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Tell ilgiornal Frankenstein in Afghanistan

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 1 July 2009
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Attack-Terrorism Governments Italy

Tell IlGiornal
Frankenstein in Afghanistan

It is hoped a Bellaciao reader, will translate this for Bellaciao, Italy.

An interview by journalist Stefano Lorenzeto appeared in Italy’s Ilgiornale. My name appears in a paragraph with Bin Laden and Zawahiri. Also 9-11 numerology, ESP and UFO’s appear part of the narrative by Professor Paone who was interviewed. The subject of the interview was his book on Al Qaida and 9/11, US twin towers attack. In a summary of the article written in Wall street, Italy, Al Zawhahiri and his followers are connected to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with dates associated with the novel and Benazir Bhutto. The article content cites Frankenstein’s Frankenstein and how the CIA created the Taliban by Michael Callis.

Please allow me to explain why Al Zawahiri is not as strong a candidate of serendipity by using another candidate for coincidental connections Dr. Burhanuddin RabbanI. An analysis of dates of letters corresponding to terrorist attacks in Shelley’s novel, demonstrates this conclusion and the ease at which one can point to coincidences.

In Mary Shelley’s novel, the scientist creator, Frankenstein, dies on Sept. 11. Paone puts a lot of emphasis on the symbolism of the numbers and images surrounding Sept.11. The 9/11 commission report states there was another date to be used, which was May 12th. Kahlid Sheik Mohammed, the master mind of the attacks gave this information. So any metaphors or symbolism that coincide with the date are serendipitous

You can take the dates of nine letters prominent in the novel and find eight corresponding dates of significant attacks by Al Qaida, not just a date associated with a letter such as Sept. 11 or the publication date and a single letter. The attacks that occurred on these dates are a cross section of Al Qaeda targets in different countries. These include Yemen, Great Britain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan.

Paone suggests that the text of two of his three dates correspond to words or phrases used by Bin Laden or are somehow relevant. The same could be said for the text of a letter dated May 12th, one of the nine letters in Shelley’s novel. This is also the optional date in the 9/11 commission report. The text in the novel states “ You must learn to love your assassin”, the letter is from Victor Frankenstein’s father. However, an actual attack was carried out on that date in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia, where Bin Laden is from. It was in 2003 and followed the invasion of Iraq by US.

The question becomes the following: Is this coincidence? Or an engineered metaphor by the perpetrators of attacks in US, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Great Britain and Yemen? This is a big leap, but there is an example central to the coincidence, which is the use of the common definition of Frankenstein as the monster in films, by Bhutto in her Memoirs.

Bhutto writes of the Frankenstein monster created by the US and Pakistan ISI security apparatus. It was her use of the word Frankenstein that compelled me to write the Frankenstein chronicles, including Frankenstein’s Frankenstein cited by Paone in the newspaper article. The chronicles were written on March 3rd, 2003. This was days before the Iraq war and later published in short in Belleciao on Sept. 7th, 2005. In hindsight, the Taliban was enabled rather than created by the CIA. The Taliban gained control from the confusion created by war in Afghanistan by the Mujahadeen rivals, the Islamic scholar teacher Rabbani and his former student. It is no coincidence when Bhutto explains her use of the ‘Frankenstein Monster’ in a paragraph following and preceding the names of Hekmatyar and Dr. RabbanI. She wrote and used the Frankenstein label on Hectmatyr and Dr. RabbanI and Bin Laden throughout the nineties. This is not the cabala or hidden symbolism but a straight up accusation; Mujahdeen leaders Hekmatyar and Dr. RabbanI also Bin Laden are Frankenstein monsters sponsored by money.

The ones throwing money at the Mujahadeen Freedom fighters in the 1980’s were the US, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and an NGO founded by Fishing and media magnate Sun Myung Moon and his anti communist organization CAUSA. The money established an ideological matrix of followers of the writings and beliefs of al Qutb and violent Jihad. Paone and previous publications cites al Zahwahiri as a follower of Qutb’ and a reader of Shelley. But you could also cite Dr. RabbanI’s translations of Qutb into the Afghanistan language for as a example of his part in spreading the Jihadist Frankenstein’s. Bhutto states in her book that RabbanI established Jamaat I Islami (JIA)in Afghanistan.

In Bhutto’s book she states that in 1993, Ramsey Yusef and Kahlid Sheik Mohamed tried twice to assassinate her and KSM was found associated with a JIA member. This is not ESP but the words of Bhutto.

Just as they targeted the world trade center they targeted the first women head of an Islamic country. The ideological matrix of Qutb and his followers are compatible with Al Qaeda, the Mujahadeen leaders Hektmatyar and Dr. Burhanuddin RabbanI Jamaat-I-Islami (JIA) and the Taliban.

The url address for Afghanistan Today was Frankenstein world web.net. Professor Paone makes a connection to this coincident and his theory. I wrote about the Frankenstein/Afghanistan url in the Frankenstein chronicles in 2003 and how I discovered it. In light of further research on Frankenstein world web url site and inactive but archived links, it was an american hosted site for statistical information. Out of the names mentioned the only one likely to notice this detail is Dr. RabbanI because there were articles about him, according to the description of content of outdated links.

As an independent researcher on the Phenomenology of Frankenstein this would be fascinating if it was not so tragic. It is not just about Al Zawahari or Bin Laden but also Dr. RabbanI and Hekmatyar and they all share something in common, they have never seen justice. The point is RabbanI and Hectmatyar are in Afghanistan or to paraphrase Bhutto, ‘Frankenstein is in Afghanistan‘.

The broadcaster on National Public Radio stated that today was the start of a UN investigation of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on Dec. 27, 2007.

Forum posts

  • I have made a glaring ommision of Abdul Rasul Sayyaf who is labeled as Frankenstein by Bhutto in her memoirs, as a metaphor, along with Hekmatyar and Dr. RabbanI. Sayyaf’s connections to KSM and Ramsay Yusef are well documented on Wickipedia.
    Sayyaf is also considered the one to have invited Bin Laden to Afghanistan, apparently more so than RabbanI according to Wickipidea and women of Afghanistan . Sayyaf like RabbanI had articles about them on Frankenstein world web site for ‘Afghanistan Today’ so it is possible he was aware of the site and its use of Frankenstein in the URL address. He is also suspected of the assassination of Gen. Meshood which occurred on Sept. 9, 2001 and is the date of a letter in Shelley’s Frankenstein, in the last chapter.

    The strong connections with the master minds of the two twin tower attacks, and assassination preceding 9/11 of a General thought to be sympathetic or allied with the US ,on a date in Shelley’s Frankenstein, makes for more than serendipity. It is not a giant leap, to an engineered metaphor when considering Sayyaf’s history and connections.
    mc sub rosa