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US Committee to support the Tarnac 9

by Open-Publishing - Tuesday 2 December 2008

Edito Movement Police - Repression Solidarity France

U.S. Support Commitee for the Tarnac 9 Formed
Sunday, November 30 2008 @ 04:53 PM CST
Contributed by: Anonymous

On November 11th 2008, French Anti-Terrorism Police arrested around twenty people in connection with five incidents in the preceding weeks in which electric train lines were shut down, causing delays.

Nine of these were subsequently accused of “criminal association for the purposes of terrorist activity”, four of them were released on bail and five remain in custody. Because many of the accused were arrested in Tarnac, a small village in the Corrèze region of central France, they have become know in the press as the “Tarnac 9".

They have been associated with certain political texts, including the journal Tiqqun and the bestselling book The Coming Insurrection, texts which the press has dubbed ”anarcho-autonomous” following the Ministry of Justice which has been conducting a crusade against this supposed movement for some time.

We have organized this committee to raise the level of support for the accused to an international level. From our context here in the U.S., we intend to provide support, organize events and proliferate texts and information, both on the case itself as well as the ideas with which it has been associated.

 We condemn the charges against the 9 as unfounded and excessive.

 We condemn the use of the language of terrorism to distort the nature of alleged actions and subsequent charges.

 We demand the release of the five people held in detention and the removal of judicial review being done to four people on parole and the withdrawal of all charges of “terrorism” and “criminal association”.


Le Monde article on the Tarnac 9 (english translation):


Letter from the parents of the Tarnac 9 (english translation):


For more information, updates and how you can help:


Debate :

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U.S. Support Commitee for the Tarnac 9 Formed
Authored by: tehanarchy on Sunday, November 30 2008 @ 09:55 PM CST
soli-fuckin-darity from st. paul/minneapolis, mn (republican national convention host city). looks like capitalist pig fuckers a congregating somewhere sharing repression tactics (g8?)

who would have ever guess st. paul and tarnac would have had so much in common?.


up the rebels!
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U.S. Support Commitee for the Tarnac 9 Formed
Authored by: alta fuoco on Monday, December 01 2008 @ 03:49 AM CST
I think it would be interesting for those of us who are working to support the accused from the US to Europe to begin a campaign that focuses on the similarities of repression. Not so much in the particular cases per say, but rather in the way the cases are linked (the RNC8 and the Tarnac 9) through a particular paradigm of governing that enacts repression and the suspension of law (and constitutive power) with a lightness and ease.

Notice for example, it is not that anarchists—perhaps figured currently as political-subjects eagerly desiring discipline from the state—are being punished for our deeds, and law is to be re-inscribed on our rebel bodies, but instead, the potency of nongovernability embodied—and perhaps figured as ’anarchist’—is being disciplined. There is no truth that is being spoken to power. There has been neither a deed that has communicated and inspired others to their own actions, nor texts that have such influence. In both cases there has only been the potential of such things; and it is that potential of communication that the state must suspend and figure as whatever bogeyman serves the purpose.

Maybe it seems cheesy, but the best thing we can share with our accused comrades is the knowledge that we will carry on the experiments of potentiality and power (that and money and cigarettes, of course).

For those who can, it could be cool to have an event that educates people on the two particular cases, the situations that the cases were extracted from and to perhaps share the different letters and statements from the cases. I think there are also some very pretty and useful texts on tarnac9.wordpress.com and the theoretical grounding and directions outlined by the texts will help to keep us focused on our operations.

Furthermore, the immediate letter of support by Agamben may not be a luxury only afforded to French "anarcho-autonomous" types. Those of us who have any links to the ivory tower ought feel inclined to seduce critical theorists and intellectuals who care (and some do) to communicate their position. There are some who are close to Simon Critchley, Fredrick Jameson, Michael Hardt for example. There are others who are close to Derrick Jensen, Inga Muscio, or the older SDS Left. These people should be caressed; it will benefit us all for intellectuals to publicly communicate their position of support for the accused, and to engage discursively with this paradigm of governing—the state of exception.


LAST INFO from FRANCE (2008-12-02)

At the end of the lawsuit taking place this afternoon in Paris 3 from the 5 last imprisoned were liberated. But Julien Coupat and his girl friend named Yldune stay both imprisoned.