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Remembering Carlo Giuliani in Berlin (video)

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 20 July 2011

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Ten years ago Carlo Giuliani was shot dead by police at the G8 protests in Genoa, Italy. His death marked the escalation of a transnational struggle against capitalist globalization. Yesterday, anti-capitalists in Berlin remembered the tragic loss of the young militants life and vented their anger against a murderous system.

In the last weeks numerous stencils and posters announced a demonstration in remembrance of Carlo Giuliani. The posters stated explicitly that the demonstration would not be registered with the authorities. This is highly unusual in Germany, where demonstrations have to be registered in advance with the police and local authorities, which normally sets in motion a surveillance and control apparatus which ensures that no disruption of the normal state of affairs is possible. But not this time.

It was a warm night in Berlin-Kreuzberg and the police was already waiting at Lausitzer Platz, the rally point of the demonstration. Via megaphone the cops arrogantly announced that any unregistered demonstration would not be allowed to proceed. Suddenly, out of the dark a masked black bloc of 1000 people emerged, bypassing the riot units and marching fast through Kreuzberg, shouting "polizia assassini" on its way. The cops were taken by suprise but quickly followed the demonstration, trying to cut off its way. In this moment the demonstration split up in smaller groups, swarming the nightlife area of Kreuzberg, causing traffic interruptions, engaging in skirmishes with the cops, throwing stones and bottles at fleeing police vans, and generally causing chaos for the following hours.

Last night, we not only remembered Carlo, but reminded the security apparatus which killed him that we are still here.