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Stop elite research now!

by Open-Publishing - Saturday 11 October 2008

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Research in universities across the globe is becoming more and more privatised.

This must be stopped because it will centre power in the hands of a few who will inevitably ask for the payment of very high university fees and will not give access to research which does not support their speculative interests.

Berlusconi in Italy is trying to privatise most of the public university research. This should be stopped!

Italian students and universtity professors are united in a "line of fight" against the legislation which Berlusconi has taken in the parliament for the privatisation of public universities.

Join us in this struggle and boycott also organisations like The Russel Group in the UK which are pushing always more and more for a university less accessible and more elitist.


Sal Fiore

For a manifestation against Berluscon’s decision

October 11th - 11am - Calthorpe Road Birmingham - West Midlands - B15 1T - UK

in front of the Italian Consulate