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The World According to Monsanto

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 18 June 2008

Edito GMO Cinema-Video

On March 11 a new documentary was aired on French television (ARTE – French-German cultural tv channel) by French journalist and film maker Marie-Monique Robin, The World According to Monsanto -

A documentary that Americans won’t ever see.

The gigantic biotech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of years.


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  • There are alternatives but not many. There are companies trying to retain the heirloom seed supply in the world. Seeds that will reproduce for another generation. Monsanto will have none of that. Control the food and you control the world.
    Here are some links. Patronize these companies. They can help supply food for the next generation and so can you.



    There are others. Find them.

  • There’s no question, Monsanto is now moving to convert its customers into serfs. They are no longer in the business of providing services and products to customers, now they can dictate terms to their customers. Giant monopolies and globalization know exactly what they are doing. It is their intention to re-ensnare the masses in serfdom.

  • Excellent film; just watched the whole think on DVD last night.

    Encourage your local video rental place to stock it !

    Including trailers and photos from the film:

    International Distribution: international@nfb.ca

    There’s also a book:
    LE MONDE SELON MONSANTO, Marie-Monique Robin, Éditions Stanké
    ISBN 978-2-7604-1064-0, 378 pages

    And lots more about Monsanto, in this excerpt
    from the film, The Corporation.

    More in the (more info) section at the top of the right column on that page.

    Also see the site for the film The Corporation, where they have available a new two-disc version of that film’s DVD: