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Obama Administration Lies and Spins on the Killing of Osama bin Laden

by Open-Publishing - Friday 6 May 2011

Attack-Terrorism USA

There’s not one iota of proof that the U.S. Navy SEALs has killed the REAL CIA-made-world-terrorist, Osama bin Laden. There’s plenty of proof that CIA’s tactic is an attempt to fool the public with disinformation, inconsistencies, and confusion for its multiple ulterior motives.

The mainstream media lapped up the spoon-fed storyline by the U.S. administration, heaping praises on President Obama and the CIA for a job well done until their story starts to unravel under the scrutiny of the skeptic public.

First, the fake photo of the bloody Osama bin Laden appeared in mainstream media and went viral over the Internet for a day or so.

To show how inconsistent the news stories on the "kill bin Laden" 40-minute operation has been, three versions have appeared in different parts of the world: AFP (Pakistan Hits Back Over Bin Laden Furore), Xinhua (Pakistani armed forces not involved in operation killing bin Laden), and The Tribune, Pakistan (The Operation: What exactly happened in Abbottabad).

According to a Pakistani witness account on youtube (Osama bin Laden killing witness account), firing of shots and several large explosions occurred during the US Special Forces midnight raid.

On Sunday, President Obama along with top officials, including Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, were in the Situation Room watching real time-footage of two Navy SEAL teams storming the hideout of the suspect, Osama bin Laden. If they could watch the commandos entering the compound, then the whole operation, step by step, including the shootings of Osama bin Laden and his companions, was captured on cameras mounted on SEALs’ helmets.

Today the White House changed its story as more discrepancies started to surface.

The discrepancies in reports and witness accounts raise key issues that the Obama administration needs to address:

whether the U.S. Blackhawk helicopter was shot down or crashed due to mechanical failure

What could have caused the helicopter’s sudden mechanical failure?

whether the CIA operation was an assassination mission against the suspect, Osama bin Laden, who was unarmed

Why kill an unarmed man? Why shoot him more than once?

whether the commandos took prisoners back with them

Why killed ALL the men (four) and a woman when two elite SEAL teams consisting of 25 members could easily overpower them?

whether the "extrajudicial execution" of bin Laden committed by the U.S. in Pakistan has violated international human rights law

Why does the U.S. think it’s above international law to conduct extrajudicial killings with impunity on foreign soil?

whether the CIA tried to conceal the true identity of the man that they claimed was Osama bin Laden

Why shoot bin Laden in the face and rushed to bury him in the sea (contrary to Muslim custom for a leader), unless the man they shot was NOT Osama bin Laden.

When the world is calling Obama to show proof of the dead Osama bin Laden, an account that counters the U.S. version of events has appeared: Bin Laden’s daughter confirms her father shot dead by US Special Forces in Pakistan

Key points that contradict the U.S. version:

Pakistan version: Osama bin Laden’s 12-year old daughter said that her father who was staying on the ground floor was captured alive but shot dead in front of family members.
U.S. version: Bin Laden was found with his wife on the 3rd floor of the building and was shot dead.

Pakistan version: Bin Laden was not armed and none of the occupants fired at the U.S. helicopters or commandos. No arms or explosives found on the compound.
U.S. version: There was hostile firing on the ground floor and second floor of the building in the compound.

Pakistan version: Navy SEAL took TWO bodies with them — one was bin Laden’s and the other his son’s in a separate helicopter. They claimed that 4 bullet-riddled bodies, including the slain woman, were recovered from the compound.
U.S. version: They claimed that only five people were killed and "...the only person, dead or alive, taken away by U.S. raiders from the scene was the body of Osama bin Laden".

As a typical CIA maneuver, the planted article’s main point, despite the contradictions, is to establish the identity of the dead man whisked away by the U.S. helicopter as Osama bin Laden . However, upon scrutiny, there are a few questionable points about this story.

Why were there no names of any Pakistani security officials given throughout the story? Usually in a high-profile case like this, the Head of Security would usually be quoted.

Why didn’t the U.S. take Osama’s wife for questioning in one of their Chinook helicopters that came to pick up the computer equipment and documents AFTER the crash of the Blackhawk helicopter?

What we have as proof so far is UNSEEN EVIDENCE. No photos of Osama bin Laden’s wife after the arrest.

Where’s the proof ?

The U.S. officials claimed that they have ample proof that the most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, was indeed the man shot dead by US Special Forces in Abbottabad. Two of the ways for identifying the body were used - DNA tests and facial recognition.

If the U.S. officials are so sure that they have the right man - not one of his half-brothers or relatives - why don’t they release the video of the deceased body after it was cleaned up for the sea burial? Why don’t they release other data on bin Laden, like his fingerprints on the confiscated computer equipment and documents? Or why don’t they just release the images captured on cameras during the U.S. raid that was viewed in the Situation Room?

Sure enough, today Obama announced that he can’t deliver the proof as he promised. Why? Because Osama bin Laden has died many years ago. Nevertheless, the CIA will try to fabricate proof out of thin air.

The world is waiting with bated breath....

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