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Tuesday 3 May 2005

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INTRO-Posting is an overview of the massive evidence/data/studies (and links to studies & websites)from numerous sources—Election Day Voter Exit Polls show Kerry Won Electoral & Popular Votes,60 NonPartisan Groups found 22+ States of systematic machine fraud with a preset default from Kerry to Bush or All Dem Ballot to All Rep Ballot plus other types fraud,precinct workers & voters in states report "machine problems" & "dirty tricks", Pollster changes Voter Exit Polls to match the vote count on 11/3 with no data to corroborate, a dozen Professors in Statistics shocked at discrepancy between Election Day Voter Exit Polls & Vote Count analyzed the Pollster’s data & urge an investigation, election officials in Florida commit vote fraud, computer fraud experts, US Rep of Congressional Judiciary Comm submits Report on Ohio,etc,etc. Most public officials don’t know the extent of fraud, but millions of Americans do, and nonpartisan grps & citizens from 30 states met to share their fraud data.

POSTING INCLUDES—1)Overview 2)List of Topics 3)Topics #1-#7 of summarized data, original documents,links to studies, websites.

*OVERVIEW—1)Election Day Voter Exit Polls,2)Sixty Non-Partisan Grps,3)Events beginning Election Day


The expert & originator of Election Day Voter Exit Polls, Mitofsky, was hired by the Media Consortium-Assoc Press, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNNto do the Voter Exit Polls. Mitofsky’s Election Day Voter Exit Polls-of all states,4 regional zones, nationwide totals-(Weighted & Created at noon,3:59pm,7:33pm)-show Kerry won the Electoral Votes 316 (states)& Popular Vote 51%(individuals)-National Totals Kerry 51% Bush 48%.

Expert pollster Zogby International did phone polls 11/1 & 11/2-Zogby’s Prediction Polls-Electoral Votes-Kerry 311 Bush 213. Popular Vote with Margin of Error +/-3.2—Kerry 49.1% Bush 49.4%


Sixty non-partisan groups around the nation interested in fair elections formed a consortium to focus on the Presidential Election of 2004-(due to election 2000).They created the Election Incident Reporting System,EIRS. They collected data from 22 states, their investigations revealed widespread & systematic—machine fraud & voter disenfranchisement. Nationwide 90% of the "machine errors" favored Bush. The precincts/voters most targeted in each state were groups with a history of high majority votes for the Democratic Party. The Florida League of Conservation Voters is a member of the EIRS.The FLCV has posted data on 22 states—incl. machine fraud,"dirty tricks", disenfranchisement—web address The EIRS main websites are and

Other non-partisan groups investigated "election day incidents", the battleground states—incl Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Mexico. Kerry won the Electoral & Popular Votes in Ohio, Florida, New Mexico and other states, based on Mitofsky’s Election Day Voter Exit Polls & fraud data—yet he only needed Ohio OR Florida to "officially win". Fraud was found in Pennsylvania and other states that Kerry "officially" won,or in Bush stronghold precincts-this strategy was used to decrease Kerry’s popular vote.

US Rep Conyers (Dem)of the Congressional Judicial Committee was asked by US Rep Tubbs (Dem) of Ohio to hold public hearings on the election. He heard testimonies from shocked & angry voters, collected election day data,then compiled a massive report of "election incidents" & vote machine "problems". Conyers asked the(GAO)General Accounting Office of Congress to investigate, and later to investigate all 50 states. Conyers requested Pollster Mitofsky’s raw Exit Poll data-who said they belong to the media consortium. Conyers asked the media—they said they wanted to analyze them first. As of this posting they have not turned over the raw exit poll data. But someone leaked the Exit Polls to a respected news site on the internet,for the public. These Exit Polls accuracy is confirmed by Mitofsky’s Post-Election Report Jan 2005.


Mitofsky’s Election Day Exit Polls showed that Kerry won both the electoral & popular vote with a Nationwide Total Kerry 51% to Bush 48%.

Early morning of 11/3 the mass media continued to show Kerry’s national win—incl in many battleground states,like Ohio & Florida. CNN’s website 11/3 at 12:21AM showed Kerry’s win in Ohio State—male vote percentage Kerry 51% to Bush 49%,female vote percentage Kerry 53% to Bush 47%.

Soon in the early morning of 11/3 the mass media began mixing actual vote counts into the exit poll data. Yet Exit polls are used in democracies around the world to detect fraud, so they can’t be mixed with other data.

11/3 in the afternoon at 1:24PM—Mitofsky (explained later)he presumed he made a mistake since his polls didn’t match the vote count,so he created a new "recalibrated poll" to match the vote count,reversing the Kerry/Bush percentages. He claimed a "weighting problem" but kept changing what the weighting problem was-too many women,then too many Democrats. Yet he’d already "recalibrated his weighting" during his election day polls—by decreasing the percentages for Democrats,women,white women, black people, and increasing the percentages for Republicans,men,white men. As you’ll read soon—after the Congressional Electoral College—he submitted a Post-Election Report that said his 2004 Presidential Poll was the worst poll he’s done in 20 years, but his "weighting" wasn’t the problem, then he introduced a new hypothesis with no data.

In response—shocked expert statisticians & mathematicians did analysis which revealed that Mitofsky had no data to corroborate changing his original poll results, and they were alarmed at the 5.5% discrepancy between his exit polls and the vote count,which was outside his "margin of error". They said-"Officially, President Bush won November’s election by 2.5%, yet exit polls showed Kerry winning by 3%. In the report released March 31st by a group of university statisticians, the odds of a discrepancy this large between the national exit poll and election results happening by accident are close to 1 in a million." They said there was no statistical explanation to account for the discrepancy, it was near impossible in statistical terms for the discrepancy to be so large without the election vote count being suspect. After Mitofsky’s Post-Election Report,they said his new hypothesis had no data to validate it,plus the data showed actually refutes his hypothesis. They again said an investigation of the election vote count was needed.

The Ohio Recount was requested by the Green & Libertarian Parties.Kerry joined them to make sure all votes had been counted. The recount was undermined & blocked by Sec Of State Blackwell whose orders to local election officials broke state & federal election laws,so the areas most suspected of vote fraud, were never counted. Plus provisional ballots that were added by the NAACP & other groups to ensure fair elections were never counted in some areas of Ohio & other states. The Ohio Recount is now under investigation.

January 6,2005 was the historic Congressional Electoral College debate—brought about by the heartcourage pleas of 23 Reps(Dem)&1 Senator(Dem)trying to block the Ohio electoral votes. But there was no investigation by Congress—so once again We The People were denied our choice of President.

Jan 19,2005 Mitofsky’s Post-Election Report of his exit polls—confirmed that his Election Day Voter Exit Polls showed Kerry won Electoral & Popular Votes—National Total Kerry 51% Bush 48%. He said Kerry’s vote was "overrepresented in 26 states by 1% or more and overepresented by 3% nationally". He said his Pres Election 2004 was the worst poll he’s done in 20 years,but his polling for federal & state races was good. He said his weighting wasn’t the problem, the problem related to the "Within Precinct Error", a new hypothesis with no new data—that Democrat voters answered the exit poll interviewers in higher numbers than the Republican voters. He also states that his exit polls aren’t intended to be actual exit polls,and so he doesn’t use them alone—he adjusts them with the vote count. (this means the US public has no way to verify elections.) Expert statisticians again responded, refuting his new hypothesis citing no statistical basis,and revealing that his data may prove the opposite, that Republicans voters responded to interviewers in higher numbers. So once again they asked for an investigation of the vote count.

******LIST OF TOPICS****************************************************

*1)ELECTION DAY for VOTERS—Citizens calls reveal machine problems, disenfranchisement,harrassment. Several methods of fraud revealed that repeated in all states-a few examples.

*2)ZOGBY EXPERT POLLSTER-Phone Polls 11/1,11/2 Election Day-(states,nation)
Electoral-KERRY 311 BUSH 213 Popular-Kerry 49.1% Bush 49.4%,MOE +/-3.2%

*11/2—National Voter Exit Polls-KERRY WON-Electoral 316 Popular Votes 51%
*11/2—Natl Exit Polls 3:59PM KERRY 51% BUSH 48%
*11/2—Natl Exit Polls 7:33PM KERRY 51% BUSH 48%

*11/3 1:24PM Mitofsky says later he believed his exit polls must be wrong,so he created another "poll" to match the vote counts,which reversed Kerry/Bush percentages.Mitofsky keeps changing his mind what the problem is to justify changing his 11/2 Voter Exit Polls,2 months later he introduces a new hypothesis with no data to justify.

