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Obama as World’s #1 terrorist, #1 war criminal, #1 child killer, #1 Drug Pusher & #1 Drug Lord

Monday 28 September 2009

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The US under Emperor Obama is still conducting a War on Terror that in horrible reality is a War on Arab, Muslim, Asian, and non-European Women and Children who represent a substantial proportion of the 9-11 million excess deaths in the Bush (now Obama) wars, 1990-2009 (see: "9-11 excuse for US global genocide. The real 9-11 atrocity - millions [9-11 million] dead in Bush wars [1990-2009]":

However it is also clear that the Bush (now Obama) War on Terror is also a US War for Drugs - a US War for Illicit Drugs, Illicit Drug Manufacture, Illicit Drug Distribution, Illicit Drug-related Deaths and for Drug-related destabilization of Russia, Iran, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Central America, Latin America and impoverished US African-American and Hispanic ghettos.

A picture tells a thousand words: an Afghan man harvests opium while US Alliance soldiers look on (see MSNBC: ).

Russia, wracked with a major heroin addiction burden, is pleading with the US to eradicate Afghan opium crops that are responsible for over 90% of the world’s heroin (see World News, September 2009: ).

However Emperor Obama recently made it official that US Alliance forces should not destroy opium poppy crops (see "Obama "officially" stops eradication of Afghan opium crops & is now World #1 opium, heroin & drug pusher ": ).

Further, Iran has a similar huge heroin addiction problem and leads the world in attempting to stem the Westward floe of heroin and opium from US-ruled Occupied Afghanistan (see: ).

The UNODC has specifically praised Iran’s anti-heroin efforts. More than 3,700 Iranian border control officers have died while defending against well-armed drug traffickers. More than 12,000 others have been injured. (see: “Iran holding back a flood of heroin from Afghanistan”“: ).

Deaths from the Afghanistan War (3-7 million Indigenous Afghan excess deaths so far; see "Obama’s Afghan War": must also include post-invasion global opiate drug-related deaths due to US Alliance restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry from about 6% in 2001 to 93% in 2007 (see UNODC World Drug Report 2007: ).

About 0.1 million people die from opiate drug-related causes each year out of the 7 million who die from the effects of drugs in general (see Australian National Drug Research Centre: ) and hence about 0.8 million people have died from opiate drug-related causes since the invasion of Afghanistan, of whom about 90%, i.e. 0.9 x 0.8 million = 0.7 million people, have died as a result of the huge expansion of the Afghan opium industry under US Alliance occupation.

As of September 2009, US Alliance military deaths in Occupied Afghanistan total 1,422 (850 US and 572 from other US Alliance countries) (see: ).

In 2005, of 18,347 US deaths due to narcotics and psychodysleptics, 12,262 were due to heroin (2,011) , other opioids (5,789) or methadone (4,462) (see US CDC) . Given the over 90% contribution of the US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed opium industry to world illicit heroin production, and the interconnectedness and effective indistinguishability of “Afghan-derived heroin” from the “pool” of other abusively-used opiates, one can accordingly crudely estimate 0.9 x 12,262 persons/year x 8 years = 88,286 US opiate drug-related deaths (0.9 x 2,011 deaths/year x 8 years = 14,479 heroin-related deaths) connected with the aftermath of the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan (see "Obama’s Afghan War. Who is the worse terrorist, Obama or Osama?": ).

Of course it doesn’t stop there. Emperor Obama could stop the illegal Israeli occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory tomorrow if he chose to - instead this racist Zionist lackey chooses to be an accessory after the fact of mass kidnapping and horrendous abuse of Occupied Palestinian women and children. However he is also consequently complicit as Protector of Apartheid Israel in the Israeli-dominated world Ecstasy trade.

According to a Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs document quoted by Israeli newspaper Haaretz: “Israeli drug distribution organizations are currently the main source for distribution of the drug to groups inside the U.S., to smuggling through express mail services, through couriers on commercial flights and, recently, through air cargo" (see “Israelis at centre of Ecstasy drug trade “, Haaretz : ).

A visitor from Mars could be forgiven for jumping to an obvious conclusion and seeing a simple illicit drug-related thread in the US Occupation of Afghanistan [opium and heroin], the US-backing of the Honduras military [cocaine], the expansion of US bases in Cocaine Capital Colombia [cocaine], US backing of Apartheid Israel [Ecstasy], US occupation of Iraq [Israeli ecstasy, Afghan opium] and US-Israeli threats against Iran [Israeli ecstasy, Afghan opium] – these are all actions consistent with US support for the illicit drug trade that kills 0.2 million people each year and coincidentally helps destabilize Russia, Central Asia, Iran, Eastern Europe and Latin America as well as impoverished African-American and Hispanic communities in the US.

One supposes that all sensible Drug Lords would attempt to conceal their involvement. Drug Lord Emperor Obama does otherwise, no doubt driven by excessive hubris.

Mainstream media and authoritative Government agency, UN agency and NGO reports make it quite clear that Obama is not just the World’s #1 terrorist, the World’s #1 climate criminal, the World’s #1 war criminal and the World’s #1 ongoing child killer (see “Hey, hey, USA, how may kids did you kill today? Answer: 1,000”: ) – Obama is also de facto the World’s #1 Drug Lord and the World’s #1 Drug Pusher.

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