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New - Video That Got Unilect Voting Machine Decertified in Pennsylvania

Sunday 19 June 2005

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New: See the 2nd video exam that got the Unilect Patriot decertified in PA:

The videos show that:
the votes are lost because of the defects in the voting machines.
The fault is not the election director’s
The election officials/precinct workers cannot prevent most or all of the undervotes
The votes can be changed on the central tabulator without leaving an audit trail

The tapes have been ripped to a video format the should be view-able under Windows. If you’ve got BitTorrent — which can be downloaded for Windows here:

You can get copies of the videoes from here:

Warning: these files are BIG (1, 2, and 3 are about 400MB, and 4 is
about 200 MB) and will take a while to download.

Professor Michael Shamos, the examiner states:

"At the Central Station, a capability for
"manual edit" of vote totals is provided. This
means nothing less than the ability change vote
totals to any desired numbers." ..

"Among the complaints received about the
Patriot system is that the touchscreen does
not function reliably. That is, when a voter
touches the screen, the touch is not
necessarily sensed, which results in the voter
incorrectly believing that she has cast a

*Note - North Carolina has the Unilect Patriot Voting machine in two counties, Burke and Carteret, and plans to continue using the machines.
See -