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The 911 Commission Report is Full of Holes

by Open-Publishing - Friday 23 July 2004


585 pages- it’s too much to read, so don’t even bother folks. They produced this monstrosity to convice you that they’ve REALLY researched, and you don’t have time to look into this like we did, so just trust us: The gov’t did their best, but they just weren’t prepared for such an attack.

The official 911 Report (7mb pdf) is so full of holes, all you need is common sense to see through their lies- and it doesn’t take 585 pages to prove that this a cover-up... using their own document- and a few audio clips they ’forgot’ to investigate. (footnotes are pdf page # -not printed page)

 1. Clinton ’98 memo: Bin Laden Preparing to Hijack US Aircraft and Other Attacks (145)
 2. Aug 6th memo: Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US (278)
 3. Bush (mp3), Condi Rice (mp3) and General Myers all ’thought it was a terrible accident’- and went about their day. How is this possible after receiving the Aug 6th memo?
 4. Official Excuse: Failure of Imagination... ummm, both of those memos were pretty damn specific, and when the hit came, THEY DID NOTHING! How could Condi, the National Security Advisor, go on to her staff meeting? How could bush continue with his school photo-op... his presence was endangering the children as obviously he could’ve been a target.
 5. Bush appointed Zelikow to ’direct’ the commission. Clinton did not appoint Starr. Zelikow’s Directions: 10 min time limit, none of the pertinent Qs from 911 family members get asked. 911 Family Steering Committee calls for Zelikow’s resignation, media ignores it.
 6. 8:19 am 9/11 Morning: Flight Attendant Betty Ong calls reservation center, American Airlines knows flight 11 is hijacked. (22)
 7. 8:24 am: Hijacker flips wrong switch, thinks he’s talking to passengers but is actually transmitting to FAA controllers: "Nobody move. Everything will be okay. If you try to make any moves, you ll endanger yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet." (23)
 8. In the same transmission, the hijacker also said, "we have some planes" - but supposedly the controllers couldn’t hear it, so they sent it off to someone else to decipher it.(40) Thirty minutes later, about the time of the 2nd plane crash- the audio was finally deciphered and they knew it was ’we have planes’.

Is this story realistic?
Listen to the audio mp3 yourself.



"We have some planes" is clearly audible on the first listen... lets say you’re an FAA air traffic controller on that fateful morning, would you review this audio clip for 30 minutes before alerting other pilots?

No way!

With the knowledge that other planes had been hijacked, the FAA could have alterted all other pilots to secure the cockpit doors, they could have grounded all planes from takeoff- ie Flight 93 (Pennsylvania crash) was delayed and didn’t even take off until 8:42.
With the knowledge of the Aug 6th memo, Air Force interceptor squadrons should have been on high alert, and then scrambled at 8:19, when Betty Ong called from the hijacked plane.
If not then, at least when they heard the audio transmission from the hijacker, "we have some planes". Yet somehow, nothing was done, nothing.... but wasn’t it convenient to have this ’New Pearl Harbor’ to garner public support for US global conquest in the name of ’protecting us’.

"Facism will come to America in the name of National Security" - Jim Garrison, JFK Assassination Investigator (Kevin Costner in JFK the movie)


The 911 commission is an obvious coverup- they are counting on you to not even look at it. Are you going to just lie back and accept this lame excuse for perpetual war and the clampdown of big brother?
Your Children are counting on YOU to do something to keep our Freedom intact.
Apathy Kills.
Speak up, or else.

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  • bellaciao doesn’t allow links- try here nyc.indymedia.org/newswire/display/98161/index.php ????????????????????

    • You could perhaps do better?

    • Listen to the audio mp3 yourself. http://la.indymedia.org/uploads/we_have_some_planes.mp3

      "We have some planes" is clearly audible on the first listen... lets say you’re an FAA air traffic controller on that fateful morning, would you review this audio clip for 30 minutes before alerting other pilots? No way!

