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Strange Talk from David Boren About the University of Oklahoma Bombing

Thursday 6 October 2005

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Michael P. Wright —
Norman, Oklahoma USA

On Saturday evening, an individual named Joel Hinrichs was killed by a bomb which exploded on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, in Norman, while a football game was in progress at the nearby stadium. OU president David Boren, mentor and patron of George Tenet, has been trying to persuade the public to dismiss the thought that terrorism was involved.

For an update, see today’s Norman Transcript article:

An interesting thing is that the first paragraph indicates that Boren is leading the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Is that not strange? The FBI is part of the U.S.
Department of Justice.

Does Boren have his hooks into the FBI? He managed to get one of his former Senate staff members, Daniel Webber, appointed as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma in 1999. He served as lead counsel till 2001:

The other interesting news is:

1. the Transcript is now saying the explosive was "on or near" Joel Hinrichs, who was killed in the blast, and

2. Boren now says: "I do not say suicide."

Boren earlier was saying that it was just an "individual suicide" while trying exclude the possibility of terrorism. Some, myself included, have voiced the suspicion that Hinrichs intended to kill football fans, but accidentally triggered a detonation before he was able to place himself in their midst. The blast happened five minutes before halftime.

The current claims are still fairly ambiguous, but leave open the possibility that these two statements are true: (1) the explosive was near Hinrichs, but not on him, and (2) it was not suicide.

Now, tomorrow Boren might be changing his mind and saying that Hinrichs died of natural causes, but he’s not there yet, so let’s rule that out.

What would Sherlock Holmes say? If it weren’t suicide, then it was HOMICIDE. But in his earlier statements, Boren wanted us to dismiss that possibility. Further, if it were homicide, and if the explosive were near Hinrichs but not on him, then we are left with the conclusion that a terrorist had left it there, on the bench where Hinrichs was sitting, with the intention of killing football fans on the nearby sidewalk during half time. In this event, the terrorist did not make a good estimate of when halftime would be, and set his timer wrong.


Sherlock said: "After we have ruled out the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." I think Sherlock would agree with me that taking David Boren seriously is impossible.

Advice to Boren: get out of the way, stop shooting off your mouth, and let the cops do their job.

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