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Question: Is Dick Cheney Dead?

Monday 5 September 2005

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Missing VP raises health questions again

by Greg Lloyd Smith

WASHINGTON, D.C. — (OfficialWire) — 09/05/05 — Is it just me or is someone missing? Thinking out loud, has anyone noticed that U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney has not been heard from recently? Oh, I know, he’s on vacation, but no interviews, no photo-ops, nothing. I would have thought that we should have heard his take on the recent debacle in New Orleans or at least the party-line about how the government is doing ’all that it can’ for the storm victims of Hurricane Katrina. But nothing.

In fact, if you Google his name there really isn’t much to speak of and that’s got to worry you.

Cheney is a sick man. He’s had several heart attacks that we know about and this year is the year that his ’ticker’ is supposed to get an overhaul, so it’s not too far-fetched to wonder if he’s dead. In fact, many pundits wonder why he hasn’t ’bought the farm’ before now.

I know, you’re thinking, ’but if they (the Bush administration) kept the death of the vice president a secret that would be illegal or something wouldn’t it?’ And?

According to Reuters, Cheney canceled a planned trip to Canada’s main energy producing region because of Hurricane Katrina, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said on Sunday. But it’s doubtful that he made the call himself...

Cheney had been due to visit Calgary, Alberta, on Thursday for a meeting with provincial and federal officials and then travel on Friday to Fort McMurray, center of the oil sands operations.

I think Cheney has died. Maybe I’m wrong, but according to my doctor-friends, I am lead to believe that there’s an easy test to determine one way or the other.

Cheney’s office was not immediately available to comment.


Forum posts

  • If he is dead, good riddance!

    It’s going to be hard to tell when he died considering he sold his soul a long time ago.

  • I hope he’s dead because when the puppet-master dies, the puppet usually falls to the floor.

    • Yes, when the puppeteer is dead - or otherwise incapacitated eg persistent vegetative state, busy counting newly paid billions of dollars in blind trust etc - the puppet may indeed do something readers may designate as falling to the floor, when I (I mean ME) am dictator, and not HE (the living proof of that even intelligent design does sometimes produce paradoxical results).

    • Sadly, Cheney is likely still alive. A NY Times report said Cheney was off to the side with Rove when Bush did his little speech on Saturday. Of course, since the "newspaper of record" has long since sold out to this administration, they might be fronting for the president and dead or alive VP.

      Now, if the VP is dead, why wouldn’t they tell us? Rehnquist (sp) died and they told us so, but that’s so obvious because they want Roberts to be Chief Justice and Bush quickly (today) nominated him for that post. I would think the other justices, especially Scalia and Thomas, might be a little put off being passed over. Too bad. They’re not Bush guys.

      So, if the VP is now room temp., why wouldn’t they tell us? I actually think they would. But if he was in the hospital and at death’s door, maybe they might want to keep that to themselves. They’re so evil, crooked and dishonest, they don’t really need a reason to deceive, they do it as a matter of course.

      If anyone thinks they wouldn’t hide the death of a top official, I urge you to look into the case of Brigadeer General Mark Kimmitt, who used to give the daily briefings in Iraq when Bremer was in charge of the Provisional Authority. All of a sudden, Kimmitt is gone, supposedly transferred to CentCom in Florida. Meanwhile Al Jazeera says insurgents killed him with a RPG or other type of incendiary. That was a good year and a half ago, if not more. Kimmitt is DEAD and the govt. doesn’t want us to know. National security, you know...

    • What kind of leverage would the WH get from his death if it was only his ticker giving out? They’ll probably put his body in front of an Iranian bullet. That would get some action. Remember the body of the former FBI man who became security chief at the WTC 9/10 was found amongst the dust. That was to send a message to other FBI agents looking in the wrong direction. A dead body can speak a thousand words.

    • If Saddam and Idi Amin had doubles, why shouldn’t Cheney?

      Dick Cheney was off to the side with Rove — I saw that on television — the speech was in the Rose Garden, and standing there, like a fawn in the dappled shade, was Cheney or someone who had his mannerisms down.

      However, the shot was middle distance and I could not be sure. I noticed this because back in July, after Cheney returned from Vail, where he had been hustled into the cardiac care unit, Cheney ( I presume) and Lynne were standing in the same place in the Rose Garden while Bush blathered about something.