*4)ANALYSIS/STUDIES by STATISTICIANS—LINKS TO FREEMAN STUDY,and USCOUNTVOTES STUDIES-plus an overview letter by Statisticians. Non-Partisan Studies by expert Statisticians/Mathematicians shocked by Mitofsky changes in Exit Poll with no data to verify,because the 5.5%difference is unexplainable and almost impossible in statistical terms so they recommend investigation of vote count.

*5)INTERNATIONAL ELECTION MONITORS REPORT of US Primary Election 2004,says US Election System is distressed & recommendations to bring up to International Standards-cites partisanship of Election Officials & makers of Vote Machines. Say if fraud ever occured would never know because no paper trails & thus no ability to recount.

*6)NEW ELECTRONIC VOTE and SCAN MACHINES w/NO PAPER TRAIL—Machine Fraud Examples.Conflict of Interest-all machines created & owned by Republicans who donate heavily to Bush Campaign.Note-one company makes Bank ATMS with paper trails. Note-prior to Election 2004 these machines were widely-proven to be easily hacked to change Vote Counts & Totals. Calif tried to outlaw most.

*7)Before Election 2004-Legislation Created to Outlaw New Machines with no paper trails or to demand paper trails-BUT Republican Legislators kill Bill.

CURRENT EVENTS-Investigation of Ohio Recount just begun. US Rep Conyers & other(D)legislators creating election reform bills—yet many(R)legislators are likely to block,despite International Election Monitors recommendations. US needs election reform in many areas so US Elections are trustworthy and meet International Standards for democracies.

**********TOPICS #1-#7 DISCUSSED BELOW***********************************
FOR OWN RESEARCH USE SOLARBUS.ORG for links to studies/data/info/websites

*1)ELECTION DAY for CITIZENS reveals Machine Fraud & Disenfranchisement

State & local elected officials in charge of elections in all the battleground states knew there would be a larger than ever voter turnout, due to the Get Out The Vote efforts by non-partisan groups & the Democratic Party & Republican Party. So officials knew to be prepared and are required to be prepared.

Republican Leaders had made it public that they would challenge new Democratic voters at the polls, so the Dem Party & civil rights activists & nonpartisan groups went into the states to prepare people with right to vote facts. The ACLU & NAACP had to bring lawsuits in some areas before election day to ensure citizens their rights to vote. Also many disenfranchisement "dirty tricks" were discovered,for example: Registration forms of new Democratic voters,in several states,were torn up by Republican-payed workers and the Republicans in charge of signing up new voters. Leaflets were found in several states saying that due to high voter turnout—Democrat voters should vote on 11/3 and Republican Voters should vote on 11/2(election day).

ON ELECTION DAY in many states in predominately Democratic precincts voters and even local election officials felt frustrated and angry that they didn’t have enough machines,or the machines were broken,or the lines were too long with not enough machines, or that the machines wouldn’t cast their vote correctly,or that they weren’t on the voter rolls,or that they were told to go to the wrong precinct.

Through citizen complaints & investigations by non-partisan groups it was revealed that most of the battleground states especially Ohio & Florida & New Mexico had widespread & systematic voter disenfranchisement and machine fraud—there were several methods used,and the methods were the same in each state.

One primary method for fraud was vote machines on a "default setting"—so despite voting for Kerry or an entire Democratic Ticket,the machine would flip to a Bush Vote. Some voters tried over & over to change this. Some voters reported the screen finally verified a Kerry vote,but when they got to the end page to reconfirm ballot,it showed Bush.

90% of the "machine errors" from all states favored Bush. Which statisticians say is not random,and thus highly suspect. There are many exit poll & election analysis reports done by professors in mathematics & statistics,and studies by computer experts on fraud & tampering,plus citizen testimonies & affadavits from Ohio & Florida.

In Florida & Ohio-A few Florida local election officials were seen throwing away the official vote count tapes for election day,replacing them with new tapes with new vote count numbers. The Sec Of States in Ohio & Florida were hostile to freedom of information requests by groups trying to gather public data. The Sec of State in Ohio, Blackwell,in his elected position to administer the Ohio elections & the recount,gave orders that violated state & federal rules for fair elections. Both the Ohio & Florida Sec of States were Chairpersons for the Bush Campaign,which the International Election Monitors say is a US practice in conflict with International Standards for democracies.

*2)EXPERT POLLSTER ZOGBY-Telephone Polls 11/1 & 11/2 Election Day

Zogby International
Released:November 02,2004. Nationwide phone poll of 955 likely voters conducted November 1-2, 2004. Also online interactive polls 11/1

ZOGBY INTERNATIONAL 2004 PREDICTIONS,as of Nov. 2, 2004 5:00pm



Too Close To Call
Nevada (5)

Too Close To Call
Colorado (9)

ZOGBY POPULAR VOTE PERCENTAGES with Margin of Error +/- 3.2%
BUSH at 49.4%, KERRY at 49.1%


Arizona-Bush , Arkansas-Bush , Colorado-Too Close To Call ,Florida-Trending Kerry , Iowa-Kerry , Michigan-Kerry, Minnesota-Kerry , Missouri-Bush, Nevada-Too Close To Call, New Hampshire-Kerry, New Mexico-Kerry , North Carolina-Bush Oregon-Kerry, Ohio-Trending Kerry , Pennsylvania-Trending Kerry ,Tennessee-Bush , Virginia-Bush , Washington-Kerry, West Virginia-Bush ,Wisconsin-Kerry

*3)MITOFSKY/EDISON ELECTION DAY EXIT POLLS for Media Consortium(in pdf files)

*Created 11/2—NOONTIME POLL I don’t have
*Created & Weighted 11/2 at 3:59PM—NATIONAL TOTAL KERRY 51%,BUSH 48%
*Created & Weighted 11/2 at 7:33PM—NATIONAL TOTAL KERRY 51%,BUSH 48%

*11/3 NEW "Poll"
- Created & Weighted 11/3 at 1:24PM—NATIONAL TOTAL KERRY 48%,BUSH 51%


Time of Exit Polls—Mitofsky’s report says there were 3 exit polls done on election day—at noon, late afternoon, evening an hour before the polls close. I’m missing the noon poll-yet I’ve heard Mitofsky & others say it’s common knowledge that Democrats or Dem women vote more in the morning,and Republicans or Rep men vote more in the evening. If this common knowledge is true,the noontime poll would be the same or a higher percentage for Kerry.

Mitofsky’s Election Day Exit Polls are done as voters leave the polls.Voters are asked by interviewers "Who did you just vote for in the Presidential Race?" They’re also asked personal/social/political questions.

Mitofsky developed and refined his exit poll system over the years to be a science,with much preparation work done beforehand to make sure he has the calibrations & weights correct for all demographics & variables and changes overtime. The interviewers in each state call Mitofsky with the exit poll data then he creates each poll.

Exit polls are highly accurate and used around the world in democracies,to be a red flag for fraud. The Exit Polls for the US & other countries are done by Mitofsky. His work is usually very accurate and always within the stated "margin of error".

Mitofsky sold his exitpolls directly to the media consortium which hasn’t seemed to be a problem before. Yet the International Election Monitors 2004 report for the US was very concerned about areas of conflict of interest & partisanship,so this may be a violation of International Standards too. For the exit polls rightly belong to the American people-so we need non-partisan expert pollsters working for the US Elections System.


Mitofsky’s Election Day Exit Polls showed Kerry won both the electoral & popular vote-Kerry 51% to Bush 48%. Then 11/3 at 1:24PM Mitofsky created a new poll,to match the vote counts, which shows Kerry & Bush percentages reversed. Mitofsky kept changing his reasons for why he presumed his election day polls wrong. First he focused on recalibrating the weighting,but he had already recalibrated the weight percentages in his election day polls, plus in his "methods statements" he says gender is always a low sampling error,whereas race can be a large sampling error.Plus his website says his new 2004 stategy was to ensure not to skew for Democrats. (? this may relate to a mainstream news article where the media blamed Mitofsky for predicting the Gore win in 2000.) Mitofsky’s Post-Election report said weighting wasn’t the problem then came up with a new hypothesis with no new data—the Within Precinct Error.

