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Pentagon Orders American Special Forces To Mexican Oil Fields As Civil War Looms

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 17 August 2006

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Pentagon Orders American Special Forces To Mexican Oil Fields As Civil War Looms

August 16, 2006
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Military Analysts are reporting today that the United States Military Leaders have ordered an ‘advisory contingent’ of American Special Forces Officers to Mexico in order to prepare their Mexican counterparts for an expected siege upon Mexico’s vast oil fields, and which provides to the US its second largest amount of imported oil after Canada.

The actions being taken by the Americans is in response to the growing rebellion in Mexico over the stealing of its Presidential election by its present government and backed by US corporate interests, and which fear a leftist controlled Mexican government would break away from its present orbit around the United States Empire.

Every day on its present march towards outright Civil War sees new escalations in this present conflict, and which today has seen the Mexican Government protecting their government buildings, and as we can read as reported by New Zealand’s NZTV News Service in their article titled "Mexican riot police seal Congress", and which says:

"Hundreds of riot police in black body armour sealed Congress with roadblocks and a metal wall on Tuesday to keep leftist protesters away after a violent clash over Mexico’s disputed presidential election. Federal police took control of all the streets around Congress in a show of force to prevent protesters from blockading the building ahead of President Vicente Fox’s state of the nation speech there in two weeks time.

About 15 legislators from the left-wing party whose presidential candidate, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, narrowly lost the July 2 election were among those hurt on Monday when police tore down tents in their partially built camp, tear gassed protesters and drove them back with clubs."

Though the violence against those rebelling against the theft of the Mexican Presidential election is increasing they have likewise warned that their efforts will not cease, and as we can read as reported by the BBC News Service in their article titled ’Siege’ warning to Mexico rival", and which says:

"Supporters of Mexico’s left-wing presidential candidate have pledged to place his rival "under siege" if he is declared winner of the disputed poll. A spokesman for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s party said Felipe Calderon would not be able to operate outside his office if he was made president."

Perhaps most importantly about these events, and as we have previously noted many times, is that the American people themselves are not allowed to know about these events by their Military Controlled Propaganda Media Organs, and as we can see evidenced by Britain’s Guardian Unlimited News Service in their article titled ’People power’ is a global brand owned by America", and which says:

"A couple of years ago television, radio and print media in the west just couldn’t get enough of "people power". In quick succession, from Georgia’s rose revolution in November 2003, via Ukraine’s orange revolution a year later, to the tulip revolution in Kyrgyzstan and the cedar revolution in Lebanon, 24-hour news channels kept us up to date with democracy on a roll.

Triggered by allegations of election fraud, the dominoes toppled. The US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, was happy with the trend: "They’re doing it in many different corners of the world, places as varied as Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan and, on the other hand, Lebanon ... And so this is a hopeful time."

But when a million Mexicans try to jump on the people-power bandwagon, crying foul about the July 2 presidential elections, when protesters stage a vigil in the centre of the capital that continues to this day, they meet a deafening silence in the global media. Despite Mexico’s long tradition of electoral fraud and polls suggesting that Andrés Manuel López Obrador - a critic of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) - was ahead, the media accepted the wafer-thin majority gained by the ruling party nominee, Harvard graduate Felipe Calderón.

Although Mexico’s election authorities rejected López Obrador’s demand for all 42m ballots to be recounted, the partial recount of 9% indicated numerous irregularities. But no echo of indignation has wafted to the streets of Mexico City from western capitals."

The greatest tragedy of these present events in Mexico, though, rests with it being yet another reminder of how the once mighty and great peoples of the United States have truly fallen from their once idealized status as the defenders of freedom to that being the suppressors of freedom, and in an irony not to be lost upon any of us, have surrendered their own freedoms and liberties without showing the courage of their Mexican neighbors who today are fighting, and dying, so that their Nation could remain free.

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Forum posts

  • Believe me, Lopez Obrador is not the answer for a free Mexico, nor for a Mexico without poors,
    I, along with millions of Mexicans believe that a leftist goberment would do more harm than good, and as a simple housewife would rather seek the help of American forces than be ruled by a man that has lost his senses.

