administrations, in varying degrees, always had a base of intellectuals contributing their plans, e.g., Jefferson relied on the Enlightenment philosophers, Kennedy had Michael Harrington and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Johnson followed George Kennan, Carter had Zbignew Brzezenski, Reagan was guided by Friedman and Laffer. Bush, however, has merely been the front man for a tremendously influential cabal, consisting of think-tank pundits, accomplished professors, media executives, Fortune 100 moguls, evangelists, and many others both on and off the public stage.

The only previous model for the neoconservative movement was David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, which had selected Carter’s key cabinet members in ’75 - a year before he was elected. The group also published works justifying a hike in defense spending, but the range of its ideological ambitions pale in comparison to the stated ideals of the neoconservative agenda. This term - neoconservative - has not yet been widely seen for what it truly is: an unprecedented menace to the sanctity of American democracy. And to some extent calling it fascistic obscures its true identity and stated mission.

It doesn’t merely represent a clique of overly religious, fiscally conservative hawks best represented by Rove, Hastert and Frist, who chiefly serve their cause as political operatives. The neoconservative clique is composed of many secularist schemers exploiting the Christian right, lofty strategists who have lost faith in the public’s ability to rule itself wisely, military-industrial operatives maximizing profits while ensuring America’s might remains unequaled, at least on paper. It consists of intellectuals who have highjacked the control of the government, supposedly for the sake of defending and perpetuating it. The neoconservative control of America represents nothing less than a discreet coup d’etat that has subverted the democratic process. Ideals now rule where once the public will was in charge.

It’s understandable that people want to call this Administration fascist and Nazi and totalitarian, but, in fact, though it incorporates tactics that share similarities with them, it is a breed apart. Indeed, the neoconservative agenda is worse than Fascism. Fascism was an ideology presented to a broken society and at least got the trains to run on time despite its inhumane activities. On the other hand, Neoconservativism was an ideology presented to a thriving society that is rapidly bankrupting it, monetarily, ethically, and politically.

Unfortunately, the term, neoconservative, doesn’t offer the same jolt as Fascism, which helps the neoconservatives to fly under the radar. But the truth is, the intellectual bullies and bloody professors who construct and support the ideology of democratic imperialism are doing far more damage than Mussolini ever did. And one day, in the not too distant future, fascists are going to seem like juvenile delinquents when compared to America’s 21st century neoconservatives regardless of what they’re called.

Forum posts

  • wacky rascal: I agree with you wholeheartedly. (I don’t think you’re at all wacky.) I believe there are 2 processes occurring here: 1st, the pseudocons are creating anarchy by privatizing the world with no accountability, and second, they are creating an economic apartheid system in the U.S.

    I would like to see all governors call out the National Guard come election day and watch as every vote is counted. I’d also like to see bumper stickers that say something like: "Stop the bleeding. Start the healing. Vote Democratic". Democrats need to go for the gut. They are so cerebral. You don’t have to pander to be hard-hitting and effective.

    In any event, thank you for speaking your astute mind.

  • The neo con men are a bunch of german nazis sent here by the brits. Their fathers did germany and russia their grand fathers did france and now they’re gona do USA.