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SILVIO MON AMOUR (Vaff....!) Video

by Open-Publishing - Monday 31 March 2008

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by Bellaciao Paris

Worldwide news & intergalactical scoop, especially for you, on Bellaciao: let The Team introduce you to the first video ever realized from A to Z (nigggthhhts of hard work :)) by Biche, Sirieix, Thom, Dr Furioso, La Louve, Bellaciao Collectif, 3x0, Le Scarabée, recorded, engineered and mixed Farra Vox studios :

Our italian friends, comrades and compatriots are about to chose new parliamentarian, new government on the 13d and 14th of april...what a harsh choice - well we have to admitt, it’s not that easy to choose between "Lovely left rainbow-bears" or "Mister Rotten"?! :)

No, we’ kiddin’... & please, have no hesitation: "VAFF... SILVIO" !!

Please enjoy this little jewel, thought and made joyfully by us (with our little nimble hands, yes yes!) for you, and, above all, don’t forget: send Buffoonsconi back to the backroom of History, for good.

(Bella)Ciao tutti.
Dr Furioso, Thom, Charlie, Brunz et La Louve



SILVIO MON AMOUR (by Sirieix/Brunz)

Silvio yo te quiero
Porque quiero el dinero (x2)
Vamos a matar la revolucion
Vamos a burlar toda la nación
Vaffanculo libertad
Vaffanculo sociedad
Vaffanculo el pueblo unido !
Vaffanculo clandestino
Vaffanculo esperanza
Vaffanculo el cuba libre !
Silvio yo te quiero
Porque quiero el dinero (x2)
Vamos a matar los guerrilleros
Vamos a burlar los compañeros
Vaffanculo Pancho Villa
Vaffanculo zapatista
Vaffanculo el Che Guevara !
Vaffanculo la izquierda
La tequila, el chili con carne
Y que viva Silicon Valley !
Silvio mon Amour
Je t’aime pour toujours
Silvio mon Amour
Je t’aime tous les jours...