    • Lopez Obrador would transform Mexico for the better, and every thinking person familiar with the cesspool of poverty and misery that is Mexico knows it. It is the rich, greedy, selfish, arrogant Establishment, the elitists and the corporations of Mexico and the US, who are worried about a progressive thinking President. You must obviously be part of the minority of so-called Mexicans frightened to death that a "leftist" candidate may halt the rape and pillage of the nation by the elite, thereby allowing you to be a "simple housewife" who no doubt has a maid to do your "simple" chores while you pay her slave wages and work her 18 hours a day. Yeah, I’m familiar with "simple housewives" of elitist Mexican upbringing. What’s the matter, afraid Obrador will actually balance out the historical inequality and injustice that always caters to the rich? Are you worried that your precious standard of living might take a slight hit once government resources stop being stolen by your husband and your family?

      One more thing, for you to say that you "would rather seek the help of American forces than be ruled by a man that has lost his senses," is the last thing a Mexican citizen would say, considering our sour history with the gringos and our dislike of them meddling in our land. You are not Mexican, you are an embarrasment. I wish you could live for one week or one month like tens of millions of your fellow Mexicans live, in shanty towns and run down barrios. If you lived like them you would be fighting along with Lopez Obrador for a better Mexico. How pathetic, and you call yourself a Mexicana? Do us a favor. If Obrador becomes President, move yourself and your family to your precious United States. We don’t want you in the new Mexico.

    • If the Mexican people are so abused why haven’t they taken up arms and taken back their government? Why are they so scared? Isn’t their so-called freedom worth a little bit of blood shed? I guess not if all they want to do is run away and live in another country. If my country wasn’t worth fighting for I guess thats what I would do too.

    • Is your name George W. Bush or something? With that "special" logic of yours even a knuckle dragger like Bush seems smart compared to you. Black and white doesn’t cut it, look for the shades of grey before you go on to make a complete idiot of yourself.

    • One thing this precious Mexicana would learn in the states, that Mexican are less worth than shit. Sorry, this is not my opinion about Mexicans, but this is the opinion of the supreme caucasian American people including the sacred Jews.
      Funny that somebody wants Nazi troops rather than responsibility. May be this Mexicana has spent her life as a slave in an American household.

      Free Mexico and give the people what the Mexican people need and not what the Americans need: Oil.

    • precious mexicana has lived in the States and Italy and has been happily welcome there, so you think being blond and blue eyed helps? It is not my fault not to share the colors of most mexicans.

    • Well if you remember right your countrymen are sell outs to any revolution. Remember the so-called up-rising in Chiapas? Do you remember what happened? There was a meeting between some US businessmen and the comandante of the guerilla group. Next thing you know there is no more up-rising. The comandante marries a prominent reporter, gets big US bucks in the bank and then gets fat!!! (He sure looked fat the last time I saw him on TV) Revolution extinguished due to lack of interest and buy off money in the bank.

      They just don’t have the heart for it down there. A little revolution might get in the way of a siesta!!

    • The idiocy of your comments betrays your sheer, pure and miserable ignorance/stupidity. You have absolutely no clue what is going on or what has transpired in Latin America, much less the rest of the world, including your own country. I was right the first time, you have less of a mind than even George W. Bush. Now that’s sad.

      Hey knuckle dragger, pick up a book and study the events and history before taking your permanent mental siesta and writing such asenine commentary. Either that or jerk off for the spectators to see your primitive mind at work behind your cage. Just make sure you don’t throw your spooge at the kiddies looking at you across the moat.

      You give humanity a bad reputation. Truly sad, and pathetic.

    • WOW!!! All the name calling and harsh words. That is pretty good for a third worlder. Well one thing is for sure dearie I know a lot more about Central and South America than you may believe. After living and working there for more than 12 years I do believe that I am little qualified to comment and since I have the facts I don’t have to turn to name calling and childish talk as you have so intently demonstrated.

      If Mexico is so important to you why aren’t you there helping your paisanos. Better to live as a gringo and forget your heritage, no? Don’t worry about it there are millions of documented cases like you...or should I say undocumented. Nothing better than a rotting corpse in the desert!!!!

