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Nicaragua Sugar (Grupo Pellas) reinforces aid to CKD patients

by Open-Publishing - Friday 8 October 2010

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Within the framework of the dialogue that has been maintained for more than one year between Nicaragua Sugar and ASOCHIVIDA, under the auspices of the Office of the Compliance Advisor and Ombudsman (CAO) of the World Bank, a meeting was held by the parties last September 1, which was attended by Mr. Carlos Pellas, as irrefutable proof of the will of Grupo Pellas to support the former workers of Ingenio San Antonio affected by CKD.

Although it has been scientifically proven that the productive and labor practices of Ingenio San Antonio do not cause CKD, as the recent study conducted by the prestigious Boston University concluded, Mr. Pellas expressed his unwavering desire to continue helping them: “CKD is a tragedy that affects them and we want to contribute to alleviate that pain”, he said during the meeting.

While reiterating the commitment to continue supporting them as it has been done for over a year, mainly with food supplies, medicines and medical care, the President of Grupo Pellas approved ASOCHIVIDA’s request so that its members receive emergency care in the San Antonio Hospital.

On the other hand, he gave special emphasis to the development of self-sustainable projects that allow patients to earn a dignified income and improve living conditions for themselves and their families.

In this sense, he committed to provide a larger sum of money for strengthening the microloan program that has been created for starting up these businesses, in such way that more people may be benefitted.
A review process of the different proposed projects is currently underway to determine their eligibility for financing.

Mr. Pellas also offered all the necessary cooperation so that Boston University may continue scientific research studies for determining the causes of CKD in this zone of Nicaragua.

The members of the Board of Directors of ASOCHIVIDA, the most representative association of kidney patients in the country’s western region, expressed their gratitude to Mr. Pellas and Nicaragua Sugar for the aid they have been receiving, as well as for the future commitments.