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Sinn Fein urges ’No’ vote

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 11 June 2008

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London - Irish Republican party Sinn Fein urged voters on Wednesday to vote against the European Union’s controversial treaty, in a crunch referendum being watched anxiously by Ireland’s EU partners.

Sinn Fein, the political wing of the Irish Republican Army, is the only mainstream Irish party against the Lisbon Treaty, whose fate is to be voted on by the Irish on Thursday.

"We are the only people in Europe to have a vote and it is important that as many people as possible come out and vote," said Sinn Fein Euro-deputy Mary Lou McDonald.

"This is an opportunity to give the government a strong mandate to re-negotiate the Treaty and get a better deal for Ireland," she added in a statement.

She dismissed warnings that a "no" vote in Thursday’s referendum in Ireland - the only EU state to hold a plebiscite on the treaty - would reduce the country’s influence or credibility in the EU.

"Regardless of what happens tomorrow, Ireland’s place in Europe is secure and co-operation with our European partners will continue," she said.

"The electorate needs to decide if the Lisbon Treaty (is) a bad deal for Ireland and is it possible for the government to get a better deal. If you think the Irish government can do better - vote No," she added.

Prime Minister Brian Cowen was out campaigning in the Irish midlands on Wednesday, in a last-ditch effort to persuade voters to back the new EU treaty after opinion polls indicated that the result would be too close to call.