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Thursday 20 April 2006

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Was George W. Bush aware that a hijacking was in progress BEFORE the first plane struck the WTC at 8 : 46 am Eastern Time , the morning of 9/11/01 ? ......... A report from ABC News White House correspondent John Cochran strongly suggests this was the case............ " Peter , as you know ,the President’s down in Florida talking about education. He got out of his hotel suite this moring , was about to leave , reporters saw White House Chief of Staff Andy Card whisper into the President’s ear. ...The reporter then asked the president , "Do you know what’s going in New York. ? " ( John Cochran , "ABC News Special Report with Peter Jennings " transcript )........... According to the excellent 9/11 timeline provided by cooperative research .org Mr. Bush entered the presidential motorcade that would arrive at Booker Elementary at or around 8: 37 Eastern Time ( 7 minutes before the first plane struck WTC ) It would seem near certain that Mr. Bush was aware that a hijacking was in progress ?....... How could he have known ? ............ Laura Brown , Public Affairs Director of the FAA told journalist Tom Flocco that a `phone bridge ’ was set up attaching NORAD , the NSC, Rumsfeld , the Secret Service, and the FAA between the 8:20 and 8: 25 Eastern Time............. She later recanted those statements...... We know Mr. Bush was warned during his August 2001 vacation in Crawford, Tx that `Al Qaeda’ was preparing to hijack airplanes........... Posessed with such knowledge , how could he have made the choice to proceed to Booker Elementary ?......... What explains all the multiple trial balloons floated to the press on the identity of the person who FIRST who notified Junior that a plane had crashed into the WTC ? Here are examples of the shifting stories : 1 ) Bush later claimed that WH Chief of Staff Andrew Card approached him as he was entering the school , telling him : " Here’s what you’re going to be doing , you’re going to meet so and so and such and such. BY THE WAY AN AIRCRAFT FLEW INTO THE WORLD TRADE CENTRE . " WEAK........... REALLY WEAK.......... 2) What about the Karl Rove’s trial balloon ? . "Rove rushed up , took Bush aside to a corridor inside the school and said the cause of the crash was unclear . Bush replied : "What a horrible accident. ".............. 3) Booker Elementary Principal Gwen Tose- Riggel claimed the following : " the presidential limousine stops and the president comes out and walks toward me. I’m standing there in a lineup; there was about five people. He walks up and says he has to make a phone call and he’ll be right back . " ............ Riggel’s statement strongly supports the thesis that Bush had knowledege of a disaster taking place in NYC and obtained said information before arriving at the school , shortly before nine eastern time ......... 4) This theater of the absurd now reaches high tide .......... Bush allegedly took a phone call from NSC advisor Condoleezza Rice shortly after his arrival at Booker (9:00- 9:05 EST) .... According to Rice , Bush responded to her report by still exclaiming : " what a terrible accident , keep me informed. " ............ Oh Brother........ No one in the world is more informed of what is going in times of national crises than the National Security Advisor......... 5) Bush later claims - on two separate occasions- that he witnessed the FIRST plane crashing into the WTC on television......... Of course there was no national tv feed of that event . However we do know that covert operatives from the Israeli spy agency Mossad were on hand to tape the ghastly tragedy.............. They were jumping for joy when the planes hit their target....... ("President Bush’s Interesting Day" , Cooperative Research. org )

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  • Your article could be more pithy and less cute. Don’t use ... so frequently, when what you leave out clarifies the point. Give harder source documentation: Not "Rove said..." but according to x source on y date, "Rove said,,,"

    This is TOO IMPORTANT to treat this casually. Bush went into the classroom at 9:03 by reliable reports. The SECOND PLANE struckm WTC 2 some seconds before... We know from numerous photos of Bush taken later at the school that a TV monitor was there and on. Could Bush have seen the 2nd attack live BEFORE he entered the classroom??? IF SO, THAT IS VERY DAMNING. Card coming in 3 mins later is then just a charde. And how is it that Ari Fleicher holds up instructions for Bush "Don’t say anything yet"? You don’t flesh your pc out enough.

    Thank you, though, for raising the topic. VERY important!

    • I don’t know about the "pithy" versus "cute" comment - since that is just your own subjective perception. However, I would suggest to "SON OF A BUSH" that he should have used paragraphs, which would have made the piece more reader friendly.