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Statism Sucks!!!!

by Open-Publishing - Friday 6 November 2009

Movement Democracy

For a moral or political principle to be true, it must apply universally
to all persons, at all times and places, because all persons have the
same biological, mental and social needs. Statism breaks this
universality because it starts from the premise that certain people
should initiate force in order to suppress the actions of other people.

Most monopolies and cartels exist because of government. Government
itself is the biggest monopoly of all, on the most dangerous product
there is - force. As for all monopolies, this monopoly of force hurts
everyone except those who detain it. This is why government must be

Myths about Democracy

1. "In a democracy, the government IS the people"

This is trivially false. You are not "the government", and you have no
control over the use of your taxes, or the public property around you.
"The government" is composed of elected politicians, their friends, and
the buireaucrats who implement their schemes.

2. Democracies do not fight each other.

False. See "Democracies Do Not Make War on One Another... or Do They?"
http://users.erols.com/mwhite28/demowar.htm for an extended analysis of
this myth. Democracies have fought each other a dozen times even before
the 20th century, and many many times during.

3. Democracy and dictatorships are opposite.

False. While tyrannical systems do not permit real democracies while
they are in power, they sometimes started in elections. Hitler was
elected by the people. Mussolini was elected by the people.
Mugabe )dictator of Zimbabwe) was elected by the people. Tito was
elected by the people. And don’t forget George Bush !

4. Democracy is individualistic.

No, rather the opposite. Democracy by its very nature makes the values
of the individual subservient to those of the majority. This is why it
is also called "mob rule".

5. The Internet proves that democracy works.

False. ISPs and regulating organizations like ICANN are not democratic,
and do not organize public elections or votes. The Internet works
because it is a more dynamic and efficient way of sharing information
than has ever existed before, and to a certain extent because there is
no democratic system to impose a set of popular rules.

6. Democracy is the best way to determine what to do.

If this was the case, then why does science, the most successful human
endeavour, not use democracy ? Rather, we find the truth by careful,
objective examination of the facts and confirmation, not by popularity
contests. Popularity contests are fine for American Idol or high school,
but not when it can ruin lives.