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The G-20 soap opera

by Open-Publishing - Sunday 5 April 2009

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The G-20 soap opera

By Dr.-Ing. Artur P. Schmidt
Sunday, 5 April 2009

The glamor poses of pop stars of politics, especially Obama, Sarkozy and Berlusconi are the real problems of mass unemployment and the specter of the collapse of capitalism distracted.

The false messiah

After the leaders of the world have taken, is now the state of peace, joy, pancake. Obama embraces Europe and the Old World is to this trick Bauer enters fall.
The Messiah is in Europe and all will be good if you just print enough money, as much as possible, that the economy grows by 4%.

The fact that the monetary expansion and hence inflation in many countries goes beyond its objective will be cheaper to buy used, knowing that a growth of 4%, making the debt is reached, in reality a relative shrinkage of the gross national product.

But that is not, it is about elections and the re-election, it’s about jobs on the devil come out, without having to discuss their sustainability is made. To hell with the future generations who must pay for the debt, is lived now.

The society of the spectacle must go on and glamor poses of pop stars of politics, especially Obama, Sarkozy and Berlusconi are the real problems of mass unemployment and the specter of the collapse of capitalism distracted.

Even the stock market is celebrating the American companies, by reducing staff to increase their profits again, and by its share buyback program once again, the option premiums of the future for their exorbitant fees secure.

Fight the G-Day
Anyone who believes that everything will be better, just because in general Ringelreien something is decided, which anyway would be standard, which becomes the victim of a skillful propaganda, Joseph Goebbels would have been better not to stage.

The leadership in Europe shows no leadership, only Angela Merkel as a small rock in the surf and neunmalkluger their finance ministers want to protect the fiscal system in which they are rampant on economic programs, which, as the past showed no purpose anyway, largely abandon. Obama, the new savior of the American Empire, the Roman Empire in the 21st Century, it is directed.

Barack Augustus, the first descendant of former slaves of the Roman emperor, shows the world how to deal with trillion dollar U.S. debt programs achieved immortality. He is supported by a Finance Minister, the so green behind the ears is that this in itself will appear as green backs and a Fed chief, all U.S. helicopter squadrons in constant readiness holds in order to command Company G-Day (Green Day Back ) are now dozens of trillions of U.S. dollars from helicopters to the chuck, with the wind of rotor blades for a very large distribution provides.

What is thus achieved, is only one that the global economic crisis in the near future in the next phase will go on, the devaluation of all asset classes through hyperinflation.

The American crusade end

Now, if Europe and Asia do not wake up and this nightmare of a quick end, the empire americanum the world in the economic downfall lead. The Führerbunker apocalyptic mentality of the capitalists of the Capitol is nothing more stupidity to offer.

Europe, which in the vacuum of the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union for decades was unable to act is far better position financially than the U.S. and has his crusade to stop the destruction of values. Europe is not only a Trutzburg culture against a McDonaldization of the planet, but also the hope for a better world in the post-American era.

This must be America in a world of nations integrate the equal rights and a say in major world political judgments. In the new era, every nation can be overruled, no matter how militarily powerful it is, if their financial strength and credit rating to junk bond levels have fallen.

This is the financially stronger and healthier way, the maximum will be what Europe of America anything, but it is enough to its previous effect as a world, mind you not as the sole, but as one of many back to win. The world needs a new Europeanism, of reason and common sense back into politics.

This will only succeed if the European nations themselves against today’s political leaders and collect them in the desert chic. Europe needs to Arminius-moment, the uprising in the forests of the money to the epigones of the Romans in the New World back to the savings and teach moderation.

The Varus Battle of money

Today’s battle is varus monetarily beaten and Europe is doing well to the guerrilla war through its monetary policy. Most will only who looks great and is doing great - like the Ur-Europeans Arminius. The current size is no longer in military leadership, but the world the way to a prosperity for all that, not on the debt, but on the preservation of the value of money based.

Europe must not make the mistake in the dimension of an empire to think, but as a country of guerrillas, which is all Vormachtstreben in the world against it. If this is the lesson of European history, then would the people of the two World Wars, not in vain.

The time of copying American Solutions goes through the current global economic crisis to its ultimate end. The fact that the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk called Awakening of Europe must now happen in the historical time of change, where Europe is again on an equal footing with the United States can stand.

The Europeans, as Che Gueveras all revolutions have to be against all economic Blender collect on this planet and the world give a new vision: an invisible realm of human dignity, of decency and moderation, which covers the globe in fractal manner and penetrates any future imperial quest already nipped in the bud. This is the actual aesthetics of the moment, the only crises may arise.