by Open-Publishing - Monday 17 September 2007

Governments USA Peter Fredson


By Peter Fredson
September 17, 2007

What did O.J. Simpson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Daumer, and George W. Bush have in common? They were charming narcissist sociopaths. They were dead certain that they were above the law, and that they could do whatever they pleased without restraint. They were people that you might like to sit down to share a drink or joke with. They had nice smiles and could charm people into getting closer to them.

They had no compunction about niceties like murder. They could talk their way out of any difficulty and smirk as they went on their merry way. They had no empathy for their victims, no remorse, and felt that they need not explain anything.

They felt that the world owed them everything they could get. They were often ebullient, glad-handers, vivacious talkers, nice guys. They were neat, clean and usually dressed well. They had no difficulty in putting their arm around someone in apparent sympathy, or patting people on the back. . They had many supporters, even to their bitter ends. . People were willing to disbelieve ugly rumors about such nice people.

On the outside they were attractive. However these people did not like to be contradicted. Dead Certain could mean Certainly Dead. Laws were broken, ignored, but they are only intended to be obeyed by boring people with boring lives, not by charming rascals.

Anyway, what is wrong with killing inarticulate low-class people? What is wrong with a crusade to kill people who have wrong ideas? Their lives are already blighted, so it is simply merciful to further their transition to glory. Yeah, that’s the ticket