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Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover

Tuesday 14 September 2004


5 Admirals, U.C. Regents, Carlyle Group, and Rand

"I think some of these folks would put nuclear tips on ice cream cones if they could."

U.S. Representative Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.) on efforts by Bush Administration officials to repeal a research ban on low-yield nuclear weapons.

Global Security Newswire ‘Quote of the Day’ May 19, 2003


The top-secret Manhattan Project was laid out by Robert
Oppenheimer the night Ernest Lawrence took him to the Bohemian Club during WW
II. It was a part of California’s brutal rise to economic and political power,
described in IMPERIAL SAN FRANCISCO: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin. In 1939,
Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr had argued that building an atomic bomb
"can never be done unless you turn the United States into one huge
factory." Years later, he told his colleague Edward Teller, "I told
you it couldn’t be done without turning the whole country into a factory. You
have done just that." That was after Edward Teller had stuck the knife in
Oppenheimer’s back, and pulled his clearance. Teller (also known as ‘Dr.
Strangelove’), went on to promote a grandiose US nuclear weapons program for
decades at the nuclear weapons labs: Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos. The
program remained under a no-bid University of California management contract for
61 years. In a stealth takeover by the Carlyle Group, facilitated by 5 Admirals,
the management contract will be transferred next year to the University of Texas
where the military and the Carlyle Group will have control. A new ‘ramping up’
of the nuclear weapons program is underway, with program funding at the highest
level ever - even higher than during the Cold War – extending nuclear weapons
into outer space, into the very atmosphere that makes life on earth possible,
and with no "real" enemy in site.


In 1995 dollars, according to the Department of Energy (DOE) the
US spent approximately 300 billion dollars on nuclear weapons research,
production, and testing. Today in the nuclear weapons complex there are 10,500
contaminated sites, 2.3 million acres under DOE ownership, and 120 million
square feet of buildings. The 1995 high base cost, estimated by the DOE
Environmental Management program, to clean up the environmental legacy is $350
billion. That excludes the Nevada Test Site, Hanford, the Savannah and Clinch
rivers, and the Columbia river which are considered to be "national
sacrifice zones" because the technology does not exist to clean them up.

That was the cost for cleaning up the environment. The damage to
the human health not only of Americans, but also to the global population, was
predicted by the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR), in a 2003
independent report on low level radiation for the European Parliament, to be
61,600,000 deaths by cancer, 1,600,000 infant deaths, and 1,900,000 foetal
deaths. "In addition the ECRR committee predicts a 10% loss of life quality
integrated over all diseases and conditions in those who were exposed over the
period of global weapons fallout."

The cost to the predominantly black community at Hunter’s
Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco is much greater. Navy ships brought back
to Hunter’s Point shipyard for decontamination by the Navy, after the first
atmospheric tests in the Pacific, led to the establishment of the secret Naval
Radiological Defense Lab (NRDL) which operated at the shipyard into the 1970’s.
Secret experiments exposing animals, plants, soldiers, prisoners, and local
residents to radiation were conducted at the NRDL, where 550 civilian scientists
worked with 65 Naval officers to study the biological effects of ionizing
radiation. The radioactive waste and dead animals from the lab were dumped at
the shipyard, filled a back bay, and sunk off the Golden Gate bridge in a
battleship and 55 gallon drums, contaminating one of the richest fisheries in
the world. The community today has the highest rates of breast cancer in women
under 40 in the US, as well as high rates of other radiation related diseases. A
former City of San Francisco coroner found that every Hunters Point resident he
had done an autopsy on, had cancer no matter what the cause of death.

Even worse, the Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP),
while conducting studies on infant mortality and cancer around nuclear power
plants, discovered that milk contaminated with radiation has been shipped into
black inner city communities – a genocidal plan which explains why blacks have
the highest cancer rates, infant mortality, and asmtha (Gotham Gaz.May
2003) in the US, which has been blamed on poverty. The studies using US govt.
data on radiation in milk revealed that at the time of Chernobyl the
Pennsylvania Milk Board had been selectively shipping radioactive contaminated
milk from dairies around the Three Mile Island and Peachbottom reactors into
eastern black inner city communities (see Jay Gould, Deadly Deceit: Low Level
Radiation, High Level Coverup
). In an RPHP study on health improvements by
race in San Francisco County, after the shutdown of the Rancho Seco nuclear
power plant in 1989, health improved for all ages, diseases and races except for
blacks. Black infant mortality also increased after startups and accidents, but
unlike improvements for whites and Asians which decreased after the 1989
shutdown, black infant mortality reflected startups and shutdowns at other
nuclear power plants in California.


One year ago Admiral Linton Brooks, Administrator of the
National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) under DOE, informed Lt. Governor
Cruz Bustamante and the UC Regents that the management contract for the nuclear
weapons labs would be put up for competitive bid for the first time, with the
award made in 2005. When a Regent asked if it would be for all the labs or just
Los Alamos, he replied that "it would be for Los Alamos". Later
another Regent questioned him again, and this time he said "it would be
inconceivable for just one lab". He requested a competitive bid from UC,
but the Regents were now leery of the politics involved, and Brooks was
challenged by a fiery Bustamante. The Lt. Governor demanded to know why UC
should waste millions of dollars preparing a bid when the University of Texas
was the most favored institution to get the award, and had a member of the
University of Texas on the blue ribbon panel making the award decision.

Admiral Brooks also informed the Board of Regents that "we’re
back in the bomb business" because Los Alamos had just produced the first
plutonium "pit" since Rocky Flats closed down. He indicated that they
would be making "mini-nukes" only, and nuclear weapons testing would
start at the Nevada Test Site in 2005. An hour later, and 45 miles away, he
announced to Livermore employees that "we’re back in the bomb
business" and they would be making big ones, little ones, and more. By this
time it seemed to me that Admiral Brooks was a slippery character and I began to
wonder why an Admiral was involved.


On August 4, 2004, UC President Dynes, a physicist and
consultant to Los Alamos and former Chancellor of UC San Diego, and Gerald
Parsky, Chair of the UC Regents, visited Los Alamos and met with employees over
recent security and safety lapses repeated at the lab. Parsky told them:

"The regents will be left with no choice about the
contract competition if we do not feel confident that you understand the
importance of security, procedures and safety at the lab. If we feel that
you understand this and that steps are being taken to address these issues,
the regents will not only endorse competing for this contract – we will
compete to win."

During three minutes of public comment before the Regents on
August 17, I informed them that the lab contract was going to the University of
Texas, it was a ‘done deal’. I told them that the management contract change
was a chess move the Carlyle Group was making to privatize the nuclear weapons
program, and owned 70% of Lockheed Martin Marietta, and that Lockheed a year ago
had bought Sandia Labs (they make the trigger for nuclear weapons). When
"Carlyle" was mentioned I noticed that the Chair, Gerald Parsky and
Vice Chair Richard Blum (married to Senator Diane Feinstein) started shifting
around in their chairs. Body language can say a lot. They began a disruptive and
loud conversation carried on through the rest of my comments. As a Livermore
whistleblower, I commented that the loss of computer discs with classified
information and missing keys had happened practically every day for 61 years
under sloppy UC management, and that science fraud as well as health and safety
violations had been just as bad. [During my week of security briefing at
Livermore in 1989 we were told that a scientist taking classified material home
in his briefcase did not notice it had fallen off the back of his bike. A
merchant found the battered briefcase in an intersection, and several days later
a horrified lab security employee found that every page of a lengthy report with
"CLASSIFIED" stamped on each page had been taped in the window of the
merchant’s shop hoping the owner would claim his lost secret documents.] What
was even more egregious I pointed out, was an article in the July 10, 2004,
issue of the Daily Mirror about the murder by the Mossad of Robert
Maxwell, a British publisher. It revealed that Maxwell, who was the former owner
of the Daily Mirror, was a high level Mossad agent, and had sold PROMIS
software to Los Alamos with a back door for the Mossad to spy on the lab. In
closing, I told the Regents that no matter who got the contract award, "the
University of California would forever be known as the University that poisoned
the world…"

