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The Adventures Of A Progressive In Redland - Chapter 1: Flushed

by Open-Publishing - Saturday 18 December 2010

Water USA

I always knew that the Greedy Red Trolls would try to drown us in sorrow and financial misery, I could see it in their beady little glowing red eyes, and don’t ask me about the foul smoke they continually blow out their posterior extruders!

I’ve heard it said that Red trolls have no heartbeat - if you put a stethoscope near their chest, it will freeze so badly your hand will turn to ice and fall off. There’s a money-sucking black hole in there, powered by corporatite! (There’s another black hole between their ears, powered by fauxnuzeite, too.)

Now they’re trying to poison this small community’s well with a big batch of corporatite, and suck it into Redland so they can be made desperate enough to eat the fauxnuzeit and drink cruelade until they have no brains and no heart.

The Greedy Red Trolls want to spread their nasty creed of Social Insecurity again, the vile red darkness of destitution and desperation and fear gilded with Orwellite.

Help us, Oh Be One Liberal! Bring your Light Savers of Green and Blue and vote the Greedy Red Trolls down, help us save this poor little hamlet before it, too falls to the true Red Menace!

PLEASE help a small community in our area approve an issue that will bring them a safe & secure source of water ------

MONDAY DEC. 20 @ 6:50pm
(due to town hall rules, the doors to the building will locked at 7:00pm –
you may not be able to get in if you arrive after 7:00)

York Township is an area which is bordered by:
North = North Ave.
South = 39th street in Downers Grove
East = Interstate 294
West = Route 53

This area includes the cities of: Elmhurst, Lombard, Villa Park, Oak Brook, Oakbrook Terrace, and sections of Downers Grove, Glen Ellyn, Hinsdale, and Westmont

The former York Center Community Co-op (79 homes) has a water system that was put into place 60+ years ago and which is now needing to be replaced. That replacement cost will be completely borne by the residents of the community plus those other properties that have asked to be included in the water system such as the local volunteer fire department. To assist in bringing down the cost, the community will be sharing a water storage facility with some new buildings being built east of Meyers Rd. The York Township board has decided that the matter of having a water storage facility built on township property - behind the Knollcrest Funeral Home - should be decided by an open town hall vote. Anyone who is a registered voter residing in York Township may vote on this issue.

That town hall vote will be held at the York Township building - 1502 S. Meyers Rd. on Monday Dec. 20th @ 6:50 pm. People who are planning to vote simply need to bring a photo id to establish their York Township residency.

At this meeting any registered voters residing in York Township will have the opportunity to vote on this single issue. So, ANY registered voter who lives in York Township can assist us in passing this crucial vote. No other business will be conducted at this meeting, and comments are limited to 3 minutes per person, so the meeting should not be lengthy.

The reason that the water tower should be built on township property is that it is on high ground, it is close to the water system, and it is common to have water storage facilities in or near park districts.

This York Center group overwhelmingly voted (90+%) for the new water system. If this issue does not pass at the Dec. 20th town hall meeting with a simple majority, the community remaining unincorporated is virtually impossible. Our understanding is that the solution to their water issue would then be in jeopardy, more costly, and potentially passed on to Lombard.

Please plan to contact your friends and/or family in the area who are registered voters and let them know the need for all to attend the meeting so that this community can move forward with their project.

For more information about this historic community, see: