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Venezuelan State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson assassinated in cold blood in two-bomb explosion...

Saturday 20 November 2004

Venezuelan State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson assassinated in cold blood in two-bomb explosion in Los Chaguaramos/Santa Monica

State Political & Security (DISIP) agents and CICPC detectives are seeking to determine if the victim of an jeep which was blown to smithereens by two bombs in the Los Chaguaramos/Santa Monica suburb of Caracas around midnight last night could be that of State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson.

At this time, the indications are that the driver’s body is indeed Anderson and already government officials are describing the incident as a further act of terrorism by radical opposition groups who are determined not to accept electoral defeat.

Police say the vehicle belonged to Danilo Anderson, who has been leading the investigation of some 400 persons accused of using massive sums of money from the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to fund anti-democratic efforts to overthrow the elected government of President Hugo Chavez Frias who has immediately canceled plans to fly today to a weekend regional conference in Costa Rica.

The explosions reportedly came around midnight and police officials say the explosions may have been caused by bombs detonated by remote control ... similar in modus operandi to bombings which took place in February last year at the Spanish Embassy, Colombian consulate and the Teleport building in Caracas where Organization of American States (OAS)/Carter Center ’Friends of Venezuela’ negotiations were taking place.

Andres Izarra

Communications & Information (MinCI) Minister Andres Izarra told reporters at the scene "there were two explosions ... circumstances point to Danilo Anderson being the victim of this attack."

Speaking to Union Radio news network just after 2:00 a.m. this morning, Interior & Justice Minister Jesse Chacon saidthat the body of the driver taken from the wreckage of the bombed yellow Toyota Autana was "almost certainly that of Danilo Anderson." Chacon went on to say that every resource necessary will be made available to discover the perpetrators in the shortest possible lapse of time and that he is adamant that (the opposition) in the early hours of this morning was a terrorist attack .. there is no doubt that it was terrorism. The vehicle belonged to and was used by Prosecutor Danilo Anderson, the personal effects that were found in the wreckage of the vehiclela and statements made by those closest to him, allow us to believe that the corpse is that of the prosecutor even if there remains a series of forensic tests to determine his ID .. the body was badly burned, almost totally in a ball of fire."

"We in Venezuela cannot tolerate any form of terrorism ... we are proceeding with investigations as quickly as possible so that we can make known to the Venezuelan public who were the culprits to this dastardly deed. We will use every resource available to the government to identify the attackers and bring them to justice."

Jesse Chacon

Chacon says he strongly repudiates violence in Venezuelan politics and adds that "lamentably there are those in this country who will stoop to using such methods but it is very far removed from the wider Venezuelan mindset." He says that authorities will not be dissuaded from investigating the recipients of NED funding to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Venezuela .. "I have appointed Caracas Superior Prosecutor Leoncio Guerra to continue the investigations together with 30th and 8th National Prosecutors.

Appealing to Venezuelans to remain calm, Chacon said that the double explosion apparently came from bombs concealed in the chassis of Anderson’s vehicle ... "those who prepared this terrorist attack had a lot of time in which to do it ... Anderson did have bodyguards but he had dismissed them to attend routine postgraduate classes and we presume that it was on the basis of this routine that the killers planned his assassination.

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