As Admiral George P. Nanos, Director of the Los Alamos lab
(appointed Jan. 2003), and Admiral S. Robert Foley Jr., UC vice president for
laboratory management (appointed Nov. 2003), sat down at the table where the
Regents waited, I began to wonder how many more Admirals were involved and why.
It did not take long to find out. Admiral Foley informed the Regents about the
missing CREM, computer storage devices with classified data, and acknowledged
that the security lapse damaged the university’s chances of retaining its Los
Alamos contract. "This erodes your position, without any question at all.
It’s about as bad as it could be when you’re trying to prepare for a
re-competition". He announced that Jack Killeen had been appointed to the
UC Presidents Office as special assistant for Los Alamos security: "Jack’s
our guy, he was with Wackenhut and he’s our guy…". Among lab employees
Wackenhut was better known for ‘wacking’ lab whistleblowers like Karen
Silkwood, attempting to run people like Dr. Rosalie Bertell off the road, and
has a well-deserved reputation for being a nasty outfit. President Bush and his
brother, Governor Jeb Bush, are known to spend time together hanging out with
cronies at the Wackenhut "country club" in Florida. Admiral Nanos
continued and complained that employees would not follow the security and safety
rules. When Foley chimed in that there were going to be more security incidents
and lapses at the lab in the future before they got it straightened out, it
began to look like a setup. Regents Blum, Parsky, Connerly and a few more leaned
forward and demanded to know how it was possible, and stated it was
unacceptable, that there would be more security lapses. Foley should have been
fired on the spot for falling down on the job. It was obvious that Nanos and
Foley were there to blame the employees, justify the management change, and
discourage the Regents from competing for the contract. And justification for
"cleaning house" and removing the "old guard" who would
stand in the way of a takeover and for what is planned for ramping up the

An Editorial in the Oakland Tribune the day before
remarked that the NNSA was established in 1991 after the Wen Ho Lee scandal, but
had failed to address real security lapses since. NNSA is in bed with the lab
administrators which it supposedly is overseeing. This had been exactly my
experience at Livermore in 1991 when I reported graft, fraud, corruption,
contractor overcharges, and health and safety violations on the Yucca Mountain
Project and Superfund Project to Richard Berta, the Western Regional Inspector
in the DOE Inspector General’s office for the nuclear weapons labs, Site 51,
and the Nevada Test Site. After bringing two inspectors to my house and taking
my testimony, he reported to Duane Sewell, the "secrets keeper" at the
lab, and Bert Hefner, lab PR person. When I called a month later to talk to
Berta about the outcome, he said "we found no basis to your allegations…
and I got a new office with a view and new oak furniture from Sewell…".
My allegations had been reported many times to the FBI by other more senior lab
staff… and they were ignored as well. The Editorial concludes:

"NNSA failed miserably in its policing
responsibilities. It should be reorganized or axed, and Brooks and other top
officials should be replaced with more independent, less-compromised

The meeting ended before Dr. Walter Kohn, a physicist
representing the UC Faculty opposed to UC management of nuclear weapons labs,
was able to speak before the Regents. Regent Sherry Lansing, CEO of Paramount
Pictures, stood up and announced in a loud voice "…oh Walter, I want to
hear your presentation [at a future meeting]… but I have a plane to catch…",
and crossed the room to give him a big kiss. By this time I had decided to
investigate the UC Regents and their ties to the defense industry. Later that
evening, a friend told me "…they ARE the Carlyle Group…".


Right after the Regents meeting I contacted a group of students
and a Texas State Representative Lon Burnam, opposed to the Univ. of Texas bid
for the nuclear weapons management contract. A student told me about FIAT PAX, a
website put together by UC Santa Cruz students listing the top 50 University
recipients of defense funding for research (see below), and their ties to
corporations (see below). The UC Regents with ties to the defense industry were
listed with detailed bios. Parsky, the Chair, was the top fundraiser for Bush
(after Ken Lay) in both Presidential election bids, and a member of the Council
on Foreign Relations. Vice Chair Blum was tied to the Carlyle Group, invested in
URS Corporation (leading contractor with DOD), Korea First Bank [Carlyle is
moving into Korea and taking over banks], and sits on the Board of Northwest
Airlines. [A FOIA document revealed in 2001 that Northwest was the first airline
to collaborate with NASA to install mind-reading technology in US airports to
catch "terrorists".] Regent Lansing was a trustee of the RAND Graduate
School, a branch of the RAND Corporation which had been involved in war-gaming
nuclear wars between the US and the USSR, and acts as a bridge between US
universities and the military. I also learned that the Carlyle Group managed
large amounts of endowment funds for the University of Texas, and that CALPers,
the State of California workers pension fund which is the largest in the nation
owns 5.2% of Carlyle. FIAT PAX sums it up:

"The University of California’s system wide finances
are incredibly entangled with weapons manufacturers. The UC’s retirement
plan portfolio is invested in dozens of military-industrial contractors
through stock purchases. At least five corporations within the UC retirement
portfolio conduct virtually no business other than weapons manufacturing and
military subcontracting, these are: General Dynamics with a UC investment of
$21,471,120, Northrop Grumman for $16,125,200, Raytheon for $16,818,200, TRW
for $8,327,650, and Lockheed Martin for a staggering $33,046,370."