    • Actually knuckle dragger, Mexico is considered part of North America, not central or south, you dimwit. Shows how much you know.

      Oh, and going for the always reliable "third worlder" comment! How enlightened, since you say you lived and worked in the Americas for 12 years. I think that qualifies you as a "third worlder", no cres pendejo?

      You were one of us for over a decade and you still think yourself so much better simply because you live in some nation that made its wealth and power off the exploitation of brown skinned human beings, stealing all the resources for your own greedy lives, colonizing the laws, rules and regulations for the benefit of your corporations, owning the leaders of governance that care nothing for the people, committing capitalistic murder of hundreds of thousands and impoverishment of billions of other "third worlders". How grand of you.

      You are soooo special. I see that now. Let me bow down to the "first worlder," as if that is a sign of royalty. To me the real insult is to be called "first worlder" not "third". You have blood on your hands, as well as perpetual sin. You live your life in luxury at the expense of us "brownies". Most likely you are dumb, (pretty obvious), fat, lazy and conditioned to obey everything your masters tell you. Pretty brainwashed as well.

      Why don’t you spare us the douchebag comments and go watch the latest from FOX News or Sky or whatever fascist propaganda you listen to in whatever "first world" country you inhabit.

      One more thing. I live in Mexico. Always have. Surprised? What, a brownie like me can’t have better domination of the English language than a whitey like you? What, must I be a gringo to have just kicked your ass left and right? Tells you how ignorant you truly are. And how much closer you come to being a primitive knuckle dragger than us "third worlders".

      How you like them apples, pendejo?

    • Nor do you share the socioeconomic status as well. Nor the caste system prevalent in Mexico that assures that tens of millions will never be allowed to live like you. Nor the opportunities your color has presented that millions will never have, even though they have the same talents and abilities, if not more so. You are completely naive to assume that fixing education will solve many problems in Mexico. The racism and caste system that exists is not fixed with education. Go back to living in your comfortable bubble, mexicanita de ojos azules. Go back to believing exactly what the pro-business, pro-elitist, pro-status quo Televisa and TV Azteca show you on television, full of lies, distortions and smears created to make you fear Lopez Obrador because the man can actually make Mexico a better nation. But your kind only care for themselves, nothing for the nation. As long as you maintain your status, your elitist lifestyles you will fight like crazy to continue the poverty and suffering of the majority of mexicans. You don’t help a nation by only helping the few elites. You transform a nation by helping the majority. The ones you call "Los Nacos." Mexico will never change until people such as yourself are educated from birth to accept all mexicanos, not just blond haired, blue eyed ones. You are a lost cause, but it is in your children where education can help save the nation by breaking the chains of racism, socioeconomic enslavement and tolerance of everyone. Until then Mexico will go nowhere, just like you want it.

    • if you want a revolution so bad then why dont you start with your pathetic washington farce of a government?

      theyre nothing but rich white trash.

      talk about selling out. theyve sold your u.s. constitution to the zionists.

    • I can’t believe the amount of rage you have against white mexicans. I can tell you hate all mexicans that make a good living,but where is it that you draw the line? the one who travels in helicopter, the one who owns a jet? The ones who own several houses? who drives a BMW? who drives a Ferrari or you also hate those who drive a two year old mini van? three year old? four? five? who do you include in your to hate list? Most be the ones that have more than you. I dont own an apartment in Paris or anywhere for that matter and I dont hate those that do. And I am glad to had find in my way very poor people that dont hate us , that appreciate our help, when we lend our hand, when we give our money and our time, when we pay their doctors, when we give them jobs.
      I agree that being european looking helps in many ways but you can have any person no matter his color and if he is educated he will not be a naco, that happens a lot in UK, where you encounter this charming soft spoken blackmen. I can understand your anger if you were called naco or treated badly but I might be a naca for another family and I dont care, I am certainly not liked by most in an arab country, not vacationing there for sure...You know everything is just about perceptions... Call me naive but good education helps, even more than having blue eyes..

