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Summary of Michael Wright’s 9/11 Investigation, With Sworn Affidavit

Wednesday 10 August 2005

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by Michael P. Wright
Norman, Oklahoma, USA

In the fall of 2001, a librarian at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, in an informal conversation, told me that she was present when FBI agents showed up to interview about the fact that an airline ticket for a 9/11 hijacker was purchased from a computer terminal in the campus library. It was for United flight 93, the one which crashed in Pennsylvania.

This is very important. She said he was not a hijacker. He was a white American male, and a temporary employee of the library. She even told me his name, but I forgot it, since I was not conducting a serious investigation of the matter at that time. She speculated that he was a neo-Nazi acting in sympathy with Al Qaeda because of common hatred for Israel. That sounded like a plausible explanation to me. I did not have any deep suspicions about 9/11 and official misconduct in 2001.

I kept my eye on the situation for several months. The purchaser was never arrested, and a wanted poster was never circulated about him. In October 2002, I persuaded Bill Crozier to make a Freedom of Information Act request to the FBI about this, and drafted the letter for him. We specifically described the ticket-purchasing event to them, and asked who the purchaser was, and if he had been arrested. Here is the FBI reply. Readers might need to use the mouse to enlarge scans:


The FBI wrote that the material requested "is located in an investigative file which pertains to a pending investigation." They did not identify the purchaser or answer the question about whether he had been arrested.

Four people have told me of having seen an Oklahoma City TV news broadcast about this. In October 2003, I called KOCO-TV to inquire about obtaining a videocassette of the broadcast.

A woman named Melissa at the news desk confirmed that the station did report this and transferred me to the voice mail of Terri Watkins, who had described the incident on the air. Watkins replied by leaving a message on my answering machine in which she denied having made the broadcast.

Knowing that it is legal in Oklahoma to record a phone conversation so long as one party is aware of it, I called KOCO a second time and recorded Melissa once again confirming that the station broadcast this report, although I did not tell her that Watkins had denied it. I made this phone call with a pretense of just wanting to make sure I had understood everything correctly in the earlier conversation. I have saved these recordings, and readers can hear them online:


In March 2005, I compiled the information about the hijacker’s ticket purchase into a sworn affidavit. (A fourth person has confirmed the news broadcast to me since I signed this): sworn1, sworn2

Additionally I have archived an email sent by Sheila Bruton to the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission and copied to me. She confirmed to them that she saw the TV news report of this, and that I had told her about the event prior to her having seen the news report.

One must ask why this matter is being covered up. The Moussaoui federal indictment only reports 14 of 19 events of airline tickets being purchased by hijackers. For United 93, it only reports one of four. Who pressured KOCO into deleting this event from history, and why? Why were the other five events not included in the Moussaoui indictment?

Now momentarily I’ll move from known facts to informed speculation. I suspect that the person who bought the hijacker’s airline ticket from OU was being supervised by the inner circle of the CIA to infiltrate Al Qaeda. They were assisting in the hijack operation and enabling it to go forward because they were attempting a sting operation, and it blew back in their faces. These are documented facts aligned with this suspicion:

1. Former U.S. Senator David Boren is currently president of the University of Oklahoma (OU) and is widely known as the mentor and patron of George Tenet, who was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1997 until his resignation in 2004. OU is located in Norman, Oklahoma.

2. After the 9/11 attack, TIME magazine reported that on the morning of the attack Boren and Tenet were having a "leisurely breakfast" together in a Washington hotel.

3. In the summer of 2001, Boren arranged for the appointment of career CIA agent David Edger to a "visiting professor" job at OU.

4. Prior to his arrival at OU, Edger had been in Germany and had responsibility for surveillance over the Hamburg Al Qaeda cell.

5. Zacarias Moussaoui, indicted for terrorism in December 2001, spent six months in Norman, where he attended flight school, lived in OU housing, exercised in the OU weight room, and received cash wire transfers from the Hamburg Al Qaeda cell. This was during 2001 prior to 9/11. In 2005, Moussaoui pled guilty to all counts in the indictment.

6. There was an Al Qaeda cell in Oklahoma in 2001 (not just Moussaoui).

7. After leaving Norman in August, 2001, Moussaoui was arrested in Minnesota.

8. The CIA influenced the FBI headquarters to deny the August 2001 request of the Minneapolis agents, who wanted to search Moussaoui’s computer at that time. This was accomplished by their lie stating that Moussaoui was not an Al Qaeda member (TIME magazine, June 3, 2002).

9. During the 9/11 breakfast with David Boren, Washington Post reporters observed Tenet making remarks indicating that he had earlier known that Moussaoui was a terrorist (January 27, 2002).

10. In 2002, Minneapolis FBI agent Colleen Rowley vigorously and publicly protested the headquarters’ action in obstructing the search warrant request and said that she suspected that "improper political reasons" were involved.

11. In its final report, the 9/11 Commission admits that a "maximum U.S. effort to investigate Moussaoui" at that time "might have brought investigators to the core of the 9/11 plot" and possibly derailed it (p. 276. Norton edition).

12. As indicated by the declassified CIA memo of August 6, 2001, Tenet expected that any hijacked airliners would be landed for negotiation over hostages. He did not expect suicide crashes into buildings.

13. CIA agent David Edger told The Norman Transcript (February 12, 2002) that he was surprised about the suicide crashes.

14. David Boren has always wanted to be President of the USA, and his father Lyle Boren, a former Congressman, raised him to have that ambition.

15. The CIA has made a practice not only of infiltrating terror cells, but also of manipulating them.

16. Sting operations are common in law enforcement and espionage.

Go here for links and references documenting the above facts:


Comments & Speculation

Coleen Rowley mentions "improper poltical reasons." My argument explains what they were. Relying on the flawed expectation that the aircraft would be landed for negotiation over hostages, the Boren-Tenet-Edger trio believed they could overwhelm the terrorists with CIA commandos in a sting operation. The French assaulted and killed terrorists who had hijacked a plane in 1994 and landed it at Marseilles for refueling. Boren believed he could make himself a national hero with a successful operation of this nature, and intended to enter Presidential politics afterward. If my suspicions are correct, then the OU airline ticket is explained along with the CIA effort to influence the FBI to obstruct the Moussaoui investigation in August 2001. This also explains several other strange events which have surfaced over time which have been desribed as "failures" of intelligence before 9/11.

My attempt to account for all the facts with the bungled sting explanation might be wrong, but I am not wrong about this array of facts. At the very least, there is much justification for re-opening the 9/11 investigation and demanding that it be done in a thorough fashion with no attempt to cover up or excuse high-level official misconduct.

Of extreme interest at this time is that officials in the U.S. Department of Justice have confidentially told Oklahoma reporter J.D. Cash that there was a bungled sting operation associated with the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.


More Links for Documentation:

See Part III, page 21, of this declassified CIA document, which confirms that the CIA penetrates and manipulates terror cells.


As the declassified August 6 memo shows, Tenet (and mentor Boren) expected that any hijacked aircraft would be landed by terrorists for negotiation over hostages — not crashed into buildings.


This Tulsa World news article describes Edger as a CIA agent and specialist in covert action:


Here is a University of Oklahoma website which describes Edger as a CIA "scholar in residence":


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