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Short summary from the migrants network at the ESF in Athens

by Open-Publishing - Tuesday 23 May 2006

Social Forum The "without" - Migrants Europe

The fourth ESF gives a strong place to the migration struggles, analyses
and demands.

The several meetings and seminars aimed at the European and transnational
dimension of migrants’ movement and struggles.

More or less every day we can find all over Europe, and not only Europe,
protests and campaigns against camps and deportations, for asylum rights for women and men, for a european citizenship of residence and against exploitation of
migrant labour.

In this frame, we want to propose a european day of action and mobilisation,
which will be the third in the European social forum process.
We decided for the date of october 7, 2006, because it reminds the events in Ceuta and Melilla, the southern European border, but also because it will connect the european action with the internationalmobilisation proposed in Bamako, toward the world social forum in Nairobi.

Furthermore, we want to connect our iniciative with the one promoted
by American migrants’ movement in september, in order to stress the
global dimension of migrant struggles today .

The third European day of action will be directed against the denial
of rights and criminalization of migrants, claiming for clear demands in the frame of freedom of movement and the right to stay :

for a European unconditional legalization and equal rights to all migrants ;

for the closure of all detention centers in Europe, to stop to externalization, to stop the deportations ;

against the precariousness and for the uncoupling of the link between
resident permit and the labour contract.