      Get out of yor anger, wont do you any good,

      last...you are gonna get mad...I agree with a post up here that says we lack _______to change things, we certainly dont have the guts the Brittish have, they never stop amazing me, I find them to be very brave and courageous, not like us...Oh I forgot El Peje...Where was he when the PRI ruled? when we needed him?...Now..MMMMMHH... NO, NO, ...on to google Bon Jovi...

    • I don’t hate "white" Mexicans, but despise the elitist Mexicans and what they have done to my country. Nothing to do with color, everything to do with elitismo. Puedes ser fresita muy mona, pero tambien puedes ser fresita llena de arrogancia que se cre superior al resto del pais. What I can’t believe is your naivete about the reality in Mexico. Nothing against you, but please get out of your bubble. Porfavor. You simply do not understand the reality in Mexico and it is quite apparent by what you say. But then again, Mexico’s elites have no idea what the real Mexico is all about. Fact is, I am green eyed, light skin, from an elitist family. Fortunately, I escaped that environment and educated myself to the real Mexico. The real Mexico is not your bubble, amiguita. The real Mexico is 90 million Mexicanos that the elites call "Los Nacos." You know what I’m talking about. Please, grow up and pop the bubble.

    • It’s illegal for citizens own a firearm in mexico.

  • HA HA HA! You know nothing about me, I am indeed in a good economic position BUT I do not have a maid, I sure can pay BUT I want my kids to grow up being able to take care of themselves. I think I can bring them a much better education if I dont have a maid around , They are learning hard work and cooperation. My friends wonder why my kids are so great while they spoiled theirs.. this said let me tell you that I am not afraid of loosing my economic position, I had told my husband several times to leave Mexico, no never to the U.S My favorite countries are Denmark and Austria, He has told me that we would have to live low below our usual way and I dont mind cause here in Mexico my richness ends at my front yard in a wealthy country you find richness in education, in public transport, in social medical service, in a bench in a park. I would be more comfortable having less as an individual and more as a country. I find it is absolutely unfair the way millions of mexicans live in poverty, but is not about pulling down the rich is about wealthy picking up the poors. Wealthy people are not intentionally controlling the money, come on, wealthy individual had had good education for decades, they were born in educated families , how can a man living in misery ba able to have the studies and know how of bussinness? He needs good education and I strongly believe our goverment is doing so little, if all mexican kids had a good breakfast at school, really good teachers and public libraries nearby we would be a step ahead and still it would take generations to see real results.
    Lopez Obrador is like Rubbermaid, they sell illusion, Rubbermaid sells the illusion of tidiness, everything would be organized in your home, but wait, somebody has to fill the containers, close the lid and place it in the closet! Lopez Obrador makes you believe that in a snap you will be making a better living, I dont believe so, He is thinking about himself and dosent give a damn about the people, The man has gone crazy and I DONT want someone like him as president and if he is not the one to win the elections but insist in getting his way I dont mind American specials forces or be it brittish or be it sweedish to come and help.
    I hope his people efforts are not in vain and that the next president pays more attention to the needs of the poors by building better schools, paying great salaries to teachers, having train networks for people to commute to work, hospitals and so on , all of this done of course with the taxes paid by people already generating money.

  • the united states is a human ant farm.

    they have guns and bombs but they still cannot mconquer the will of the people.

    white trash go home!

  • Damn, I see a lot of blood on the floor with the comments on this one.
    I’ve been following this story since 2 July and I think that a new election should be held because there’s no way that this fraud should be allowed to continue.
    And for the US residents out there, how has it been so easy for you to forget the frauds that were our recent elections? And why are we still using touch-screen voting machines?

  • Sorcha Faal We have read hundreds of scenarios from this allegedly well connected with Russian intelligense perosn . Tho we have been on the net at is birth and our Russian connections within the government are for real and not imaginary as this woman or man claims his or hers are , none the less none knows her and every time she claims soemthing is just well wishing rather than anything else . May be she is a conspiracy agitator may be just smoked something that effeced her for life who knows . One thing is for sure if anything of what she dreams off every now and then ever come true then run for cover . By the way why a serious web site will ever quote her of anything ? Using real events and dress them with dooms day scenarios it is kind of fishy to me .


  • beware sorcha faal hoax disinfo.