"It is through these informal personal, formal
institutional, and financial exchanges that universities serve the warfare
state and its corporate allies. Personal relationships connect military,
corporate, and university personnel while bridging the divide between these
institutions. Formal institutional links establish cooperation and
coordination across the military-industrial-academic complex. Be they
research institutes, labs, and centers, or personal relationships spanning
industry-university-military, the web of connections far exceeds any
attempts to quantify."

And then I knew that the Admirals, and vested Regents, were the
kiss of death to the UC bid.


On July 17, 2004, Admiral Vishnu Baghwat replied to my question
"Why are so many Admirals involved with the nuclear weapons contract

"The reason why the Navy and the Admirals are
predominantly involved in the weapons is that until the Space military
launch posts are ready and positioned with the minimum degree of
reliability, the US Navy has more than 70 % of the first and second strike
capability on its boats and hence an equivalent amount of the budget
earmarked for strategic systems."

His comments made the link for me between the nuclear weapons
program, the Navy, NASA, and other types of directed energy weapons developed in
nuclear weapons labs intended for space. Marion Fulk, a former Manhattan Project
scientist and retired Livermore nuclear physical chemist told me that nuclear
weapons cannot be used in space without contaminating the atmosphere, and laser
weapons will not work because there is too much space trash already up there
which will impede the effectiveness of the lasers. Wars in space will create
more space trash until it is impossible to leave the earth, which already
according to Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, is very dangerous now since a paint chip
nearly took out the windshield of the space shuttle. The US plans to weaponize
space are a violation of the United Nations 1967 Outer Space Treaty: Treaty
on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of
Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies
. The intent was
"to promote international co-operation in the peaceful exploration and use
of outer space" and specifically prohibited the weaponization of space with
ANY weapons, including nuclear weapons.

The 2001 Space Preservation Act, HR 2977 which was introduced by
Congressman Dennis Kucinich, let the cat out of the bag and revealed under the
"Definitions" in the bill, that directed energy weapons which can
target individuals and populations from space for the purposes of psychotronics,
mind control, and mood control, are clearly the new space weapons intended to
establish global dominance by the New World Order. Directed energy weapons
developed in the nuclear weapons labs have been used on nuclear weapons lab
whistleblowers, UC students, handed over to the EPA to use on environmentalists,
and to the FBI to turn over to local law enforcement. These weapons are now
land, air, and sea based. Space is the last frontier.


Tipped off by a journalist in Washington DC, my investigation of
Admiral Bobby Ray Inman revealed that he was THE Admiral at the center of the
spider web. A look at his social network (see
- opens in new window) helped put the
‘puzzle palace’ together, and I discovered he was National Security Advisor
to five Presidents, Director of the NSA, Deputy Director of the CIA under
William Casey, Vice Director of the DIA, Director of Naval Intelligence,
President of SAIC, Chair of the 1985 Congressional ‘Inman Commission’ on
Terrorism, affiliated with the Carlyle Group, on the advisory boards of Tufts
and the University of Texas, represents SBC Communications Corporation at Cal
Tech, Chairman Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, and a member of both the Council on
Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. And, Admiral Bobby Ray Inman is
a member of the University of Texas faculty. One could say he is a dangerous

One job he didn’t get was Secretary of Defense under Clinton:

"1994: Former admiral Bobby Ray Inman, stung by
press and Senate criticisms of his record, asked President Clinton to
withdraw his nomination as secretary of Defense. A Clinton aide, George
Stephanopoulos, later wrote that Inman had held back information during his
White House background check."

A look at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
reveals just exactly what kind of activities are undertaken in a spook shop
where there is no accountability, and what business Inman was conducting at SAIC

under his leadership. SAIC is one of the largest private employee-owned
corporations, and like the Carlyle Group, escapes scrutiny (because it is
privately owned) despite annual revenues of more than $5.9 billion. In 1990 it
was indicted and pled guilty to ten felony counts of fraud on a Superfund site,
called "one of the largest [cases] of environmental fraud…" in Los
Angeles history. DOE contracted SAIC to manage and operate the Yucca Mountain
Program, which I worked on as a scientist at the Livermore Lab. I became a
whistleblower at Livermore in 1991 because of my knowledge of the extent of
science fraud on the most important public works project in US history. SAIC’s
control over internet domain names, gained when they purchased Network Solutions
Inc., caused a furor and identified the ties in SAIC to "the shadow
ruling-class within the Pentagon". Basically SAIC is a private spook
corporation, involved in voting machines (SEQUOIA etc.), controlling the
internet (Network Solutions), training foreign militaries, and the contractor
that set up global communications for the US military. The internet is being
changed from a public resource to a lucrative operation influenced by spooks and
former Pentagon officials. The internet was a Defense Advanced Research Projects
Agency (DARPA) project to begin with.

One of SAIC’s prime clients is DARPA (DOD), which recently
employed 5-time convicted felon Admiral Poindexter, an associate of Inman’s
going back to Iran-Contra. Poindexter was forced to resign over his involvement
with PAM, a "terrorism futures market" DARPA project which predicted
assassinations, terrorism and other events in the Middle East. His earlier
controversial program TIPS – the Total Information Awareness Program – was
set up to spy on Americans. He was also involved in creating large information
databases on Americans which are now being used to track citizens. SAIC also had
contracts to develop information systems for the Pentagon, FBI and IRS. Police
can now legally stop a person on the street, ask their name, type it into a palm
pilot and come up with detailed personal information in a few seconds. An
Associated Press story on Sept. 9, 2004, "Conn. City Uses Scanners to Nab
Criminals" revealed that police in New Haven, Connecticut, are now driving
around in police cars with infrared scanners connected to databases which they
are using on license plates to hunt for "criminals", tax delinquents,
and parking ticket violators. Some of the $25,000 scanners were paid for in one
month from collected revenues. A military project, the real purpose of the
internet is revealing itself:

"The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance
of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite,
unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert
almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date
complete files containing even the most personal information about the
citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the
authorities." - Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The association of Admiral Inman, the Bush crime syndicate,
Texas oil companies, and the Carlyle Group with the University of Texas
explained why an advanced 4th generation nuclear weapons research
program is there. And it explained why the University of Texas is so eager to
take over the nuclear weapons labs. But this takeover resembles Inmans
involvement with a stealth takeover of the Mars program transferring it from JPL
management and control to NASA.

The NASA Deep Space Program was started at JPL to do space
exploration more efficiently with lower costs. Criticism of NASA/JPL Mars
mission failure problems in the Thomas Young Report released on March 28, 2000,
revealed that the supposedly public space program had been hijacked into secrecy
and that the military was calling the shots. NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin on
March 29, 2000, revealed at JPL the day after release of the report, just who
was in control and the existence of an oversight committee that nobody at JPL
knew existed:

"I’d also like to acknowledge Admiral Inman, head of
the JPL Oversight Committee at Cal Tech. He couldn’t be here today, but I
talked to him by phone. His commitment to the team here is also unwavering.
And I thank him for that."

Goldin was there "to address beleaguered personnel,
scientists and engineers of the Nation’s premier unmanned center for planetary
exploration, and to somehow advise them of the new political and engineering
realities, while simultaneously exhorting them to continue to new heights but
now under more stringent NASA management". The real question is what was
Admiral Inman doing as chair of a committee in a private university overseeing
all civilian unmanned exploration of the planet Mars without the knowledge of
anyone at JPL?

In two years Admiral Bobby Ray Inman took over the space
program, and in another year from now he will have succeeded in taking over the
nuclear weapons program. When Newsweek called him "a superstar in
the intelligence community", it was for good reason.

A Naval officer I interviewed later replied when I asked him if
he knew Inman "…oh yeah… he’s one of the players…".


The development of 4th generation nuclear weapons is
now underway in the US (in first place), Germany and Japan (tied for second
place), followed by Russia and other nuclear and non-nuclear States. As an
expert witness on the environmental and health effects of depleted uranium (DU)
weaponry for the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan held in Japan
in 2003, I discovered that there was a connection between the use of depleted
uranium by the US since 1991- in the Middle East, Yugoslavia, and Central Asia -
and 4th generation nuclear weapons. [Carlucci, former Chairman of the
Carlyle Group (1989-2003), sat on the Board of Directors of General Dynamics
(1991-97) which is one of the main manufacturers of DU weaponry in the US.]
International scientists, Drs. Andre Gsponer, J.-P. Hurni, and B. Vitali,
watch-dogging nuclear weapons developments globally, pointed out that DU
weaponry is being used to study the radiobiological effects of the new nuclear
weapons now under development:

"It is shown that the radiological burden due to the
battlefield use of circa 400 tons of depleted-uranium munitions in Iraq (and
of about 40 tons in Yugoslavia) is comparable to that arising from the
hypothetical use of more than 600 kt (respectively 60 kt) of high-explosive
equivalent pure-fusion fourth-generation nuclear weapons."

The use of weapons in war are most effective when the weapons do
not kill, but create long-term health and environmental consequences such as
lingering illnesses which slowly destroy the health of the environment and
productivity of a nation and the economy. The use of Agent Orange in Vietnam is
a good example of an environmental disaster with lingering and long-term health
effects on a population, as well as causing trans-boundary contamination. DU is
a permanent terrain contaminant with a half-life of 4.5 billion years, forms
immense volumes of nano-sized particles (smaller than bacteria or viruses) which
are lofted permanently as components of atmospheric dust traveling around the
world until they are rained or snowed out of the air. There is no possible
protective clothing, air filters, or treatment for internal exposure to this
form of a poison radioactive gas. It was proposed as a military poison gas
weapon in 1943 under the Manhattan Project. Even worse, uranium targets the DNA,
and the Master Code (histone) which controls the expression of the DNA, and
slowly destroys the genetic future of exposed populations. The US
CODE, TITLE 50 > CHAPTER 40 > Sec. 2302
, defines a Weapon of Mass
Destruction as:

The term ’’weapon of mass destruction’’ means any weapon or
device that is intended, or has the capability, to cause death or serious
bodily injury to a significant number of people through the release,
dissemination, or impact of - (A) toxic or poisonous chemicals or their
precursors; (B) a disease organism; or (C) radiation or radioactivity.

The US has staged four nuclear wars since 1991 using illegal DU
dirty bombs, dirty missiles and dirty bullets as radiological weapons and
released an amount of radiation into the atmosphere which is at least ten times
more radiation than the equivalent of 40,000 Hiroshima bombs, released during
atmospheric testing. In June 2003, the WHO predicted in a press release that
cancer will increase 50% globally by the year 2020, which can only be from an
environmental cause. Already medical and scientific journals are reporting
mysterious increases of infant mortality in 20 regions of Europe (Lancet Jan.
2004), the UK (Guardian Aug. 2004), and the US (New Scientist
Feb.2004). Infant mortality should be decreasing now as a continuing trend for
more than a century because of improved education and prenatal care, instead it
is increasing in the US for the first time in 45 years with no identified cause.
For radiation specialists, infant mortality is the most sensitive indicator of
radioactive pollution, a response researchers have identified as a result of
exposure to low level radiation from atmospheric testing and nuclear power plant
accidents, releases, and startups. The global pollution from thousands of tons
of DU in nano-size particles traveling around the earth and being deposited in
the global environment will have a devastating long-term effect. Not only will
it cause illnesses and genetic mutations in the future generations of those
internally exposed, but it will have a depopulating effect long proposed by the
US military. DU is the perfect weapon delivering nanoparticles of poison,
radiation, and nano-pollution - the real killer – directly into living cells
where they cause the cells to go haywire and dysfunctional:

"Should humans be so stupid as to continue both
technological escalation and wars between nation-states, radiological
warfare might well be a far more safe and humane way to conduct
extermination of large numbers of people, or the emptying out of troublesome
political centres, than any of the various biological alternatives."


Research on population control is now being carried out secretly
by biotech companies. Dr. Ignacio Chapela, a University of California
microbiologist discovered that wild corn in remote parts of Mexico is
contaminated with lab altered DNA. He was denied tenure at UC Berkeley when he
reported this to the scientific community, despite the embarrassing discovery
that the Chancellor denying him tenure was getting large cash payments from a
biotech company each year. Chapela revealed that a spermicidal corn developed by
a US company is now being tested in Mexico. Males who unknowingly eat the corn
produce non-viable sperm.

Depopulation is quite another thing. It is killing off large
segments of living populations. Even Prince Philip of Britain, a member of the
Bilderberg Group, is in favor of depopulation:

"If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to
earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels."

- Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World
Wildlife Fund - quoted in ’Are You Ready For Our New Age Future?’, Insiders
, American Policy Center, December ’95)

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been proposing,
funding, and building BioWeapons Level 3 and Level 4 labs at many places around
the US – even on university campuses and in densely populated urban locations.
In a BioWeapons Level 4 facility a single bacteria or virus is lethal.

