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By Peter Fredson

November 12, 2007

Everyone is aware of the neocon dream of world domination, set forth in the Project for the New American Century Their fascist philosophy of ruthlessness, bullying, preemption, secrecy in the quest for power and wealth was published long before 9/11. Bush and his base fully intended to have wars of choice to seize the scarce resources of weak nations, and they had no hesitation in accepting whatever deaths were caused by their Machiavellian strategy, providing it did not involve their own, nor their own blood, nor their own service.

We saw how the 9/11 events turned sideways from Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan to Iraq. The war of choice became a classic quagmire, which is still going on, while the Bushies acquire the oil, bases and domination of the Middle East in unending warfare. Death and destruction does not bother George and Dick, or displacement of millions of refugees, because warfare is extremely profitable for the military industrialists.

We next heard the same war drums, lies, deception, and propaganda concerning Iran, with everyone awaiting the announcement that WW III has begun from some pretext, or perhaps some God will again command the Bushies to kill more Muslims and thus overcome evil in the world. Condi again speaks of mushroom clouds. Dick snarls and George manfully proclaims his patriotic fervor while shouting fire in a crowded theater. The Repugs kneel behind George, waiting to emblazon his butt with their affection.

But they are still not content. World domination is still not in their grasp, and they would like to have more oil, minerals, bases, power and wealth. Aggressivity is the Leo Strauss way to get all that, disguised as humanitarian endeavors at first.

Africom is the present Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld plan to seize the entire continent of Africa, with its resources. This plan involves the “camel in the tent” ploy. First you make seductive pleas for understanding and friendship, with offers of aid for medicine, education and other desirable things. Then you introduce troops which magically increase, bases suddenly spring up, militarization and privatization in the name of globalization seize whatever is worth the effort.

Resistance is first countered by bribery of high officials. More troops are introduced to fight the terrorism that will increase in giant steps as Americans disperse over the continent. Then come the tanks, gunships, helicopters, heavy artillery, MOABS, bunker busters, cluster bombs, heavy machine guns, a host of armored vehicles, and garrisons will spring up like dandelions wherever “insurrections” occur. The death of a million, two or four million, dark skinned bodies will bring no tears to the Bushies with a Hitlerian mentality that inferior races are doomed to disappear. The ends justify the means.

After all — wealth, power, glory are “worth it.”

The Bushie claims are soothing, all saying “nothing bad will come from this” but our experience tells us that this is all part of the deception which intends to allay suspicions. Why is it then that we doubt the motives and credibility of George W. Bush? May we examine the “reconstruction” of Iraq or the “rehabilitation of Afghanistan” as examples of Bush humanitarianism?

One comment from an African blogger was:

“Dear America Soldiers,
You are not welcome at all. Wherever you go blood spills, Terrorists attack. Please, Please and Please I beg you in the name of whatever is dearest to you, we do not want the security and prosperity you have in Iraq and Afghanistan now in Nigeria. We prefer our poverty instead of that. PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE! SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE”

To find out more about this fairly complex plan just Google “Africom.” You will also find an illuminating blog by Danny Glover and Nicole C. Lee “Say No to Africom.”

An audio of this is found at:

And a good African version of this is found by Dr. Wafula Okumu, of the Institute of Security Studies in South Africa, who give testimony to the House Committee of Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health

Forum posts

  • Wow! Where have you been?

    It is not Neo-Con’s dream it is every American’s dream.

    I would like to say that almost all Americans are Neo-Cons but it is an agreed (but not real) line of division to say "neo-Con" to denote "them" vs. "us".

    But then it would mean that we have to look at ourselves; and that is not something that we Americans do, gracefully or otherwise.

    • Yes, humans have evolved systems to ensure their survival, but they also include moral and ethical safeguards. Nothing is "worth" murder, lying, deceit, thuggery, and destruction of other people. Bush aays a loving God told him to invade Iraq and murder anyone who got in his way. Frankly, I don’t believe that ever happened, except in the fairyland fantasy of his egocentric mind. Neocons will stop at nothing, including murder, to gain wealth and power, yet they claim to be followers of Jesus. Something is wrong with that attitude and with their beliefs. Again, it is worth struggling to obtain your ends, but not at the extermination of some other person. That’s very wrong, but the neocons ignore all moral and ethical injunctions.

    • 4.14: I beg to differ. I’m no godforsaken ’neocon’ [ a much better and more accurate label should be ’neofascist’] I’m no ’new con-artist’, fascist or otherwise, and neither are any of my friends, family members or co-workers, all of which despise the Bush administration and what these vermin have done to our freedom and our prosperity.

      Hey, maybe you work for the Pentagon, the NSA or Wall Street. So let me clue you in:

      The vast majority of Americans don’t work for the Feds nor do most of us work for Wall Street financiers who are just as culpable for our country’s sad state of economic affairs as are the people who control the Federal Reserve Board.

      Speak for yourself, 4.14 & don’t think for even one second that all Americans are as unaware, as uncaring or as money-grubbing as our parasitic political leaders.

    • 66/28:

      Now you may not classify yourself as a Neocon but you do benefit from the things that the leadership does. As we all (Americans) do. And as we have all done so in the past.

      And you don’t have to work for the Fed to be a Neocon. I have a auto repair shop and can barely make ends meet; but I do certainly benefit from what is going on in Iraq as I am sure I will benefit in to the future. That by default would make me a Neocon.

      What we don’t always see is how we are part of the unit. Oh, we do go on about how we detest the war and the Neocons in office and so forth; but these people are no different then the previous generation of leaders of America who waged war (going back to killing off the peoples of America’s First Nations.)

      Thus we were/are benefiting from past wars.

      This was my point in saying that the delimiting lines are not so clear. While some would complain about the labeling — it must be said that it is fashionable to do so; we do benefit from war.

    • Bush made the rules and Amerikkka stood meekly by and said, and did nothing. If the people of the Iraqi republic were collectively responsible for choosing Saddam Hussein as their leader, and this warranted raining death and destruction upon them, then the same applies to the people of the Amerikkkan republic.

    • While I agree with the gist of the emotion of what you are saying, I would strongly disagree with you that Bush made up the rules.

      These rules have been in place for a very long time; and as time have evolved and presented opportunities the implementation of these rules has taken place.

      It is wrong to say the Bush has made up these rules. It is also a mistake to equate the implementation of the rules to the concept of the rules which they embody. Doing so weakens the opposing viewpoint (namely, the rules are temporal, that they are finite, that the rules are a recent, and so on.)

      Secondly, the Americans did not meekly stand by and let the leadership take over and implement these rules and cause war. We, Americans, simply do not care what happens to other non-Whites of the world. We don’t speak in honest terms but we do not truly care. Deep down inside we know that the war holds benefits for us; but to acknowledge that openly scares us and we think it goes against our morals.

      The scope of the explanation is a little beyond the replying to a blog entry but suffice it to say, we are not being honest when we misdirect the blame with words implying or explicitly saying that Bush is the fault and we let him take control.


    • Lets not waste time, or tempers, trying to find satisfactory nomenclature for people who would murder for oil and power. The term "bastard" is good enough.

  • These leaders are not Bible oriented nor do they follow God. It was recently reported in mainstream media that Carl Rove stated that he is an Agnostic and told Bush to deceive people in religious areas to follow him. Unfortunately it worked. Now people see that their country is unraveling. Even the army is concerned about the motives of the political leaders. Army blogs show soldiers are realizing leaders are either totally inept or are purposely making bad decisions. Either way its a mess, and I’m a conservitive american. We all know that Bush and Kerry are members of the Skull and Bones cult.