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WAKE the F*CK UP: **Stop Election Fraud**

Wednesday 25 May 2005

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Advice from Rep. John Conyers, D, MI

Conyers, D, MI is a legendary figure in the Democratic Party. He served
on the Judiciary Committee since 1964 (and was on that committee during

the Nixon impeachment hearings); he is a founding member of the
Congressional Black Caucus; has sponsored critical legislation;
recently called for * to explain the pre-war Bush-Blair memo; and investigated election fraud in Ohio right after the election.

Why is this important: because fraud occurred in Ohio; that fraud is a paradigm for what we can expect in the 2006/2008 elections.
If we can’t get fair elections, including a fair vote count, we will
never regain control of congress and the White House. As a party, we
are doing very little.

Here is a summary of “What Went Wrong In Ohio” by Rep. John Conyers. It is vital that we realize the scope of theft in just that state and GET ANGRY AND MOTIVATED.
. The excerpts are followed by some excellent links showing how Bush
stole Ohio and the national election. The very best election fraud work
around takes place right here on DU in the Elections Forum.


We have found numerous
serious election irregularities in the Ohio presidential
election...Cumulatively, these irregularities, which affected hundreds of
thousands of voters
...raise grave doubts about whiter it can e said
that the Ohio electors...were chosen in a manner conforming to Ohio law,
let alone Federal requirements and constitutional standards.


...the following actions by Mr. Blackwell (Ohio Republican Secretary of
State), the Republican Party, and elections officials disenfranchised
HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Ohio citizens, predominantly Minority and
Democratic voters.

A. ...misallocation of voting machines led to unprecedented long lines that disenfranchised scores, if not hundreds of thousands, of predominantly Minority and Democratic Voters.

B. Mr. Blackwell’s decision to restrict provisional ballots resulted in the disenfranchisement of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of voters, predominantly Minority and Democratic voters.

C. Mr. Blackwell’s widely reviled decision to reject voter registration applications...may have resulted in thousands of new voters not being registered in timer for the 2004 election.

“caging: tactics” (voter intimidation through threatening letters,
etc.) targeted 35,000 predominantly minority voters for intimidation,
had a negative impact on voter turnout.

E. The Ohio Republican Party’s decision to utilize thousands of partisan challengers contradicted concentrated in minority and Democratic areas probably disenfranchised tens of thousands of legal voters...

F. Mr. Blackwell’s decision to prevent
voters who requested absentee ballots, but did not receive them on a
timely basis, from being able to receive provisional ballots
probably disenfranchised thousands, if not tens of thousands of voters, particularly seniors.

II. On Election Day

A. ...widespread
instances of intimidation and misinformation in violation of the Voting
Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1968, the Equal Protection Due
Process and Ohio right to vote.

B. ...improper purging and other registration errors by election officials that probably disenfranchised tens of thousands of voters statewide.

There were 93,000 spoiled ballots where no vote was cast for president,
the vast majority of which (were not inspected at the time of his

D. ...numerous significant unexplained irregularities.

1. Mahonig least twenty-five electronic machines transferred an unknown number of Kerry votes to the Bush column;
2. Warren County locked out public observers from vote counting citing a FBI warning about terrorist threat...(no FBI threat issues);
3. Perry County...signifiantly more votes than voters in some precincts...
4. Butler County, down ballot...Democratic Supreme Court candidate (out polls) Kerry;

III. election period...numerous irregularities in tallying provisional
ballots and conducting and completing the recount that disenfranchised
thousands of voters and called the entire recount procedure into

A. ...failure to articulate clear and consistent standards for counting of provisional ballots.

B...failure to issue specific standards for the recount contributed to a lack of uniformity in violating of both the Due Process clause and the Equal Protection clause...including:

1. Counties that did not randomly select precinct samples;
2. Counties which did not conduct a full hand count after the 3% hand and machine count did not match;
3. Counties which allowed irregular marking of ballots and failed to secure and store allots and machinery; and
4. Counties which prevented witnesses for candidates from observing various aspects of the recount.

The voting computer company Triad has essentially admitted that it
engaged in a course of behavior during the recount in numerous counties
to provide “cheat sheets” to those counting the ballot
. many
votes they should find for each candidate, and how many over and
under-votes they should calculate to match the machine count. In that
way, they could avoid doing a full county-wide recount mandated by law.



Time Republican Fund Raiser Involved in Current Scandal Had Intervened
for Republican Secretary of State to Fight Election Fraud Discovery

The Republican Party has “Framing” Nationally on Election Fraud


EMAIL the DNC and tell them that there was massive fraud and we must act now to avoid another set of thefts in 2006


Forum posts

  • W. stole a few elections and the Repubs stole Congress in the 2002 election! This news should NEVER get old!! I will never vote again until these issues are adressed and taken care of.
    Someone step up to the plate and take back Democracy!!

    • Autorank,
      I agree W. has stolen elections. However, everytime anyone speaks out about it the Right cries "liberal media." Sadly, the "liberal media" tactic has worked for 10+ years which is really sad, because anyone with a functional brain would realize that the media is indeed conservative.
      I do agree that people need to take back democracy, but I must admit that it is rather difficult when you have the very same people saying that they are "trying to save our democracy" when they are the very ones destroying it. A prime example would be those who sheepishly follow around Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity and repeat that Democrats and Liberals hate America.

      Don’t worry, we will get the Senate back in 2006, well at least Santorum will not win re-election in PA, but that is a gift in itself.

    • We ain’t gonna take nothing back unless we stop the Republicans from continuing to steal elections. There is a long history here. You should all go to the Democratic Underground and start educating yourselves on what’s really going on. It’s nationwide, and we need to each be involved in getting the Democrats to stop it. Alot of effort is going into working with state legislatures on the part of activist groups on this issue, but there needs to be a critical mass of involvement. Please, get informed, and get involved.

    • I agree with your sentiment but remember, every time you vote it makes it that much harder to steal the election. There are people out there working hard to stop this and we know most of their tricks by now. Give it another shot in 2006. I will too and who knows, maybe we’ll have a shot. Better than waiting because that may be a long time. Peace, autorank

    • Now that’s the spirit. Send "Little Ricky" packing. I like Conyers. He and the House members who fought for voting rights and demanded * explain the 2002 memo are enough to start the movement for honest elections. Cheers, autorank

  • Well it is clear that we do not have enough money for schools, enough money for social security, enough money for the elderly care, enough money to implement an open auditble verifiable election system for our democracy, but we have enough money to send our lower and middle class young people to Iraq, Afganistan, and a whole lot of other places TO DIE and WASTE OUR TAXES on their profit taking initiatives. Seems that someone and something have usurpsed our ideals of a democratic nation and THROUGH THE USE OF MONEY have purchased whatever rights or votes they need, when they need them, and are using their power to dismantle what is left of our nation and its public policy benifits infrastructure.
    It is quite clear that this was done for a PROFIT and CONTROL motive of which the current powers that hold these positions of influence do so for their own profits and not as representatives of the elected. And if they claim otherwise ask them to disclose their financial investments, political and corporate alignances, and their backers politcial and global agenda. Those behind this are afraid of losing their precisous positions of power and influence and now that they are in power are going to LEGISLATE IT DOWN THE REST OF OUR THROATS. Yes open wide and accept the BOSS MANS GOODNESS MMMMM.... He’s such a GOOD PERSON and so forthright and he saved us from SADAM and his weapoins of mass destruction... I know I feel safer living in an America with corporate controlled :
    1. Government - Executive Branch - backed by CORPORATE MONEY
    2. Government - Legislative Branch - lobbied with CORPORATE MONEY
    3. Government - Judicial Branch - influenced with CORPORATE MONEY
    4. GOvernment - Elections Systems updated - no paper trail any more NO PUBLIC VERIFICATION - purchased with public money
    5. Government - Military OPerations of Death and Violence against non elitist fellow humans - purchased with coroprate money
    6. Private corporations now pratically own and operate 1 through 5 above and don’t forget if you ask for a raise they
    may outsource your job function, take away social security, implement the draft for your kids, define what you can think or say..
    7. The War on Terror is nothing but a War Against other human beings NOT part of the above profit structure.
    8. The US economy (public working class) is at an all time low in terms of debt, BUT corporate PROFITS are at an all time high.

    So in a country where most of the wealth is held by the CORPORATE investor class, let me ask a dumb question like
    how come democracy doesn’t work like its supposed too? Could it be the MONEY?

    Before I would worry about the election fraud I would worry about the structure of the system and the seminal vehicle that enabled that fraud. That would be spelled M O N E Y .
    As Americans should we actaully care about anyone else but ourselves, then perhaps we should act real soon to do something about this. Remember BOSS MAN sez "you either with us boy, or you wid dem...."

    • Autorank,
      Once again I agree with you. What I have always wondered about the whole Iraq War financial issue is that why would Bush cut taxes during a war? We don’t have any money, Bush and his apparent "fiscal responsibility" has squandered it all on things that really do not matter. Our troops matter of course. It seems as if Bush cares more about Iraq and his political career than he does about America. There is no money for first responders in case of an accident. In Bush’s 2006 "Fiscal" Budget, the FAA has their airport Securiy Program(s) cut. Basically all funding for scientific research has been greatly reduced or cut.

      It is literally insane. This administration is absolutely backwards. If you really want to see something you should google 14 points of fascism. I believe that the Bush Administration fits all of the criteria. The Bush Administration’s policies fit other points more than others. It is really interesting.

    • I agree that the structure of the system is completely rotted. The quickest way to make a big dent is to get clean elections. At that point, it’s up to the people to vote their interests instead of their interpretation of the cartoon images presented on election commercials. I know this is a leap but we need to try, IMHO, and I feel a compelling need to support Conyers and the other champions of our rights as long as they’re fighting. Peace, autorank

    • Hi!!! I’ll do the google and get a better education. Thanks, autorank

  • autorank is still flogging his "mathematician" friends’ "proofs" that Kerry won Ohio.

    No one outside of the echo chamber of Democratic Underground takes "TIA"’s pseudo-mathematical ramblings seriously. The man has probably not finished high school, he recently discovered a couple of Excel functions and has been endlessly misusing them. Anyone on that forum who "dares" to ridicule TIA because of his obvious ignorance of basic mathematics gets censored/banned.

    • You are so transparent, trolling bellaciao and casting out insults and inane dribble. Most of what is in this article are the words of John Conyers, and autorank wrote a small introduction, which in my eversohumble opinion is not worthy of your rancor. What comments have you on the facts presented by Rep. Conyers, what proof have you of NO election fraud? An intelligent, thoughtful response from you would be a pleasant surprise. You can do this, yes??

    • Well,hello I bet we’ve met in the past. Nasty attacks do not change the data and the analysis. Just look at the numbers, it’s all there. cya, autorank

    • Sure. Conyers is a partisan hack who ignores facts. Example:

      Allegation: Blackwell is responsible for "misallocation of voting machines led to unprecedented long lines that disenfranchised scores, if not hundreds of thousands, of predominantly Minority and Democratic Voters."

      Fact: the machines were allocated by local BOEs, which are 50:50 Democrat/Republican. People in the BOEs are not appointed by Blackwell, they are placed there by respective party apparatus. In the most egregious case of long lines (Franklin county) the person who was responsible for machine allocation was the chairman of the Franklin County Democratic Party.

      [From the Columbus Dispatch, December 12, 2004]

      The idea that Democratic election officials disenfranchised voters in minority and Democratic precincts offends William A. Anthony Jr., chairman of the Franklin County Democratic Party and of the Franklin County Election Board, who was at the center of planning for the Nov. 2 election.

      He was particularly incensed after the Rev. Jesse Jackson recently repeated the allegations and called for an investigation of the Ohio election.

      ``I am a black man,’’ Anthony said. ``Why would I sit there and disenfranchise voters in my own community? I feel like they’re accusing me of suppressing the black vote. I’ve fought my whole life for people’s right to vote.’’


      So - Conyers misrepresented this. Did he mention at all that in lots of the "misallocated" counties the people who were reponsible for misallocation were Democrats. He didn’t? How could that be - he is an objective observer, not a partisan hack, is he?