For what purpose are these labs being developed, and who will
make the decisions on where BioWeapons created in these facilities will be used
and on whom? More than 20 world-class microbiologists have been murdered since
2001, mostly in the US and the UK – nearly all were working on developing
ethnic specific BioWeapons.

Citizens around the US are frantically filing lawsuits to stop
these labs on campuses and in communities where they live. Despite the
opposition of residents living near UC Davis, where a BioWeapons Level 4 lab was
planned with the support of the town Mayor, she suddenly reversed her position
after a monkey escaped from a high security primate facility. When residents
claimed that if UC Davis could not keep monkeys from escaping from their cages,
they certainly could not guarantee that a single virus or bacteria would not
escape from a test tube. The escaped monkey killed the project.

The extreme secrecy surrounding the takeover of nuclear weapons,
NASA and the space program, and BioWeapons labs is a threat to civil society,
especially in the hands of the military and corporations.


The New World Order can be described as a network of members of
the Bilderberger Group, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the Trilateral
Commission. The membership in both the CFR and the Trilateral Commission by
Admiral Bobby Ray Inman is of particular interest in light of the developments
surrounding control by the military of the US nuclear weapons program and the
NASA space program.

"The Council on Foreign Relations is the American
Branch of a society which originated in England… (and)…believes national
boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established….

"The Trilateral Commission is international…(and)…is
intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial
and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the
United States."

With No Apologies (1979) by former Senator Barry

"The interests behind the Bush Administration, such as
the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission - founded by
Brzezinski for David Rockefeller - and the Bilderberger Group, have prepared
for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within the next
five years. They are not fighting against terrorists. They are fighting
against citizens."

- Dr. Johannes B. Koeppl, Ph.D., former German defense
ministry official and advisor to former NATO Secretary General Manfred


At this time in history, it is incomprehensible how a nation can
enjoy the benefit of the most sophisticated communications technology in world
history and remain so uninformed… or dumbed down. The policies being carried
out by the US government that are destructive, both domestically and around the
world, are being conducted under a veil of secrecy. The only possible way this
dumbing down or control of information could occur is that it has been socially
constructed. It is a conspiracy of lies, manipulation and disinformation which
increasing numbers of Americans are aware of and should be calling it treason:

"The Rockefeller family has always taken a lead role in
the CFR. In the 1960s, while American men and women were dying in the
jungles of Vietnam and while the military/industrial complex was sucking
trillions of dollars out of American taxpayers’ wallets, the Rockefeller
dynasty was financing Vietnamese oil refineries and aluminum plants. If
there had ever been a formal declaration of war, the Rockefellers could be
tried for treason. Instead, they reaped dividends.

These are just a few of the abuses of power which
demonstrate the results of the power elite’s manipulations of our destiny as
a society. If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t hear about this network of
power, just take a look at the CFR’s membership roster. Many of the chief
executives and newspeople at CBS, NBC/RCA, ABC, the Public
Broadcast Service
, the Associated Press, the New York Times,
Time Magazine, Newsweek, the Washington Post, and many
other key media outlets are CFR members. International power orgs depend on
the masses remaining ignorant for their plans to come to fruition."

David Rockefeller, a member of the Bilderberger’s, thanked the
media facilitators:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the NY
, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors
have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for
almost 40 years....It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan
for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during
those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march
towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual
elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national
autodetermination practiced in past centuries."

- David Rockefeller speaking at the Bilderberger meeting in
June 1991 in Baden Baden, Germany

MEDIA MEMBERSHIP: Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) Trilateral
Commission (TC)

Laurence A. Tisch, CEO CFR
Roswell Gilpatric CFR
James Houghton CFR/TC
Henry Schacht CFR/TC
Dan Rather CFR
Richard Hottelet CFR
Frank Stanton CFR


John F. Welch, Jr., CEO CFR
Jane Pfeiffer CFR
Lester Crystal CFR/TC
R. W. Sonnenfeldt CFR/TC
John Petty CFR
Tom Brokaw CFR
David Brinkley CFR
John Chancellor CFR
Marvin Kalb CFR
Irving R. Levine CFR
Herbert Schlosser CFR
Peter G. Peterson CFR
John Sawhill CFR


