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"Terrorist" in Oslo: Muslim? No, Anders Behring Breivi

by Open-Publishing - Monday 25 July 2011

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Anders Behring Breivi

Ah the media. Forever falling for a good "terrorist" story. A car bomb blows the hell out of Oslo and 80 some kids are gunned down on an island leaving a death toll of at least 93. 

Who were the" terrorists?" - the media wondered out loud. Muslim? Probably. Middle Eastern? Most likely. Say it ain’t so!

Well, it ain’t so. A blond haired, blue-eyed Norwegian to be more specific. Why? Hatred of Muslims. Did somebody say "Muslim" and "terrorist" in the same sentence again?!? The media did. 

Now we will hear about "lone wolf" terrorists like Tim McVie. We will hear about "homegrown terrorism" like that of Theodore Kozinski who was, as a matter of fact Anders Behring Breivi’s role model. 

This is also the perfect time, for the media, to tell us that even more invasive and intrusive government is neccessary and how it is our civic duty to "accept the facts" and to tolerate it in the interest of our own safety. 

After 9/11 I saw men in fatigues waving machine guns at our local airport. It did NOT, for the record, make me feel safer. 

The bomber/gunman in Oslo festooned himself in a Norwegian policeman’s outfit. He talked his way on to a boat to get to the island where a bunch of labor party kids were meeting. A confirmation that the police had sent "extra security" would have prevented the wholesale slaughter of kids having a good time. 

There, now that wasn’t so hard was it? 

As the t-shirt says, Question Authority. That would have prevented more than 80 of the 93 deaths. 

I feel safer already.