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Questions Q&A won’t ask on taxpayer-funded Australian ABC TV about Australia, Zionism & Apartheid Israel

by Open-Publishing - Monday 4 April 2011
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Discriminations-Minorit. Australia Gideon Polya

Since the US-backed anti-Whitlam Coup in 1975 that removed the elected reformist Whitlam Labor Goverment from office, Australia has steadily moved to the Right. The Australian Labor Party quickly realized that in US-dominated Murdochracy Australia (70% of city daily newspapers are part of the Murdoch media empire), getting elected would mean "all the way with the USA". Unfortunately, since the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Apartheid Israel in 1967, the US has come to be dominated by racist Zionists. That in turn has meant Zionist domination of the major parties in US lackey Australia and the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has become a neocon, Apartheid Labor Party and an Apartheid-Israel-supporting Labor Party.

The taxpayer-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the Australian equivalent of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), has a TV program called Q&A in which the studio audience or viewers submit questions to a panel of about 5 MPs, commentators or other public figures.

In my view, the ABC achieves "balance" by positioning its editorial policy between the extreme right wing, pro-war, pro-coal, pro-Zionist Liberal-National Party Coalition and the extreme right wing, pro-war, pro-coal, pro-Zionist Labor Party (collectively known as the Lib-Labs). The Libs are currently in Opposition and the Labs are in Government Federally (albeit as a Greens- and Independents-supported Minority Government).

Having submitted many important, Elephant-in-the-Room questions to Q&A without any being asked I thought it would be instructive for decent folk all around the World to see what questions Q&A won’t ask. Accordingly I have created a website called “Questions Q&A won’t ask” that records these Elephant-in-the-Room questions that are generally ignored by Q&A, the ABC, Mainstream media and Lib-Lab politicians in look-the-other-way Australia, the Land of Flies, Lies and Slies (spin-based untruths) (see “Questions Q&A won’t ask”: https://sites.google.com/site/quest... ).

Several weeks ago the Monday 21 March 2011 Q&A program (see: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/txt/... ) involved a panel of 5 of whom 3 had been on sponsored trips to Apartheid Israel and another had worked for a notoriously pro-Zionist Australian MP who had also been on a sponsored trip to Apartheid Israel (for details of such asserted Australia MP, trade unionist, business and media links with Apartheid Israel see “I’ve been to Israel too”, Middle East Reality Check: http://middleeastrealitycheck.blogs... ).

Today, Monday 4 April 2011, Q&A has a panel of 5 that includes the pro-war, pro-Zionist Foreign Minister and former PM Kevin Rudd, the pro-war, pro-Zionist Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Deputy leader of the Opposition, Julie Bishop (both of whom have been on trips to Apartheid Israel), the pro-war, pro-Zionist US Ambassador to Australia , Jeffrey Bleich (a Jewish American and leading US Zionist) and two courageous, anti-racist Jewish Australians, Melbourne University Press publisher Louise Adler and La Trobe University politics academic Professor Robert Manne (see: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/ ).

Here are numerous Elephant-in-the-Room questions submitted to this Q&A panel but which, from past experience, will almost certainly not be asked.

1. Questions for courageous, anti-racist Jewish Australians Robert Manne and Louise Adler: (a) do you agree with anti-Apartheid heroes Archbishop Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Ronnie Kasrils and others that Israel is an apartheid state and (b) should Apartheid Israel be opposed by boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) as were successfully applied against Apartheid South Africa?

2. Since 3 out of 5 panel members are Jewish, and 3 out of 5 panel members are notorious supporters of Apartheid Israel, could they please comment on whether Apartheid Israel should be excluded from the Olympic Games as was Apartheid Israel-supported Apartheid South Africa?

3. Since 3 out of 5 panel members are Jewish, and 3 out of 5 panel members are notorious supporters of Apartheid Israel, could they all please comment on the call by New South Wales Greens and Greens senator-elect Lee Rhiannon for boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel?

4. Mr Rudd has described people smugglers trying to find safe haven for thousands of desperate Muslim refugees as “scum of the earth who should rot in hell”. How then should we describe the pro-Zionist US Alliance and Apartheid Israel who created about 20 million Muslim refugees in the first place?

5. Australia’s first Australian-born Governor-General and Australia’s most eminent Jewish citizen, Sir Isaac Isaacs, stated in 1946: “The honour of Jews throughout the world demands the renunciation of political Zionism." Many other eminent Jewish Australians oppose the crimes of Apartheid Israel. Yet the pro-Zionist Lib-Labs ignore such outstanding anti-racist Australian Jews and trash Australia’s honour by notoriously supporting race-based Apartheid Israel. Why?

6. Both John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy demanded that US Zionists be registered as lobbyists for a foreign country. Unfortunately the assassination of these 2 great Americans has meant that the US Zionists and the Israel Lobby now dominate a violent , anti-Arab anti-Semitic and Islamophobic US foreign policy that has created 20 million Muslim refugees and actively or passively killed over 10 million Muslims. Should Australian Zionists be registered as agents of a foreign power?

7. Outstanding Jewish Israeli scholar Professor Avi Shlaim of Oxford University has slammed Apartheid Israel as a violent, human rights-abusing, terrorist rogue state with weapons of mass destruction and an utterly unscrupulous set of leaders. Many other eminent, anti-racist Jewish [scholars] say the same. Why then do the Lib-Labs trash Australia’s reputation and Palestinians rights by notoriously being the world’s leading supporter of Apartheid Israel after the US?

8. Top Jewish American law scholars Professor Richard Falk (Princeton) and Professor Marjorie Cohn (former president of the US National Guild of Lawyers) oppose Obama’s Libyan War on legal and humanitarian grounds. Why then do pro-war, pro-Zionist US Alliance politicians and commentators support this latest US Alliance invasion and devastation of a Muslim country?

9. Violent deaths and non-violent avoidable deaths from war-imposed deprivation now total 4.5 million for Iraq (1990-2011) and 5.0 million for Afghanistan (2001-2011) and refugees total 5-6 million and 3-4 million, respectively – an Iraqi Holocaust and Afghan Holocaust and an Iraqi Genocide and Afghan Genocide according to Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention. Are the pro-war, pro-Zionist, US Alliance leaders and citizens who ignore this carnage involved in holocaust denial as well as holocaust commission?

10. Many pro-Zionist Australians were involved in the Israeli forging of Australian passports for terrorist purposes by permitting their passports to be misused by Israeli terrorists and/or not urgently notifying Australian authorities. Many Israel Lobbyists in Australia have criticized the response, pathetically weak that it was, of the Labor Government. Why haven’t any of these pro-Zionist Australians been arraigned for treason and complicity in terrorism against Australia?

11. At least 3 Australian Israeli IDF terrorists were involved in the recent Israeli terrorist kidnapping of 5 Australians in international waters. Many Israel Lobbyists in Australia have criticized the response, pathetically weak that it was, of the Labor Government to this terrorist atrocity. Why haven’t any of these pro-Zionist Australians been arraigned for treason and complicity in terrorism against Australia?

12. Both Government and Coalition Opposition have lauded the Arab Revolution for democracy in Egypt. Yet Apartheid Israel denies the vote for the government ruling all of Palestine to all 12 million Palestinians except for the adults of the 1.5 million second class citizen Palestinian Israelis. Why does Australia support Apartheid Israel and hence denial of democracy to Palestinian Arabs?

13. Many outstanding anti-racist Australian Jews – notably Antony Loewenstein, Eva Cox and Professors Dennis Altman, Peter Singer, Andrew Benjamin, David Goodman and John Docker have signed a letter renouncing the racist Israeli “right of return” law that grossly violates the rights of Indigenous Palestinians. Why does Labor that opposed racism under Whitlam now lend support to the genocidal racism of Apartheid Israel?

14. Mr Rudd said sorry to Indigenous Australians but voted for race-based legislation that excluded Northern Territory Indigenous Australians from the 1975 Racial Discrimination Act and is part of a government that similarly excluded Afghan refugees and Tamil refugees. Should Apartheid Israel-supporting Australia be more correctly described as Apartheid Australia?

15. Anti-Semitism has 2 equally repugnant forms, anti-Arab anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish anti-Semitism. The Australian Labor Government is clearly anti-Arab anti-Semitic through its involvement in the Iraqi Genocide but is it also anti-Jewish anti-Semitic by its false, pro-Zionist identification of the race-based policies Apartheid Israel with all Jews, including decent, anti-racist Jews?

16. Eminent British writer Alan Hart has published a book entitled “Zionism: the Real Enemy of the Jews”. Surely are not the Lib-Labs being anti-Jewish anti-Semitic in supporting racist Zionism that is the biggest threat to Jews since racist Nazism? And if not, why not?

17. Outstanding Jewish American scholar Professor Jared Diamond in his best-selling book "Collapse” enunciated the "moral principle, namely that it is morally wrong for one people to dispossess, subjugate, or exterminate another people". Are not the racist Zionists running Apartheid Israel and their Western supporters grossly violating this dictum? And if not, why not?

18. Successive pro-Zionist Australian governments are surely guilty of egregious anti-Jewish anti-Semitism through resolutely ignoring the views of outstanding anti-racist Jewish scholars in favor of racist Zionist terrorists and by falsely identifying decent, anti-racist Jews with the appalling Israeli crimes. If not, why not?

19. In 1944 Australian war-time leader John Curtin finally vetoed the Dr Isaac Steinberg Freeland League plan for race-based Jewish colonization of North West Australia. Yet within 7 decades Australia has become a lackey of Zionist-dominated America and both Labor and Coalition dance to the tune of the Apartheid Israel Lobby. How can Australia regain its political independence from these 2 nuclear terrorist rogue states?

20. Last century, New Zealand was subject to boycotts because of sporting links to Apartheid South Africa. Can Apartheid Australia expect boycotts and sanctions because of its own race-based policies and its internationally notorious support for race-based Apartheid Israel?

21. The Labor Party received massive financial support from a notorious Zionist who was also Australia’s biggest white collar criminal. Is it acceptable or indeed legal for major political parties in Australia to receive financial support from the proceeds of crime?

22. It is estimated that 1 million people world-wide including over 100,000 Americans and over 3,000 Australians have died from opiate drug-related causes linked to pro-Zionist US Alliance restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry from 6% world market share in 2001 to 93% in 2006. Surely the primary duty of any government is duty of care for its citizens? Will Australia act against the US Alliance that has killed more Australians since 9-11 than people murdered on 9-11?

23. According to the US State Department the world ecstasy trade is dominated by Israeli criminals. Has the special, look-the-other-way treatment given by Australia to Apartheid Israel and to Israeli state terrorism resulted in the wrecking or terminating of young Australian lives from drug abuse and what will the Labor Government do about this?

24. The Labor Government responded to Israeli terrorism (forged passports for murderous terrorism and kidnapping of 5 Australians) by sending home an Israeli diplomat (no doubt to be replaced by an even better terrorist spy) and then awarding a $389 million contract to an Israeli company that puts Israel at the heart of Australian defence command and control. Is it appropriate that a terrorist rogue state that commits terrorist acts against Australians be placed at the heart of Australia’s defence?

25. Outstanding Jewish Australia writer Antony Loewenstein has analyzed the extraordinary involvement of notorious pro-Zionists in the 24-hour 2010 anti-Rudd Coup. Was Mr Rudd found by the Israel Lobby to be insufficiently pro-Zionist or was the Gillard Coup just due to the Mining Lobby with coincidental pro-Zionist Labor opportunism?

26. Australia slavishly supports Apartheid Israel that denies democracy and basic human rights to Palestinians and, conversely, conveniently regards as asserted “terrorists” Hamas that won an overwhelming 76 out of 132 seats in the 2006 Palestinian elections held under Israeli guns. Surely MPs in a democracy should at the very least support democracy?

27. Given the appalling record of Israeli state terrorism against Humanity, Australians and the families of Australians, is there not a case for abolition of dual Israel -Australian citizenship?

28. Australians of Hungarian Jewish origin were dispossessed by the Nazis and thence by the Communists in a process that was recently retrospectively legitimated by the EU to permit Hungarian entry into the EU. Apartheid Israel has similarly robbed Australian Palestinians of billions of dollars worth of property. Will Australia protest to the UN, EU, Hungary and to Apartheid Israel over the illegal theft of Jewish Australian and Palestinian Australian property?

29. Australia has close intelligence links with the US. Yet the US evidently gave utterly false advice to Australia over Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that led to Australian participation in the Iraqi Genocide (post-invasion violent deaths and avoidable deaths from deprivation 2.6 million). Will the Australian Government have a transparent inquirv into this intelligence disaster?

30. The racist Zionists collaborated with the Nazis (most notoriously in the Jewish Holocaust in Hungary) and murdered Allied servicemen prior to, during and after World War 2. Which Australians were responsible for the de-listing as a terrorist organization the racist Zionist Irgun terrorist organization? Will Australia hold a public inquiry to identify who was responsible?

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  • The ABC has become a joke. It is biased in the extreme: pro Zionist.
    Their is no independent news service in Australia, except that which can be accessed via the web. The ABC is 24 hr propaganda