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Reuters Pictures of the Year 2006 - Political World

by Open-Publishing - Friday 15 December 2006

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PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2006 A student is detained by police during a protest in Santiago, Chile, May 31, 2006. In the largest student movement in the past 30 years in Chile, hundreds of thousands of students from around the country are pressuring the government to cede to their list of demands whose main points are free passes to public transportation, free college entrance exams, more teachers and improved secondary school buildings. REUTERS/Victor Ruiz Caballero

PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2006 A man throws a trash bag holder as cars burn at the end of a student demonstration in Paris, March 23, 2006. Rampaging French youths set fire to cars and looted shops in Paris on Thursday, marring protests against a youth jobs law, also known as the CPE, that Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, in a conciliatory move, agreed to discuss with unions. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier (FRANCE)

PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2006 Riot policemen charge towards opposition protesters in the Masina section of Kinshasa July 25, 2006. Congolese police fired warning shots on Tuesday to disperse rioting opposition protesters in Kinshasa who tore down election posters and demanded the postponement of historic polls set for Sunday. REUTERS/Jiro Ose (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO)