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Rebooting Resistance

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 16 December 2010

Movement Parties USA

Come, then, those of us who care about ending oppression. Reject the inhumanity of the right wing; the ignorance of the Tea-Party; the ineffectiveness of the left wing; the lies of liberals and libertarians; the greed of imperialists and royalists; and the abuses of religions. Now leave them all behind. A possible better world is long overdue.

Let us not attempt to recreate or reform systems of empire and globalization. This tired planet cannot survive the games that the greedy play. To offer the models of capitalist democracy, sweatshop communism, neo-conservative elitism or racist republicanism is obscene because these methods produce nothing but more poverty for the majority of the planet. Been there, done that.

The United States of America is a greater imperialist monster than its predecessors terrorizing with new technologies while providing the tired old distractions of sex and divisions based on race and creed. The USA’s globalization scheme has sold its fictitious economy while jerking off its hormonally injected meat with genetically modified seeds in as many corners of the globe possible. Nothing of America is nourishing: not its burgers, its boobs, its bread and certainly not its bombs. Let us not imitate any imperialism; neither republican nor royalist.

The US media repeats the lie that it is a beacon of democracy, human rights, and freedom, and where politicos claim only desire to intervene and aid: we know with what sufferings humanity has paid for every one of their missions accomplished. The USA poses itself as a guardian of freedoms. It is in the name of freedom that the US justifies torture, war crimes, illegal invasions and occupations, and legitimizes the debt and wage slavery with it which holds humanity captive.

Those who believe the fiction of reclaiming “American” values or belonging to a European union let the World Bank grab and bend you over. Like the traitor in the Matrix movie you can have your imaginary steak and pretend to eat it. But if we want humanity to experience real liberation and self-determination we must define and develop a new dialogue with every voice in each community heard. We must honor multiple ways of creating new models with engaged methods. Together we must restore justice for our depleted planet and people.

The time for dialogue with the system is over. Our strategies now must be focused on the many acts of creation, invention, rebellion and resistance that it will take for us to live our visions of self-determining communities in liberated territories. Let us create in each moment with each of our actions a planetary call and response to liberation and self-determination. Let us reboot our systems resistance to oppression.