      With the knowledge that other planes had been hijacked, the FAA could have alterted all other pilots to secure the cockpit doors, they could have grounded all planes from takeoff- ie Flight 93 (Pennsylvania crash) was delayed and didn’t even take off until 8:42. With the knowledge of the Aug 6th memo, Air Force interceptor squadrons should have been on high alert, and then scrambled at 8:19, when Betty Ong called from the hijacked plane. If not then, at least when they heard the audio transmission from the hijacker, "we have some planes". Yet somehow, nothing was done, nothing.... but wasn’t it convenient to have this ’New Pearl Harbor’ to garner public support for US global conquest in the name of ’protecting us’.

      watch the Citizenswatch video on c-span, if you don’t have an hour, ffwd to McGovern at 28:00 and listen for five minutes

    • Everyone needs to rent this movie, or just remember back...minutes after the threat, EVERYONE was in the NORAD war room, president, VP, sec of defense were on the phone line in a minute....this was based on US military procedure in 1983!!

      What happened on 911? flight 11 8:19 was a known hijacking, but nothing was done until the pentagon was hit at 9:37?? With all of the previous threats could these guys have stopped the other flights from taking off, evacuated the towers and other buildings that had been threatened? Why weren’t the fighter jets there to intercept as they had done 60+ times that same year? Why were they able to get to payne stewarts plane in 20 minutes, but not any of the hijacked planes?The whole time Rumsfeld was in his office in a meeting, Bush, Cheney, Condi went about their business. They recieved notes to inform them of events.

      Okay, so in 1983 they had their plan down....but after years of technological advances they were now passing notes 2001, and had no inkling they were supposed to DO SOMETHING!!

      Maybe someone should show ’wargames’ in the whitehouse so they will know just how silly they look giving us these ridiculous excuses.

    • I couldn’t do any worse...

    • Then the FBI confiscates the audio recordings of the traffic controllers and destroys it........if that wasn’t proof positive of this blatant cover-up then nothing will wake up the stupid people in this country who believe anything thold to them like a bunch of boobs.

  • Here is my theory on why those hijackers targeted those buildings its simple once you understand the nature of American economic criminality in the mideast and I will explain it for you .
    1) The 1st and 2nd planes targeted the World Trade Centre was because it represented to those hijackers the financial colonization of the mideast by America as each year $1 trillion is injected into the American economy from control of the mideast oilfields . This is at the expence of the Arabs who mostly live in 3rd world squalor whilst those trillions of dollars goes to benefit that nation of overfed fat bastards .
    2 ) The 3rd plane targeted the Pentagon because this represents to those mideast nations the military instrument of terror that America weilds enthusiastically over that region . Those cowardly bastards in the American military employ without hesitation highly advanced and lethal military technology and applications on literally defenceless mideast nations or nations that don-t have adequate means of fighting back .
    3 ) Now this 4th plane was shotdown as their is enough evidence to suggest now . The official story was that it was heading to Camp David , it wasnt it was heading for the CIA building , this follows a logical targeting sequence of American establishments of oppression in the mideast the CIA represents to those Hijackers the main American establishment that sets up corrupt regimes such as the Saudi royal family and Sadam Hussein to act as enforcers of market policy , suppressors of popular determination and protectors of economic policies on behalf of American business interests .

    • >>> because it represented to those hijackers

      Which ones - the ones found alive by the BBC later on? The ones who supposedly were able to fly expert maneuvers after never having flown a jet before? The ones who were being followed for YEARS by the CIA?

      While your theories are very nice, how much do YOU operate by your symbolic views of icons? Most of us do not. Likely these ’hijackers’ were patsies set up by our own government and didn’t even know they were headed to their own deaths. Look at the latest videos. These are not men walking to their martyrdom. Or if they were, they were carefully set up to do it and the US military was carefully STOOD DOWN by our government.

      Thus trying to pose scenarios for why ’they’ did it is only playing into the hands of the people who set up these patsies in the first place. Likely the Global Elite, Bushco, etc. Just ask, who benefit? Israel and US oil co’s, etc.

