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U.S.: DEMOCRACY protected by the CIA

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 12 August 2010

Governments Secret Services USA

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, Central Intelligence Agency) was created in 1947 by Henry Truman, replacing the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to search without warrant, administrative records and initial fiscales.La philosophy of the organization was give the President a second view made by civilians against the military provided by the National Security Agency (NSA) and was code-named "Campus"., by carrying most of the initial pictures of Uiversidad Yale, (including data storage system was the same as the Yale Library.)

To Eisenhower, the CIA was only the central intelligence organization for the United States government and was behind many training tasks and destabilize the government insurgents against the policies of the Pentagon, but the looby financial and military industry (both phagocytosed by looby Jew) could not resist the temptation to create a de facto government that manipulated the intricacies of power, resulting in the emergence of a new agency (the CIA parallel), the opiión refrectaria public and control of Congress and United States Senate ..

President Eisenhower, a year before the end of his mandate, gave a speech foreshadowing the subsequent initial mutation of the "Campus" to the Government in the shadow that protects American democracy today and of the hostages who are all elected presidents democratically: "In the councils of government, we must be attentive to the acquisition of an illegitimate influence, whether or not designed by the military-industrial complex. The risk of developing a usurped power exists and will persist. never let the weight of this conjunction threatening, our liberties or democratic processes. Nothing should be considered as livestock. Only vigilance and civic consciousness puden ensure a balance between the influence of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense and our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may accrue in concert. "

The disagreements Kennedy-CIA-FBI

Kennedy received from the CIA a "poisoned gift" under the envelope of the proposed invasion of Cuba, prepared by the CIA during the Eisenhower administration to topple the regime of Fidel Castro and that culminated in the fiasco known invasion of the Bay Pigs (April 1961), because President Kennedy, after giving its approval to the project, backed out at the last minute and withdrew the promised air support and the American fleet, thereby discrediting the CIA to eyes of the world.

His political inexperience Accused was reflected in the relief of the legendary acts as Director General of the Agency, Allen Dulles, and trying to reshape its structures placed in front of it to people you trust and belittle a rival of Hoover and his power openly confront embracing, seeking his replacement as head of the FBI by Edward Kenner, so after the nomination of Robert Kennedy as Attorney General Kennedy Troika would have gotten the enthronement of the kingdom of Camelot for several generations.

The differences between Kennedy and the CIA turned to reappear in October 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis. The CIA saw a great opportunity to invade the island, but talks between Khrushchev and Kennedy knocked out the CIA plan, wounded again in his pride

Kennedy Ordago parallel to the CIA:

Also, in mid November 1963, Kennedy decided to disinfect the CIA of inoculated pathogenic viruses pressure lobbies (the paradigm would be to participate in the Rockefeller financial lobbies, defense industry and a Jew and one of whose members, David would be the Trilateral Commission as drive "(TC) or trilateral (1973). Aware of the difficulties of such an arduous task in a speech at Columbia University on November 14, Kennedy admits that" there are strong pressure groups for U.S. power convert the office of President in something merely figurative "since the November 21, 1963, President signed Executive Order 11 490, which allows for emergency government measures have exceptional, even for any dictatorship

Yet, true to its rebellious spirit continues its attempt to restructure the CIA in an apparatus controlled by the political and shortly before leaving for Dallas, told his closest advisers: "We have to face the CIA .. . ’and the same day, a secret emissary Castro began with the first negotiations to reach a clear acuerdo.Ello órdago supposed to parallel real CIA in power in the shadow and deeply entrenched in all instruments of power in the U.S. , so that its leaders came to the endogenous emergence of a plot that handled the Mano Strike democratic legality American political system that culminated in the assassination of Kenney (Dallas, 1963).

This plot would be a real feat of engineering labyrinthine brain that would parallel the CIA cited as necessary partners to anti-Castro exiles in Miami and its connections with the Mafia and Hoover’s FBI, Lee Harvey Oswald as the head of Turkish and exercise distraction to fool the hounds as collateral damage and the birth of a political system supervised by the new CIA, being held hostage ever since all the successive Presidents elected to the arrival on the political scene of unruly Obama.

Coup of George W. NewCIA Busch:

Until the media attack on the Twin Towers (also known as 11-S), the CIA legal slowly languishes confirmed its own agents, according to the NY Times found it "almost impossible to provide strategic information and were consulted mainly for tactical issues,"

However, in the basement of the Company, was forging a true virtual coup that would have its trigger in the shocking attack attributed to Al Qaeda, being enthroned the fight against the Axis of Evil (Iraq, Iran and North Korea) as the leitmotiv of the political myopia of the nefarious President George W. Busch, enthroning pass-Bin Laden as an icon of the Empire of Evil

So, Congressman Ron Paul, characterized by verbal incontinence, led his followers the following message: "We have executed a coup you already know? It is the coup of the CIA .- The CIA is the one that controls everything, even the military. There are those who are putting missiles and bombs in other countries ... And of course the CIA is as close as the Federal Reserve ... And yet think about the damage he has done since it was created (after) the Second World War. They are a government themselves. They are in business in the narcotics, remove dictators .. We need to get the CIA. "

The Machiavellian move the NewCIA:

Colin Powell, Secretary of State, had recommended to his colleagues in the Bush administration to avoid war without clear UN approval and was used by the CIA to use his military reputation and proven honesty. Thus, in 2004, the new CIA and certified, is responsible for supplying "intelligence reports" questionable weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify U.S. military intervention and invade Iraq, that swallowed hook all U.S. allies that swelled the ranks of an army which was aimed at liberating confessed demonized the removal of Saddam Hussein and a real interest in controlling Iraq’s vast oil resources.

