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SUPPORTING freedom of expression

by Open-Publishing - Saturday 14 February 2009
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What the hell did he do ??

Well, the man is being tried for selling the communist daily "L’Humanité-dimanche" in the street : his trial is to take place on February 18th.

Lounis merely sold the French daily at the Dejean Market, in the 18th ’arrondissement’ in Paris... where he had been selling it for 20 years.
And yet, in 2007 -about 8 weeks before the French presidential election- he was questioned by the police for "selling goods in a public place without any authorization".

A petition and a supporting committee have been set to denounce this denial of democracy.

If you think fighting for freedom of expression has no borders, have a look at the article and the petition here :


Scrolling down at the bottom of the article leads you to the requested fields (mail/first name/last name/possible comment) which of course won’t be published.

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  • What the hell did he do ?? He wore that stupid red hat, that’s what he did! Hey, if you want the cops to spot you, wear a stupid red hat.

    They should prosecute him for wearing a stupid red hat without a licence; that would teach him a lesson.