      And stop setting up the Saudis for invasion and bombing. The people of Saudi Arabia are the same as your next door neighbor. We the people must all stand together against those in power and trashing Saudi Arabia will not solve problems in the US, only try to make it ’okay’ to attempt ’regime change’ over there. Thousands and thousands of men women and children will be slaughtered. Leave them alone.

    • As to your original thoughts. Yes!! Holes and omissions. Moreover, no one will go to jail! It is outrageous! It is a huge partisian coverup.

  • What, exactly, do you expect us to do? Do you think the average American really has any power to remedy this supposed problem? Perhaps it is you who needs to wake up because your government is probably in on it, too.

    • Almost every "average American" has access to the internet and a good portion of the truth as told through the alternative media. If 70 percent of America knew the truth about the activities in which our government is currently engaged, either every incumbent would be voted out of office or the goverment would collapse in 2 days.

    • Look. The Dems and Repubs are in on this together. The irony is that they are also colluding on the policys that piss off the Arab World and make some of them want to be martyrs also.
      Nobody who is against these values can be voted into office until citizens wrestle control of the system away from the elites of both parties. Campaign finance reform would go a long way, but most importantly we need substantive, open debates. Lots of them. On T.V. with other parties. Let the people see for themselves what the breadth of their leaders ideas have been reduced to.

  • I just read your article. Hardly convincing. It is always easy to be a Monday morning q/b. In the chaos of unexpected disaster very few of us would have the presence of mind to understand the situation much less take evasive action. It is good that you ask questions but is also good to mix it with a somewhat realistic view of how people respond to situations which for all practical purposes are totally beyond the scope of normal experience. We were totally surprised by Pearl Harbor. Our warriors in Iraq have been taken by surprise time and time again even being somewhat familiar with the intent and tactics of their adversary.

    I have not yet read the 9/11 Commission Report. I came across your comments as I was beginning to look for it online.

    Trust in the L-rd, it will calm you down.

    • If you do a little research you might find Pearl Harbor wasn’t such a suprise attack.

    • I’m glad doctors, firefighters, and other emergency workers are not so poorly trained that chaotic situations send them into a frenzy and they can’t remember what they were trained for or what to do like these dumb asses in charge of NORAD et.al, and the air force. Think if every time they were in an emergency situation it took them more than an hour to realize what was happening, and then they still didn’t do anything. Everyone depending on them would be dead, and they could use the old Monday morning q/b excuse.....they should be fired and the program scraped.

    • Trust in the Lord?Bush(supposedly) trusted the Lord The people on those planes trusted In the Lord,the People in those buildings trusted in the Lord,and finally those Fasnstics which flew those planes into the buildings trusted in the Lord.Either he was indifferent,or powerless.and is no more deserving of praise that any rock on the ground.

    • 1. Allah and The Lord are very different. Allah is a man made idol created by the false prophet muhammad. and lets be honest, I’d be willing to bet that around 90 percent of people in those buildings were not trusting in the Lord and were probably living for themselves,Go outside and look around and what you’ll see is a population of people living and trusting in money and other vanities,sorry to burst your limited bubble concept of God, God has every right to destroy people who are wicked, do you honestly expect God to just let people live who are living for selfishness and greed,You might think your a "good person" but go look at the 10 commandments and see how many you’ve broken,chances are probably most of them. and the ones who were trusting in the Lord are now in heaven,It must be so terrible to be in heaven.You have absolutely no ground for what you are saying.9/11 was a warning from God that we need to get back to Jesus Christ and the Bible,The same principles this great country was founded on. Jesus Christ is the answer to all our problems,Not money,not government,not social welfare,not liberalism,and not materialism. Jesus i the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but by him. Accept the fact that you are wicked and deserve hell and ask Jesus to save you and come into your life.

  • Okay, let’s take your point about the "we have some planes" line, that should have been heard by an air traffic controller. If you have ever been in a airport control center, it is chaos. Thank goodness no one that flies, visits one. Half of the communications are not understood & 10% have to be repeated. Every plane is cutting in & out, especially at rush hour, getting their instructions. Different controllers handle different planes, etc. I am sure that if the communications had happened at midnight, someone may have picked such a little thing out of all the calls. Its too much to ask. What bothers me is for how many years did we sit & look at those flimsy cockpit doors (even during all the hijacking to Cuba years) and the doors stayed flimsy. Everyone is in some way responsible.
    The commission has nothing to investigate on this point.