The Troika consists of Rumsfeld, Cheney Hayden and U.S. monopoly on power:

Just over a month after the 11-S, the government of George W. Bush secretly decided to cancel a major constitutional protections in this country under the justification of their struggle against "terrorism" within the United States, according to official documents revealed in late 2005 in a series of reports in the New York Times, the existence of a secret program of intercepted communications in this country.

According to a Washington Post investigation, since 2002 established the Strategic Support Bureau (SSB), who worked clandestinely without legal limitations and under the orders of the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld., Whose actions would breach the bleeding episodes of Human Rights in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, and the enthronement of the "soft coup or virtual", which would be paradigm Honduras .

In June 2009, Leon Panetta, director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) annulled the Phoenix Program , a program run by Cheney to kill leaders of al-Qaeda, which began in 2001 after the attacks of 11-S and kept secret before the U.S. Congress and the Pentagon would be meditating close a counter-intelligence unit created Rumsfeld called the Talon, included information on protest actions against the war of U.S. citizens, remembering the military espionage civilians protesting the war in Vietnam.

The pulse-NewCIA Obama:

Following the significant erosion of the U.S. image in the world after the bleeding episodes of violation of human rights at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, one of Obama’s first decisions was to sign an executive order requiring the closure of the prison at the base Guantanamo naval within a year. His advisers are now looking for legal mechanisms to settle the legal limbo of Guantánamo, a virtual product of legal engineering of the "War Committee" (code name for the select group of lawyers and consultants who worked under the orders of Troika consists of Rumsfeld, Cheney and Hayden), true holders of power during the disastrous tenure of George W. Busch., Why the announced closure should be delayed until 2011

His political inexperience was reflected in reckless acts such as Obama’s decision to declassify secret documents involving the CIA in interrogation techniques based on physical and psychological torture that would have won the dangerous enmity of the New-CIA, represented in troika formed by Rumsfeld, Cheney and Hayden,

However, Obama will let the wind of oblivion wrap her mantle around the glassy theme of persecution of those responsible have legitimized torture, because his advisers have warned of the foreseeable consequences of such action might mean for his presidency (see Dallas shooting), despite the decision to raise a clear disappointment in the organization that defends human rights "Human Rights Watch (HRW) and serious criticism of AI, would be supported by 60% of respondents.

The work torpedo NewCIA:

U.S. President Barack Obama would have parked the draft Anti-Ballistic Missile Shield (NDM), replacing it with "a new mobile missile defense system," but after this dramatic statement, conceals a Machiavellian move to try to make Russia a Partner necessary in safeguarding world peace and stability and if agreement is reached between both parties, with the ratification of the new START Treaty, may see the replacement of the geopolitical doctrine of unilateralism to multilateralism by Busch

However, the road ahead is seems extremely complicated, because it must be ratified by the Russian Parliament and two thirds (67 seats) of the U.S. Senate and therefore not be ruled out that the CIA take the opportunity to by filibustering , making its passage in the Senate to dilate in time waiting for a new President is more conducive to their interests and in this dynamic could include the bizarre episode of the sudden appearance of a U.S. sleeper cell or embryo of Russian spies, fruit concerned a breath of New-CIA to manipulate the will of the senators at the time of ratifying the new treaty signed in April Start between Obama and Putin.

Tensions US-Karzai:

President Obama arrived in Afghanistan on an unannounced visit to meet with his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai and discuss, among others, the issue of corruption of local authorities, following the obvious anger of the White House’s continued rebuffs Karzai in Iran asylum policy, embodied in the recent visits of Afghan President to China and Iran, where he mentioned the "multiple identity of Afghanistan as a plural society of ancient pre-Islamic" in their attempt to escape from the tutelage obligated on the American protectorate in its strategy against the Taliban., so that the Pentagon would have begun the search for a replacement for Karzai to no longer enjoy their confidence.

Thus, through a propaganda operation orchestrated by the New-CIA, would be charged to the start of secret talks that would mediate his brother Ahmed Wali for the gestation of an Islamist coalition government between Pashtuns and Taliban (with the aim to achieve in early elections democratic legitimacy at the polls in the horizon of 2011 and proceed to the creation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan), which would require the withdrawal of U.S. troops and the consequent loss of presence in a country considered by the high U.S. control "as vital geostrategic piece" in the Middle East puzzle

Therefore, would not rule out the creation of an environment conducive to the coup and subsequent overthrow of Karzai, reviving one of the darkest aspects of Kennedy’s foreign policy (the overthrow and assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem (1963) and subsequent increase of its military support to Vietnam, accelerating the escalation that would lead the U.S. to an impasse. The United States and NATO have 150 000 soldiers and inadequate for an expansive strategy to counter the Taliban offensive, so Obama would sign in 2011 to phase out troops from Afghanistan, a decision that is not shared by his vice-Biden or by the Pentagon and that will undoubtedly be exploited by NewCIA to redirect the situation through expeditious methods and achieving the U.S. again the path of democracy tutored by the CIA.