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Willam Morgan

Public Apology to Women of the World from The American Republic (Hypatia of Alex

Monday 31 October 2016

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XLIII. Public Apology to Women of the World from The American Republic (Hypatia of Alexandria)
Before we begin our campaign, we would like for all women of this planet to please find it in their hearts to forgive the pain, death and disrespect that we men have caused you for so many thousands of years.
Our arrogance and ignorance has regrettably fostered this gender separation generation after generation.
Women are the greatest treasure the earth has given us, yet many still refuse to recognize or even appreciate what gifts you bring to this planet.
Our religions and politics have historically restricted your voices, your creativity, and your minds. You have been programmed to believe that you must submit to our will.
That is not true.
Women are our equals, our other half of reason, our companions for eternity.
It is our responsibility to care for you, respect you, and love you as ONE. Women will never be looked upon as second-class persons.
We of The American Republic will not allow anyone, male or female; to ever degrade a woman’s status as a human being or tolerate misogyny. We will protect you from whatever stands in your way, and respectfully include you in the design of the new Republic.
WE will fight for the unconditional freedom of Women to be free from the invisible chains and glass ceilings that impede your intellectual, social, economical, and political growth.
In The American Republic, women will no longer suffer the stigma of only being subjects of man’s carnal desire.
In The American 154 Republic, women will have the same dignity and respect due all humans regardless of their lifestyle or intelligence.
As with all American citizens, class or race will not segregate women, all will be welcomed without regard of status or place of origin.
Nature created us all to exist as one in peace, and care for our home planet earth, and so it shall be.