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Daniel Patrick Welch

US claims Russia ’destabilizing Syria’ stand the truth on its head

Wednesday 9 September 2015

My recent interview with RT discussing US’ shock and horror at Russia’s alleged resumption of military aid to Syria and bringing the refugee crisis front and center in this analysis.

Video here:

Transcript below:

US claims that Russia is ’destabilizing Syria."

[laughing] "That’s amazing to hear Josh Earnest talk about destabilization. The US is behind this proxy war of head-chopping fascist nutjobs, and they have the gall to say that Russia is interfering or destabilizing. What’s gettting them riled up is that they are being called on their game: They are being called to account, and someone is actually standing up to their efforts at regime change. It has nothing to do with ISIS, it has nothing to do with ’revolution.’ It’s just another coup.

Why can’t Russia help Syria with humanitarian aid and fulfill already signed military contracts:

Well there clearly isn’t any reason for them to be upset under that scenario. I would go a step further and say that even arming—acting in defense of an ally under direct attack from a coalition of foreign adversaries—is not only nothing to be ashamed of; it is a duty. And you look at the propaganda that is being spewed, and it turns everything on its head. All this pushes Aylan off the front page, doesn’t it? All these refugees that have been created by ISIS and by the death squad proxy war that is being forced on Syria by the Americans—is not the problem all of a sudden. Who is it? It’s Big Bad Russia, and the despot Putin. You know, it’s just—it’s a tired game, Eunan. It’s unbelievable."

Greece being asked by the US to ban Russian overflights:

"It is just more imperial arrogance on the part of the United States. It’s interesting to note that they [Greece] declined, which I think points to a larger issue—that the world is starting to wake up and say wait a minute, it’s not all about the Big Bad Russians. There is a resistance axis—from China to Russia to Iran, you know, sometimes involving Egypt and Algeria. It certainly involved Syria, it certainly involves Syria. And it involves Venezuela, Cuba, all these countries that are standing up to the jackboot of American economic and military imperialism. And that is to be hoped for, and I hope that it continues and that it strengthens."

Russia being blamed while western governments don’t face scrutiny:

"Well it is a very scary thing. Western propaganda, otherwise known as the corporate media or the mainstream media, is an alarming device in the hands of the ideological enemy, which is the sycophants to empire. They constantly brainwash their populations with this nonsense that is the opposite of truth. And so the populations are unsure . They go along with these imperial wars, partly because they reap benefits, and partly because they don’t know any better. There is no space in the US—Russians should understand this—they cannot get any traction all. And even Corbyn, who is supposedly some sort of reincarnated Lenin on the British left, had to back into a corner on a British debate last week and say that Russia was the ’aggressor in the region’ concerning Ukraine. On every level of every spectrum within mainstream politics, Russia is the Bad Guy, and that is impossible to change. That’s why I think that Russia and China have to be very very careful to realize that they have no partners among the allies of the US.

More western airstrikes as a solution to the refugee crisis..

"That is sickening—that is really a disgusting proposal. It’s clear that they are creating these refugees. All these wars of conquest and of choice—against Libya, against Yemen, against Syria, against Iraq, against Afghanistan—have all destabilized the region. And these are all ones that Europe has happily participated in, and that European populations also have happily gone along with—with the first exception of Iraq in the beginning. Everything else has been a cakewalk. And now to feign sympathy with this plight and say that the actual solution should be more of the disease is just mind boggling. And it’s such a double standard, and it’s so cynical.."