Thomas S. Murphy, CEO CFR
Barbara Walters CFR
John Connor CFR
Diane Sawyer CFR
John Scali CFR
Public Broadcast Service (PBS)
Robert MacNeil CFR
Jim Lehrer CFR
Charlane Hunter-Gault CFR
Hodding Carter III CFR
Daniel Schorr CFR
Associated Press (AP)
Stanley Swinton CFR
Harold Anderson CFR
Katherine Graham CFR/TC

Micheal Posner CFR

Baltimore Sun

Henry Trewhitt CFR

Washington Times

Amaud de Borchgrave CFR

Children’s TV Workshop
(Sesame Street)

Joan Ganz Cooney, Pres. CFR

Cable News Network (CNN)

W. Thomas Johnson, pres. TC
Daniel Schorr CFR

New York Times

Richard Gelb CFR
William Scranton CFR/TC
John F. Akers, Dir. CFR
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Dir. CFR
George B. Munroe, Dir. CFR
Donald M. Stewart, Dir. CFR
Cyrus R. Vance, Dir. CFR
A.M. Rosenthal CFR
Seymour Topping CFR
James Greenfield CFR
Max Frankel CFR
Jack Rosenthal CFR
John Oakes CFR
Harrison Salisbury CFR
H.L. Smith CFR
Steven Rattner CFR
Richard Burt CFR
Flora Lewis TC

Time, Inc.
Ralph Davidson CFR
Donald M. Wilson CFR
Henry Grunwald CFR
Alexander Heard CFR
Sol Linowitz CFR/TC
Thomas Watson, Jr. CFR
Strobe Talbott TC

Newsweek/Washington Post
Katherine Graham CFR
N. deB. Katzenbach CFR
Robert Christopher CFR
Osborne Elliot CFR
Phillip Geyelin CFR
Murry Marder CFR
Maynard Parker CFR
George Will CFR/TC
Robert Kaiser CFR
Meg Greenfield CFR
Walter Pincus CFR
Murray Gart CFR
Peter Osnos CFR
Don Oberdorfer CFR


"Some people say Domenici is a sucker for big science.
And they may be right."

-Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM), when asked at a press
conference last week if his vigorous support for his state’s Los Alamos
National Laboratory had helped create a culture of complacency that
contributed to last month’s security and safety lapses.

In 1991, Richard Berta, the Western Regional Inspector for the
Department of Energy at the nuclear weapons labs and the Nevada Test Site, told

"The nuclear weapons labs exist for the Pentagon… and
the Pentagon exists for the oil companies…"

It is inappropriate for a university to be in control of nuclear
weapons research and management. University of California faculty have long
opposed UC management of the labs, supported by a majority of the students. UC
is now in the position of managing, developing, proliferating, investing in, and
profiting from Weapons of Mass Destruction. The fact that UC investments of
$33,046,370 in Lockheed Martin Marietta (70% owned by Carlyle), and $21,471,120
in General Dynamics – one of the two biggest US
manufacturers of DU weaponry which has been sold to 29 countries, make UC
complicit in war crimes. Students and faculty should be informed of this. The
State of California employee pension fund owns 5.2% of the Carlyle Group.

The military, should NEVER be in control of ANY nuclear weapons
program, it should ALWAYS be in civilian hands. And the Carlyle Group, a private
corporation with vested interests and ties to oil companies, has NEVER been
investigated or subjected to ANY oversight whatsoever, and for that reason
should not have any control or influence over US nuclear weapons policy and
development. Admiral Bobby Ray Inman and his associates in the intelligence
business have demonstrated their systematic abuse of the internet, voting
machines, and American civil liberties. Should we give them the trigger, the
nukes, the budget they want, and the cover of secrecy? I don’t think so.

Management and oversight of the nuclear weapons labs belongs at
the National Science Foundation, a US government agency, with the resources to
make rational decisions and reign in the planned unlimited proliferation of
nuclear weapons on earth and in space.

"There is a toxic quality to war that affects the inner
life of individuals and, as a collective consequence, the society itself. In
the degradation and dehumanization of the individual lies the destruction of
all mankind."

- Butler Shaffer

ALL governments are terrorist organizations…and for that
reason Humanity is on the brink of extinction.


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Statement on role of Rockefellers on Council of Foreign

Statement by David Rockefeller at Bilderberger meeting June 1991 

MEDIA MEMBERSHIP: Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) Trilateral
Commission (TC)

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