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Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany (video)

by Open-Publishing - Monday 1 March 2010

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The underwear bombers Christmas Day attack has prompted calls for the increased use of full-body scanners at airports.

So to protest, members of the Pirate Party in Germany organized a fleshmob of people who stripped down to their skivvies last Sunday and converged on the Berlin-Tegal airport.

The protesters marked their bodies with a number of messages such as, Something to hide? and Be a good citizen — drop your pants.

One woman has the word diaper scrawled on her lower back with an arrow pointing to her underwear and the word prosthetic printed on her leg. The word piercing and an arrow point to one of her breasts.

The full-body scanners use high-frequency radio waves to produce an image of a passengers naked body beneath clothes. Anything a passenger is carrying against the body — weapons, drugs or explosives — would be exposed. The scanners would also reveal the presence of prosthetic devices and breast implants.

As such, there have been privacy and legal concerns raised about the invasive equipment, particularly because its unclear if the scanners would be able to detect explosives hidden in body cavities and would therefore likely provide only minimal security.

Forum posts

  • Gordon Brown is a traitor to his country.
    In Britain if you are asked to go through one of the scanners you must comply. If you refuse you will be barred from flying and your name will be kept on a list. Guilty before you fly. You are not given the opportunity to have a pat down.
    The terrorists have scarred the not properly elected Prime Minister (what a joke) in to forcing civilised human beings in to getting there naked bodies photo graphed and looked at in detail by anyone who is TRAINED. Have these perverts been vetted or are they on the sex offenders list. I bet all the Trained individuals are men.
    A Doctor is the only other man i would willingly let look at my wife’s naked body for medical reasons not some floor cleaner who applied for a job as pervert. Looking for bombs or staring at naked woman all day. What a job to have. Not having to pay for porn but also getting paid to look at it. I spoke to a friend at an airport and he told me that the images are kept for an hour before they are deleted. Just encase something happens on the plane they can then go back and have another look at the porn. So all this “the images aren’t stored in anyway and are deleted straight away” is complete rubbish!
    In order for myself and family to have a nice holiday in the sun I am expected to let my wife expose herself to a complete stranger.
    I didn’t marry a slag. Porn stars have a choice to get photo graphed, our wife’s and children don’t. Until these Skandalis machines are destroyed I am stuck in this country for a holiday. To drive to a hot country far away with a young family is unfair on them.
    The dignity of our loved ones has been thrown away just because of some mud hut dwellers go boo !!!
    Do you think Winston Churchill would have aloud his loved ones to expose there genitals to strangers just so they could go on holiday.
    Get some Genitals Brown. Don’t jump on the first band wagon that they say will stop terrorists. This last attack would still of happened even if he had gone through a scanner.
    I served in the Army for my family and friends protection. Now my Supposed Leader is making them strip in front of anyone deemed TRAINED.
    Disgusting behaviour from a supposed leader of men.
    Bend over Britain all is lost.

    PS.funny how the shares in these machines are on the up. Some one is making a lot of money out this.

    • You are right sir, and my days of flying are over and i hope the airlines go broke.I will drive or take the train.I’m certain these won’t be options for long...to lose your freedom for something that doesn’t exist(safety)is a tragic thing. thing. larry

    • Hey, buddy: did you mean scared?
      "The terrorists have scarred the not properly elected Prime Minister..."
      Poor guy.