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Time to End the Clintons’ Unearned Pass on Race

by Daniel Patrick Welch - Open-Publishing - Wednesday 16 March 2016

Interview with RT on US electoral charade. I try really hard—you can see how well I succeed—for a *one minute* takedown of the vicious and slithering Killmeister, who by skillful, sleazy manipulation and press collusion and outright stupidity, has managed to avoid responsibility for the destruction of the lives of countless black and brown people both at home and around the globe. Ashley Williams called her out in the lioin’s den, and is my hero for it [video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7vwHhHI9Y8 ]: It is the great unwritten tragedy of this election cycle how the Clinton’s well crafted brand have kept their unearned hold on the votes of African Americans, on whose destruction this vile couple’s political dynasty is founded. To hell with them and to hell with you if you can’t see it—I won’t apologize for what I have seen, felt and paid for firsthand—trying desperately to wrench a few souls out of the maw of the school to prison pipleline on which they built their political careers. Please share.
Click here for video of interview:

"I want to go back to that last segment about Trump—all this bloviating about how dangerous Trump is. Trump is very dangerous. But he’s not going to be president of the United States. He’s dangerous because he allows safe space for racism and a protected kind of new fascism that is arising on his back—which all of his fellow candidates agree with, by the way.

But let’s be clear—is it because of Trump’s policies that there are now two million people behind bars in America? Is it because of Trump’s policies that black and brown countries are being slaughtered from the air? No. Those are *Clinton* policies, and they have been so since the 1990s. I see this emphasis on Trump as an attempt to divert attention from someone, the most dangerous person in the world, who will be president of the United States—and that person is Hillary Clinton.

"Trump is dangerous because he is a fascist, and the peole who follow him are dangerous. Hillary Clinton is dangerous because of what we know about her. She is the quintessential institutional crypto racist, when you look at it. She is the one who has used the term Responsibility to Protect to utterly destroy Libya and all of the black and brown people who live there.

"She is the one who helped to coin and publicize the term ’super predators’ when she’s talking about demonizing black and brown people—men especially in terms of mass incarceration in the United States in the 1990s, her husband as well as her. The Clinton Dynasty is *founded* on the historical precedent of demonizing black people and people on welfare: mass incarceration, labelling black men as predators and the ’end of welfare as we know it.’ They designed, and by force, trained the Democratic party to the right to resurrect the ancient Dark Heart of the Democrat Party, the racist ghost of the Klu Klux Klan. They did it on purpose, and they did it cryptically. But they wanted more white votes. This is what I call the racist rope-a-dope of US politics: Trump vs. Clinton."

RT: Really quick—is ganging up on Trump going to work?

DPW: Um, yeah. If he only has a plurality, he can’t be the nominee, and if he runs either against Clinton or against Sanders, I think that he will not be president because there aren’t enough racist white men to push him over the top."

Transcript and video originally published with the following author’s comment:
No punches pulled, no fucks given. I have wasted too much time, money and tears bailing loved ones out of jail so that these fuckers could enjoy the benefits of the coded racist ’tough on crime,’ ’tough on welfare’ shit that set up the very primary process at which this sociopath is now "winning." Please like, link, post, share as you wish...

And when one reader sent praise for ’taking the gloves off: Gloves have been on too long. I’m sick of being ’cautious.’ My wife and I have to be *careful* when we go to the fucking grocery store; or when we drive through a lilly white suburb on the way home from my brother’s house. Enough.

(c) 2016 Daniel Patrick Welch. Reprint permission granted with credit and link to danielpwelch.com. Political analyst, writer, linguist and activist Daniel Patrick Welch lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts, with his wife. Together they run The Greenhouse School. Welch has also appeared in numerous television and radio interviews, and can be available for comment and analysis as his day job permits. Please contact to schedule.