      The administration is especially given to fakery —fat Osama, the Nick Berg beheading (that head shudda been dribbling and dripping), the Jessica Lynch rescue, actors to stand in for soldiers so the press wouldn’t hear anything but happy talk... It would not be a surprise if Cheney’s stand in suddenly got a bigger part.

      I can’t say for sure that Cheney’s dead. I can’t say for sure that he’s alive. So I will say he is undead.

  • that might be too much to hope for..

    the dead thing..

    never mind the missed photo ops.. Bush is making up for it.. he is showing his silly facea ll over Baton Rouge.. and.. snubbing La governer in the process .. as she refused to give in to his strong-arm tactics.. well.. at leat she did that right

  • I can dream, can’t I? Bunch of kill-joys.

  • How curious. That was my exact question put to my wife a few minutes ago. She said call my Mother she is up on the political arena. I called her and she said she thought he might be dead. I said interesting concept ,which might not be too far fetched as why isn’t he down there mugging for the news media? What a sorry sad state of affairs. The George and Dick facade has gone on long enough. They should be impeached,imprisoned or both. What a sorry excuse for leadership. Do you think the red states will now recognize what an incompetent bunch of buffoons they elected to run this nation?


    A.J. and Terri

    • The Red staters won’t even care about it, those people are only interested in one thing, that is what other people do in the privacy of their own homes, gay marriage, and shoving their Taliban religions down everyone’s throats. As long as someone is willing to preach their agenda and eliminate women’s rights and secular rights and teach moronic "creationism" in schools and remove separation of church and state from government protections and enforce prayer in school, etc., they don’t care who is the VP.

      The funny part is that as their part of the country is increasingly in danger from mother natures rath, they are busy frantically worrying about other people’s beliefs and other people’s pivate business instead of worrying about the infrastructure in this country which is decaying. Decaying worse everyday, but the only money left after all of the phony terrorist war expendatures is allocated to the likes of Halliburton, KBR, Lockheed Martin, G.E., Rayethon, a dozen new "security" companies all owned by our politician’s Friends. The treasury is being emptied, we are 8trillion dollars in debt and the fat cats are off to their favorite stash places with the money.

      The oil barons and the arms manufacturers rule, and the red staters get the booby prize a big fat nothing...

  • Has anyone seen the foxnews report about Dick Cheney having a massive heart attack and not being responsive on the same day as Hurricane Katrina hit last Sunday. My mom and sister were watching the news and on the bottom of the screen where they run headlines they saw it. Then a total blackout of the subject. No foxnews alert, nothing. My dad thinks my mom misread it. Not a word even on the blogs. Come on, someone out there, mypoor mom really did see it!!!

    • I’d be interested to learn more about that. I think he’s dead. If it happened on Sunday, that would explain why Bush failed to act. If it’s true and Bush has failed to report the fact, then he must be removed from office.


  • Too funny- I have been asking myself & everyone for days where Cheney was & if Bush was running this country alone.

  • Come on, folks. You all know that a wooden stake has to driven through Cheney’s heart while he lies in his coffin during daylight hours, or he has to be caught out in the sunlight.

  • If he’s dead, does he still receive the $155,000 yearly payment from Halliburton that is part of his golden parachute?

  • You are too stupid for words.

  • Will this leave KKKarl Rove an opportunity to step in and take Dickie’s place? Yikes! From terrible to unthinkable (you know, like unthinkable that the levees would ever break).

    Still, if he is dead, God’s will is finally being done.

    Screw you, Robertson and Dobson, you’re probably on the short list too!

  • If I close my eyes and wish reeeeeeally hard... oh, well... he is probably more likely to be planning and plotting the next takeover, invasion, whatever, that will be profit to him and his many cronies. For example, the prime gulf property that will become available in the not too soon future, um... wait... Cheney’s Hali-baby already got the cleanup contract...

  • Gregg, there another sick person... YOU; YOUR ARE SICK...

  • Wow, all these people wanting Cheney dead. Aren’t you the same bunch of self-righteous boobs that were so upset about what Pat Robertson said about the Venezuelan president? Seems as if you guys have a lot in common with Pat, you just have different targets.

    • hmmmm... wishing someone’s ill demise or calling on a national force to kill someone... two different things... hardly a comparison to Pat’s war mongering... so very, very christian of him, too...

  • What does it matter? Dead or alive? We’ll just have another money hungry, unscrupulous vulture taking his place. Do you people out there think it’s only a few sick individuals running the country? Wake up, for Christ sake! It’s the system! These subs are just minions greasing the wheels!!