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Petroleum - the cure

by Open-Publishing - Friday 24 June 2011

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Petroleum - the cure

Did you already hear of the curative effect of the petroleum? I hardly believe, because many pharmacists refuse selling it to you. It was cited for many decades even in the German drug book DAB. Then it was deleted as a cure.

Why? Allegedly because of not proven effect!?
Petroleum is an oil component. Oil is condensed plant mass. Plant had to take up sunlight otherwise it could become no plant. On the bottles stands unfortunately „poisonous“ and „acrid”, „do not take“. All brainwashing!!

It will surprise you naturally why can petroleum heal you? Petroleum cleans the body thoroughly. It serves thus the decontamination of the body, the regeneration, the healing of diseases and wounds. It is now confirmed by thousands that if one takes a teaspoonful of petroleum 6 weeks long on an empty stomach, approx. 2 hours before the breakfast, has curative effect on many diseases. The literature mentions also another cure: 14 days long each morning 1 teaspoonful of petroleum on an empty stomach. Eat and drink normally only after 2 hours. Then 8 weeks a break without petroleum and then a 28-days nightly cure. Make each year a 14-days cure and a nightly cure. Sometimes it can enter diarrhea. That is good, because it shows that the intestine is partly cleaned. Don’t take any means preventing diarrhea, because it disturbs the purification process. Begin therefore the cure on a weekend or before holidays.

In the case of rheumatism take 3 times a day 1 teaspoonful after the meal and once a day rub in the painful places with petroleum. Before applying the petroleum rub in skin cream to prevent the drying out of the skin.

However, it must be cleaned petroleum, art. G 179 „oleum patrea album rect“. Aromatic content: max. 0.001%, boiling range: 185-225 degrees. Ask your pharmacist for cleaned petroleum art. G 179.

Do not let intimidate yourself if it means one cannot drink that, that it is poison for humans. That is not so because it is confirmed again and again that petroleum can above all heal cancer, tumors, metastasis, prostate ailments, diabetes, weakness, child paralysis, joint rheumatism, gout, intestinal obstruction, leukemia, anemia, liver, gall, bowel, indigestion complaints and many other illnesses or alleviate the suffering thereof.

Even in dogs and cats ill with cancer it was used with success.
It is a total cleaning cure for the whole body and contributes to our well-being. It is scientifically proven that the defense system of our body against tumors lies in the connective tissue (mesenchyme) and we must try to strengthen its function. It is also a proven fact that the radiation therapy of cancer unfortunately weakens also the defense strength and the immune system of the body and Dr.med. Sichert insures us that during the application of petroleum not one case of intoxication was reported.

Dr.sc.nat. Dr.med. Paul Gerhardt Seeger †, the well-known cancer researcher, explained the healing by petroleum as follows: “According to my research between 1936-1940 it became evidence that in the cancer cell it comes to cholesterol esterification and these esters are dissolved by petroleum and the cell can regenerate itself.”

How did one come up actually with the idea to drink petroleum? Now, in Baku, the oil metropolis in Russia it occurred again and again that the workers at the oil wells came with oily hands to their mouth and also the fine oil mist developed at the wells got unintentionally into their stomach.

The routine examinations stated that the workers active at the oil wells did not get sick at all with cancer and showed neither tumors nor metastasis. One investigated this phenomenon and recorded with astonishment that there must be a connection to the nearly daily unintentional intake of small quantity of petroleum which was incomprehensible for many. But it was nevertheless like that, and so it is reported to you again and again today of the petroleum as an alternative cure with tremendously provable successes.

The Russian researcher Leonid Olschwang was made attentive by botanist in Azerbaijan to the fact that with goudron, a mixture from pure asphalt, with residues from crude oil, the growth of plants can be stimulated.

Now animals were fed with goudron and it brought amazing results. Cows showed productivity increases which exceeded all expectations. Guinea pigs that suffered at experimentally produced cancer got recovered.
Rats that were inoculated with goudron lost any tiredness and exhaustion which otherwise arose with their age.

Becoming curious through these observations one began experiments in the research laboratories of Stavropol now at humans. A member of the academy of the sciences, Pyotr Gusseinov, volunteered. He won over several persons at the age of over 50 years who now took the crude oil in regular intervals. A 70 years old physician reported: „After I took the crude oil three months long, my physical and mental abilities increased. Also I state that my organism is in most of its functions again like that as before 25 years“.

A joint user of the crude oil cure wrote: „It undreamt-of increased my ability to work and my mental agility and my eczemas went ever more back by taking bath with crude oil“.

Now the effect is examined in detail by the Russian gerontologists in the Moscow Institute for Gerontology who are just as distrustful as their Western colleagues.

Professor Körbler from Zagreb explained that the use of petroleum can look back on a long history. While in former times still for lighting, later the petroleum was used also for curative purposes. In the cultural bloom of Assyrian-Babylon the petroleum in abundance there served as a cure against stomach complaints and possibly also against stomach cancer.

Something similar was reported also from Naples in the 16th century and the Italian Bernardo Ramazini (1633-1714) made compresses for cancer growths. The petroleum was also already a folk remedy with the Indians likewise as in Hungary and Serbia.

Samuel Hahnemann, founder of the homoeopathy, already gave petroleum dilution to his patients in the dosage of 3 - 30 centiliter against scrofulide, skin eruptions, long lasting complaints after emotions, excitations, fright, concern etc., latent stomach and lung complaints, swindles at rising, visual disturbances, ear itching, nausea, prostate grievances, hoarseness, dry cough, unconsciousness, quick beating of the heart, nape and coccyx pains, cracking joints, rigid knees, frostbites, dry skin, herpes, hot flushes, sensation of cold and hardened glands.

The physician Thomas Pollard published on 2.12.1791 in the English magazine “Medical Commentaries” his letter to Dr. Duncan in which he expressly refers to the use of the petroleum for cancer treatment. It is thus the first written report about the effectiveness of petroleum in the cancer treatment.

It is a relapse into the deepest superstitions of the Middle Ages, maintain the petroleum opponents. „One may leave, however, no possibilities unexploited if by investigations and observations the effect of petroleum on ill and especially on cancer-ill body cells can be determined“, demand the petroleum proponents from the physicians.

The following results about experiments with petroleum were published in the No. 5/1964 issue of the Zeitschrift der Internationalen Medizinischen Gesellschaft für Blut- und Geschwulstkrankheiten [Magazine of the International Medical Society for Blood and Tumor Diseases]:

Nucleic acids in the cancer cell differ from those in the healthy cell: they are degenerated. (Now one can ask oneself: Which is the cause for developing body-strange nucleic acids, those in the cells to degenerate and so let cancer develop?)∗. Due to of research we know the fact that these body-strange nucleic acids let cancer actually develop and their destruction prevents cancer.

Every means which is to help against cancer must damage either the degenerate nucleic acids or bring the misdirected metabolism of the cell back in order or convert the functions of the hypophysis (brain slope gland).

∗ Owing to the activity of the Italian oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini we now know that cancer is caused by fungus infection

We look for substances with whose assistance the development of degenerate nucleic acids can be blocked or prevented! One assumes that the petroleum acts perhaps also preventive in this direction.

Now, the patients got appetite again after intake of petroleum. They put on weight. They could take and tolerate also heavy meals again. The digesting activity normalized itself. Their blood pressure improved and an increase of the erythrocytes (red blood corpuscles) began.

Chemically seen petroleum is a mixture of different hydrocarbons, whereby for the American oil the methane row is applicable, while the European and/or Russian earth oils belong to the naphthene row.

It can be nevertheless like that the hydrocarbons entail the transposition of the cell functions and thus the metabolism.

The petroleum must obviously affect favorably the entire metabolism of the patients and not only the tumors themselves.

According to professor Körbler it would be furthermore possible that the hydrocarbons trigger the activity of the hypophysis and other glands of the human body, perhaps redirect them onto other courses.

Such a transposition, however, can be easily sufficient to introduce a healing process in the human organism, if the behavior of the patient regarding this transposition stands also otherwise helping to side.
A petroleum therapy helps to prevent perhaps a recurrence and prevent the formation of metastasis. Naturally, we must normalize the pH value of the blood at the same time.

The fact that with petroleum therapy improvements were observed, it can be doubted no more, wrote the No. 12/1966 issue of the Zeitschrift für Blut- und Geschwulstkrankheiten [Magazine for Blood and Tumor Diseases].

I can only add the following quotation:
„An illness is alone your illness, the body your body and a coming disaster is your disaster. Therefore utilize your own understanding and don’t let to impose on you an opinion which does not meet your agreement. Particularly than not if it concerns your body and your life “.

Before the district court of Hersbruck on 17.1.1979 a petroleum process took place. The forensic pathologist, Dr. Dünkelmeyer, explained that he cannot mention one instance of damage by petroleum intake. He held rather the opinion that one was to use everything which can help.

If today’s physicians would regard this petroleum cure more open-minded, much more humans could be helped.