    • The time between the FAA’s understanding that multiple hijackings were in progress and the final crash (into the Pentagon) is documented: 56 minutes (8:42 -> 9:38). Consider - despite nearly an HOUR, FAA and NORAD officials could not successfully scramble and intercept that last aircraft that was understood to be on a collision course within one of the most defended areas in the entire United States — Washington, D.C.

      While there is no absolute "proof" of something terribly foul, something does smell bad, don’t you think?

  • This article is not worth the time it takes to read. It was written by someone with no experience or technical background in airline, military or government operations. The author attempts to inform you on matters far exceeding his or her capabilities as an analyst.

    Most Sincerly;

    Daniel N. Mac Millan

    Captain, Boeing 767

    American Airlines


  • Have any of the people condeming the report actually read it? I very seriously dought it. I myself am a veteran, old school republican with libertarian views on the war on drugs and some democratc views regarding social issues. I am voting for Mr. Kerry. Having established that, the report is one of the best repots I have ever read. It starts out with a blow by blow, in detail, time sequence of all we know (which is a lot based on cell phone calls) about what went on in the planes, the FAA, NORAD, various military bases, and the white house. I then goes into great historical background detail of the who, what and why of the terrorists and of our own complex and confusing intelligence community and gets better from there. Anyone would learn a lot and be better informed after reading this book. If a few hundred pages of interesting reading is too much for some people, then read just one chapter a month. Turning away from information is exactly what some people want you to do.

  • The 911 Commission Report is a finalist for the National Book Awards for "nonfiction." Rather, it should have been nominated for the "fiction" award. On the very first page of the report, the reader is confronted with fictions. For example, how did the commission determine that Atta "apparently" spoke on the phone for three minutes with Shehhi at Logan Airport? The accompanying footnote 3 sheds no convincing light on this assertion/surmise, unless they were already under surveillance by the FBI, and, if so, that only begs a whole host of questions.

    Given the fact that the alleged hijackers of American flight 11 and United flight 175 were not captured on any surveillance tapes boarding the two planes and the fact that the names of the ten alleged participants did not appear on the passenger lists, it is debatable whether they were even in Logan on 911, much less that they actually boarded the doomed planes.

    Why is this phone call anecdote even in the report? Its provenance is highly suspect.

    M. Kato

  • hmm hmm hmm hmmm hmm

  • Its all in the theory on how to approach emergency response. As it stands we have long been applying what is known as an incident command approach; basically a militaristic hierarchy where there a a bunch of top guys who are supposed to link their respective chains of command. Due to the territorialities or government and the nature of protecting information so as to render oneself important (the old Foulcault Knowledge is power seems more true then ever) along with the organizational behavior and doctrin that arrises due to a competative system that is built around a military system response to such complex and multi-nature crises is simply impossible. Adding a head of intelligence or a new homeland secutriy office, ie setting up a new line in the myriad of chains that exist just makes things worse. What is needed is a management approach to emergency response. This implies working toward resource coordination and departmental integration long before anything happes. As it stands most emergency response systems are based on a idea of reaction. They are also based on predicting threats. They completely ignore the vulnerability component in the ’Risk’ equasion (ie vulnerability +threat =risk) by reconceptualizing how we think about crisies and by buildign the interaction and cooperative management structures BEFORE events occure a more effective system could be built. unfortunatly this requires the most difficult of tasks, getting people to cooperate and work together. They must give up images of power and notions of their own importance and truely work together with an ALL Hazards Approach (ie we got this many resources lets organize them so they can best be used regardless of the crisis causing event). Also, disaster is based largely on how we live in the world, we must reassess how we look at how we interact with the natural and political world. In summation, this report wants to answers questions and I can see points where it begins to say something but stops as all those involved are protecting their own territories and power. Lets all think about this differently! Revolution begins with ideas!