Expert statisticians analyzed Mitofsky’s data and said he didn’t overweight for Democrats,in fact they saw evidence he may have overweighted for Republicans,so the data refutes his hypothesis. The experts were deeply concerned that the new Polls were outside his "margin of error"—for by switching the Kerry/Bush percentages there’s now a 5.5% discrepancy between his exit polls and the vote count,which experts said was virtually impossible in statistical terms,no plausible excuse for the discrepancies between the exit polls & the actual vote count.

Mitofsky’s Post-Election Report said he overall stands by his work,the exit polls for federal & state elections, yet says his Pres. exit polls were the worst in 20 years. The statisticians say it’s not probable that federal political party races were correctly polled while Presidential polls were not. Mitofsky said his exit polls are not always intended to stand alone-to be exit polls. Yet his polls use the heading-ex: "United States General Exit Poll". He says his exit polls are often adjusted to match the actual vote count. Statisticians say this is okay if it’s fine-tuning within the margin of error,but not with large discrepancies between the exit polls vs vote count. Mitofsky said he overrepresented the Kerry Vote in 26 states—translation-this probably means 26 states of fraud,not just the 22 already discovered by non-partisan groups.


**There are many non-partisan groups,professionals & experts in a variety of fields who collected & analyzed election data-including investigative journalists,computer fraud experts,and statisticans & mathematicians.

**VOTERSUNITE,60 non-partisan groups in the US concerned with fair elections formed a consortium to provide a nationwide Election Incident Reporting System for Election 2004 to collect data & help voters report irregularities. They found systematic voter disenfranchisement & machine fraud in 22 states. Their website is

**USCOUNTVOTES-A consortium of prominent statisticians & mathematicians who individually & collectively analyzed Mitofsky’s Exit Polls & Post-Election Report. Below see a few studies. Newest report at-

*Steven Freeman’s study-"The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy". First draft Nov 12,2004,revised Nov 21,2004 using conservative assumptions yet still concludes—focusing on the vote counts vs exit polls in 3 battleground states—"As much as we can say in social science that something is impossible,it is impossible that the discrepancies between predicted and actual vote counts in the three critical battleground states of the 2004 election could have been due to chance or random error". Last revision Dec 29, 2004,(minor changes)-in a pdf file at this web address-


USCountVotes,is a nonprofit, non-partisan Utah corporation,founded in December 2004. Its future mission is to create and analyze a database containing precinct-level election results for the entire United States beginning in Nov 2006; it’s current project has been to do a thorough mathematical analysis of the 2004 election results and to fully investigate the 2004 Presidential election results. USCountVotes actively seeks volunteers and accepts donations to help make this unprecedented civic project a reality - visit for further information.

LETTER-Prominent Statisticians Refute ’Explanation’ of 2004 U.S. Exit Poll Discrepancies in New Edison/Mitofsky Report and Urge Investigation of U.S. Presidential Election Results
by Bruce O’Dell
January 31, 2005

"President Bush won November’s election by 2.5% yet exit polls showed Kerry leading by 3%. Which was correct?

"There are statistical indications that a systematic, nationwide shift of 5.5% of the vote may have occurred, and that we’ll never get to the bottom of this, unless we gather the data we need for mathematical analysis and open, robust scientific debate.", says Bruce O’Dell, USCountVotes’ Vice President.

The study, “Response to Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004 Report”, was co-authored by a diverse group of professors and academicians specializing in statistics and mathematics affiliated with University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, University of Utah, Cornell University, University of Wisconsin, Southern Methodist University, Case Western Reserve University and Temple University. Their study does not support claims made by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International that exit poll errors were to blame for the unprecedented 5.5% discrepancy between exit polls and official 2004 election results.

According to this analysis by a group of senior statisticians, the new data just released by the exit-pollsters shows that the possibility that the overall vote count was substantially corrupted must be taken seriously. “Now we have statistical evidence that these reports were the tip of a national iceberg. The hypothesis that the discrepancy between the exit polls and election results is due to errors in the official election tally is a coherent theory that must be explored,” said statistician Josh Mitteldorf.

Their paper titled "Response to Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004 Report" notes that the Edison/Mitofsky report offers no evidence to support their conclusion that Kerry voters “participated in the exit polls at a higher rate than Bush voters”. In fact, the data provided in the Edison/Mitofsky report suggests that the opposite may have been true: Bush strongholds had slightly higher response rates than Kerry strongholds.

The statisticians note that precincts with hand-counted paper ballots showed no statistical discrepancy between the exit polls and the official results, but for other voting technologies, the overall discrepancy was far larger than the polls’ margin of error.

The statisticians’latest study & revised April 11,2005 is available online at

*5)INTERNATIONAL ELECTION MONITORS travel the world to verify that democracies are maintaining International Standards for transparent & fair elections. They came to the US to monitor our 2004 Primaries because of Election 2000.The 2004 Primaries concerned them so they returned for the 2004 General Election to determine if the US was implementing reforms to match International Standards. In their report for the Primary they said the US Election System was in distress and recommended many changes.They said if fraud ever took place there would be no way of knowing because most of our new vote machines have no paper trail so recounts are impossible. Their major concerns were in the areas of partisanship & conflict of interest. For example,the US allows elected Secretary of States & Local Election Officials-responsible for monitoring elections-to also be in political campaigns. EX: OHIO Sec of State Kenneth Blackwell was also Chairman of Bush Campaign; Florida Sec Of State in 2004 & 2000 were fundraisers of Bush Campaign. The Intl Monitors were also concerned that our vote machine companies are partisan, all owned by Republicans who are major contributors to the Bush Campaign.

*6)NEW ELECTRONIC VOTE MACHINES & SCANNERS: Manufactured mainly by two companies ESS & Diebold. One of these companies is the same company that makes the ATM Machines for banks,however their vote machines have no paper trails, plus it’s widely known & proven by experts & laypeople that these new machines can be hacked into by anyone in just a few minutes. (The Rep Legislature killed a bill that would have outlawed these machines & required paper trails-story below.)

There were 2 types of fraud on these new voting machines-1) disenfranchisement of voter/machine fraud—ex:already programmed to default for Bush 2)direct machine fraud.

In Ohio,a worker for the machine manufacturer appeared unannounced in a precinct right before the recount,he worked on 2 vote machines(illegal to tamper with machines after election). The worker also told the local election official what the vote count should be,to avoid doing a recount. Election Officals in Florida were caught throwing away official computer vote tapes,and replacing them with new ones they created with new vote counts that they submitted to the State of Florida.

It was discovered that the Assoc Press (part of the media consortium)had access to the central tabulator where all the votes are counted & stored. So other media groups may have also had access. These were regular-type computers that can be accessed remotely by a laptop. Also at least one machine company’s workers had access.

Shortly after the election, countless stories of problems with the machines began to surface. Many people tried to vote for Kerry and said that when the final confirmation screen came up it said they voted for Bush. In one precinct in Ohio, over 4,258 votes were given to Bush where there were only 638 registered voters.

In addition to the touch screen machines that produce no paper trail, there is more & more evidence of problems with the "optical scanners" that were used to tabulate the results in many states. When voters fill out paper ballots these ballots were fed into the scanners to total the results. These scanners were manufactured by Diebold & ESS, and have been shown to be easily hacked.

*7)Before Election LEGISLATIVE BILL-Introduced in the House & Senate to outlaw new electronic vote machines or require a paper printout of votes so they can be verified and recounted. But the bill was stalled by the Republican Party, led by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and it was not allowed to come to vote.

Forum posts

  • Thank you for printing this. I feel like those of us who are trying to spread the truth are being supressed by a huge machine. It’s a hard time to be an American.

    • May 3, 2005 by Dave in Alaska

      I feel as if we are in the midst of a Republican dictatorship. Please note I am a lifetime Republican voter, age 66. I voted for Bush in 2000, then had 4 years to watch and read about him. In 2004, not only did I not vote for Bush, but my wife and I flew to NC to assist with’s efforts to balance congress with Democrat Senators and congressmen and get out the vote for Kerry. Since the 2004 "theft" of the election by Carl Rove and the religious right (wrong), I have not only left the Republican Party, buy the Religious Right (wrong) also. If George Bush is led by God, - I decided I needed to take another look at religion. If lying about WMD’s, cheating in an election, and doing everything known to man to undermine this country and its citizens - I decided if this is Christianity then I need to get the hell out of religion altogether (which I did)! After 4 months of personal investigation into the state of Ohio’s Secretary of State, J. Kenneth Blackwell, I am convinced that Blackwell, Diebold and ES&S voting vendors should all be locked up and the key thrown away! Whoever reads this, please Google these companies and go to The website in Ohio and read the truth about what is happening and the truth about J. Kenneth Blackwell and how "the 2004 election was promissed to George W. Bush" from the state of Ohio. Our country is under seige from the Republicans and the Right (wrong) wing religious Fundamentalis (of which I was one for 20 years). Get active, read all you can on this voting scam (there is plenty on the web). Listen to the new voice in radio, Big Ed Schulz, - he is the Rush Limbaugh (forgive me Ed) of progressive radio and also an X righty (wrongie). Big Ed, - don’t miss him - and find a station near you. P.S. I am now a Non Partisan registered voter, and be damned if the Republicans will ever count me among the numbers of this fascist organization again, - amen...


