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"The Hurt Locker": A victory for women!? The Oscars Academy grants an apology to the US Army!

by Open-Publishing - Monday 8 March 2010

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Is a movie that “only” costs $11 million more « politically correct »
than a $500 million one?

They can’t see the trees for the forest.

Or more bluntly, had the Academy Awards wanted to grant ‘its’ army an
Oscar without thinking twice about it?

People will call it a ‘work of art’, a ‘movie’, ‘without an ulterior
motive’ (yes I’ve already read it somewhere...) etc

On top of it all, was the great March 8th pet theme: “wow it’s
awesome, it’s the first women director to get an Oscar”
or « Great, it’s the victory of small-budget movies against the big ones »


This movie shines by the total thoughtlessness on what brings these «
mine-clearing experts” to do this “job.” The movie is so complacent in
its attempt to elicit thought about the invasion of Iraq and
Afghanistan. It is an exaltation of « courage » (in reality
recklessness and fanaticism), and an exaltation of the absence of
respect for one’s own life and the life of others.

And then I heard Kathryn Bigelow’s acceptance speech for her movie Hurt Locker.

And guess what this woman said, this woman to whom I award the title
of the most awful political and anti-pacifistic trash.

She dedicated her award to “women and men in the military who risk
their lives on a daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the

Really, Kathryn ? You dedicate your award to all of them? Even to
Lynndie England,
the notorious officer of Abou Ghraib prison who
tortured prisoners?


They really have a short memory in the world of entertainment and 24
hour information!

It sends shivers down my spine.

Go and watch the trailer if you don’t want to see this movie (a
decision that I’d completely understand):


Without considering them socialists, I used to naively think that the
ferment of social protest remained in the USA and that it could be
found partly, but not exclusively, in Hollywood.

I realize that even that is over now.

No one got up yesterday to protest against this dubious choice of the award.

Not even Sean Penn, the "leftist" actor, who was there and gave the award to Sandra Bullock.

I am really disappointed with him.

This is a bad sign for the international situation.

The American Awards overtly applauded a propaganda pro-war movie!

Is this the meaning of the “Yes We Can” of Mr. Obama?


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Translation: Chris & Victoria

Forum posts

  • Way way over rated movie and think it’s some what ironic a woman director wins with a WAR movie , that I actually heard was an Anti -War Movie , but I didn’t see ANYTHING anti-war about it .

    Iraqis are just back drop or one dimensional , potted plants with the small exception of the common little Indigenous kid , TYPICAL of Hollywood movies , guess its easier to feel for a kid than an Iraqi MAN demanding troops leave his country .

    I’m waiting for the movie called " They lied about WMDs and a lot of people were slaughtered " , but that’ll never happen and the ultimate message is ya American troops are a little wacky , little reckless , but hey they love them some little kids and are Heroes there to save them .

    Movie was typical Hollywood Propaganda WITH typical formula of U.S. troops just doing their job and being heroes .

  • Many countries today recruited into the army of women. I think it’s not right. You can read custom essay about all reasons of this.