    • I have been following this (fraudulent) election, exit polling, etc. since 11/2/04.

      I’ve known that this was the case before any proof surfaced. I watched the forum hosted by John Conyers (February, I believe). I heard all the statements and comments amongst the participants.

      As I’ve just said, I and members of my family know that there was voting maching tampering---source codes programmed, etc.--- but what I want to know now, is there going to be a criminal investigation, or even better, a criminal prosecution to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

      Also, Bush was inaugurated under the fraudulent circumstances. I know that this will not have an impact, nor will it CHANGE anything. But, will the truth be brought out? At least let the public know that John Kerry rightfully, legally won the election.



      A sad citizen.

    • Good for you Dave.
      I have become increasingly fearful of what this country is becoming. The right wing is using religion for their own selfish gains. I beleive the election may have been stolen from the citizens. There are indeed many fascist elements of our current president and ultra conservative leaders in Congress. I have found myself becoming more active than ever, writing/calling representatives, joining groups working for our democracy, etc. If more and more of us do the same thing, maybe we can begin to reverse the dangerous stronghold of the far right wingers. Truly the most dangerous enemy our country faces, and it comes from within!!!

    • Dave -

      I agree with everything you said.

      I ask that you reconsider your change in party affilliation.

      MAYBE - things have gotten bad enough that the Republicans will
      back off - the only people who can influence this is people like you
      (and me) who vote in Republican primaries (NOT that they can’t
      ALSO be rigged - but we have to keeep trying.)

      We cannot give up voting - even while we need to fight to
      get those votes counted.

      Arthur Newmark, M.D., LL.M.

    • Dear Sad Citizen, There will be no investigation and accountability. That is the bad news. But the good news is that we can all do something very very easy to change this. We can refuse to vote. That is almost too easy. When the numbers get so low that the democratic form will become irrelevant, either the form will change or the method will change. Already 50% or more of the eligible voters do not vote, if that number gets down to 15% and all in one party the "Democrats" will have to do something except be Republican-lites. A government of Republicans only elected by 15% of the voters will make the whole thing a laughingstock, and all of this countries demanding that everyone else become a "Democracy" will be so bogus that there goes all of the justification for war. Nooooooooo please don’t take away war, it is the only thing the U.S.A. has left.

    • We can do something!

      If ALL the Democrats who vote - dip their fingers in blue dye immediately after voting - then they can STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

      The Iraqis did this. We can defeat duplicity with SIMPLICITY. Forget those hi-tech tinker toys - it’s time to resort to good old-fashioned common sense.

      By the way - did nobody notice the recent British Election? Hand counted - the main results were in by 4.20 a.m.

    • Dave don’t leave Jesus because of a false person. You’re gonna need Him more than ever very soon. Bush worships another god just like those tv evanghells. They haven’t picked up that Book in years and teach and talk a false doctrine. Have you ever heard Bush say Jesus? and if yes in what context? He does everything that the Book says not to, like those evanghells and ignorant sheep. There is only ONE God and ONE way Jesus, if anyone professes another or says another is OK or they are all the same, they are of the Anti

      Kerry Voted for our war in Iraq.

      Kerry Voted for the Patriot Act

      Kerry has been part and parcel of the Washington scene that has put America in debt to the tune of some 7 trillion dollars.

      Lacking any political sophistication American voters are still mesmerized by the ever flowing falsehoods that emanate from the two parties and their surrogate Media organizations. The same corporate America that brought you George Bush brought you John Kerry.

      Edwards was at Bilderburg before the election.

      Sorry the American people have been had by something much bigger than they think.

    • Dave, i would love to talk with you more about your 20 years with the Religious Wrong, what kept you there,and how you were able to see beyond the fog. I am beginning research on this very issue, and would love to talk with you. Please send your response to the voting rights task force at the website.


  • Keep spreading the TRUTH!!
    I worked for both MoveOn & Kerry Campaign’s and spoke to people from around the Country and had NO doubt that Kerry won. There was a sense of urgency and commitment among Kerry voters that I have NEVER encountered before! In short, they were all scared to death that W. would win! Even elderly handicapped people were driving others to the polls.
    There is NO doubt that Kerry won! Just look at the approval ratings W. has had since the Election.
    The Media searches so hard to figure out why he had the lowest Approval rating on Inaugaration Day and now is well below 50% ,when he won the election, as my teenager would say DUH... HE NEVER HAD more then 50% ,he stole the Election!
    Please don’t look for the Dem’s to save you... look at how quickly Kerry conceded and it was the Green Party that initiated Recounts.
    I have changed my affiliation from lifelong Dem to unenrolled and will NOT be voting again until the Voting Fraud issue is taken care of, it is fruitless to vote when the outcome is predetermined (whether Repub. OR Dem., as I think they just take turns with the Fraud).
    Thanks for this article,
    Keep Fighting for Fair Elections, so we can all feel good about voting again

    • I, too, worked long and hard for a Kerry win and was deeply disappointed with Kerry’s concession coming so fast on the heels of the polls closing. And the Green Party and the Libertarian Party candidates must be commended for their recount and fraud exposure efforts. That said, I’m a Democrat and I worked until there was nothing left to work for on the election and its aftermath, including raising money and recruiting people to go from CA to OH to work on the recount. One of them reported back to me that the Ohio Greens acknowledged privately that the lion’s share of the money that funded their recound efforts came from Democrats around the country. For the record, I made direct donations to both the Green Party and to the Ohio Democratic Party for the recount effort, and I also made direct donations to the litigation efforts in Ohio.

      As a lawyer I can tell you that fraud is hard to prove, and of the many mistakes Blackwell made, one of them was not to stand on a street corner handing out printed misdirections to voters on how to vote. (Hope you get the irony here.) The real problem in this is that the complicit corporate media squelched the stories out of Ohio and so the public generally couldn’t get excited enough to get off its collective duff and hit the streets long before the January 6 constitutionally mandated deadline (in the form of the electoral college vote count). Too many of us did not take the Ukrainian cure...

  • *** thank you***

    the election was stolen and all is quiet.
    im still yelling im glad to hear others are too...

    this is great info and all in one place.

    keep fighting
    keep bringing it up
    dont let it go away.

    • Summary documentation of researchers at National Conference on 2004 Election Irregularities and Election Reform in Nashville, Tenn. shows Kerry Won Ohio and national total vote, as well as some other states he wasn’t given credit for due to the widespread fraud, manipulation, and voter suppression.


      other states

    • Keep getting the word out, although "OUR" MSM won’t pay attention.

      The UK just had front page news and people are being charged for vote rigging.

      Allowing our reps to raise that amount of money from corps is ALWAYS going to breed fraud.

      Here in the US we pay for the networks to exist with our taxes, they have to give us a newscast to get those airwaves for free. WHY DON’T WE FIGHT FOR A UK TYPE SYSTEM? Equal FREE time on TV. You’d get a more balanced representing government rather than corporate millionaires.

      "OUR" government ignores the PEOPLE and does it’s will. Very few representatives actually are working for the PEOPLE, regardless of party.

  • Summary documentation by researchers at the National Conference on 2004 Election Irregularities and Election Reform in Nashville Tennessee shows that Kerry won Ohio and the national total vote, as well as some other states.
    This research is summarized in the followiing paper:



    other states

    suppression of student voters

  • GREAT website!

    I was in Columbus, Ohio on election day and stood in the cold rain, watching many people of color getting soaked waiting to vote. I also saw that a few hours before the polls closed as the rain got worse, they stopped coming. How many white republicans had to stand outside? I did not see any.

    I want to thank all those Americans, Republicans and Democrats alike, who are paying attention to this profoundly important issue. How do we prevail? I don’t know. Maybe someone or some organization needs to offer a LARGE dollar award to any wistleblower who will testify under oath with information that will blow this open.


    Los Angeles