    • It is not an "attack", it is a statement of facts:

      1. TIA’s "analysis" is nonsense, and he is laughed at everywhere but on DU.

      2. Anyone who comes on DU and refutes TIA winds up banned, and his messages deleted - so the echo chamber continues.

    • First the numbers and analysis stands on its own. Second, you are attacking people with characterizations that no one really cares about. Third, you were probablyi banned from DU for the same type of posts you’re leaving here. Why don’t you do something productive with your time like work for an honest political candidate or promote some social justice cause. That would be helpful.
      bye, autorank

  • There is no difference between Corporate American democrats and republicans. If you listen to Air America’s Ed Schultz show, he will defend the corp state at every turn. Profits are driving the corruption and democratic mouth pieces. Elections are not an issue because they have no idea what the problem is.

    The corporations that lobby for election system certification get their machines, software, and systems approved by as many democrats as republicans. They are both out to lunch or ignorant to the corruption at best and at worst they are so caught up in their legislative beuacracy they can’t do anything, even if they wanted to. John Conyers is the best example of that.

    So we don’t have a democracy or the ability to vote because the corporate state will control more and more over time and over come any knock kneedn legislation for "paper trails" or even voter verified paper ballots because they count them by SOFTWARE. Central Tabulators count scanned paper ballot totals and they are NEVER hand counted. No rocket science necessary to figure out the lolly pop for the infantile voter in the form of the paper ballot when the machines count them.

    No hand counts of paper ballots means no election and the U.S. is currently not a democracy. We have Corporate American appointments not elections.

    • With your permission, I’ll borrow those lines: "No hand counts of paper ballots means no election and the U.S. is currently not a democracy. We have Corporate American appointments not elections."
      What more needs to be said, you nailed it! Peace out! autorank

    • Having worked for both MoveOn and the Kerry Campaign I can assure you without a doubt that W. lost! I felt the momentumof a Kerry win weeks before the election.People felt scared to death that W.might win and were doing everything they could to get the vote out. Thecpassion & urgency were ALL on Kerry’s side even in Colorado and especially Ohio.. both of which Iam sure Kerry won!
      Wh do you think W.’s favorability rating hasn’t been above 49% since before the election. I quess you want us to believe that suddenly on election day he got over 50% then dropped back down to pre election less then 50%.
      W. LOST... REPUBS GET OVER IT!! YOU ARE LOSERS< LIARS Next time it will be the Dems turn.

    • Isn’t that the truth. I poll watched in a close Red state and between live voters and absentee ballots, there was a 50% turnout at 9:45AM (30% live; 20 % absentee). Golly gee, lines were constant, which is to say huge, all day after that and the final turnout percentage was only 63%. You should have seen how they handled the machines, just picking them up and moving them around. The poll workers hadn’t a clue. There had to be at least an 80% turnout and magically it turned out to be 63%. We were robbed everywhere! It will be our turn in 2006 if we get right in their faces and let them know that we know all the nasty tricks and plan to call it on them in real time.
      Great post! autorank

  • This situation is SO 1984 it’s terrifying! Act now or forever hold our PEACE!
     Peter Sorensen

    • This message is to Democrats. The only way to really have power as a citizen is to REFUSE to vote in rigged elections. Go to the polls in 2006 with a sign that reads "I REFUSE TO VOTE IN RIGGED ELECTIONS" if enough people do this the media can not ignore it. If enough democrat voters do not vote, no democrats will get elected. If no democrats get elected then the game will be up. Because there is NO DEMOCRACY if only 30% of eligible voters vote and all are from the republican party. In order for the game to continue, they need 2 teams. You can not have a game without 2 teams. This will throw a definite wrench in the rigged system of pretending there are 2 teams when really they all play on one.

      Because Democrat voters are the only intelligent voters in this country, it is up to them to make this change, they are the only ones who can accomplish it. This is the only voice left to the people. We haven’t much time left to teach others that this will be the only thing that can affect change in rigged voting that has become the standard and the norm.

    • You’re Damn Right! You idiots have to stop voting. That is the only way that we can fix this. Your voting in rigged elections is empowering them. Why can’t you see that? Good god, man, participating in these fraudulent elections - it makes it look to the general public as if everything is all right.

      Stop voting, you idiots!!!!

      "This message is to Democrats. The only way to really have power as a citizen is to REFUSE to vote in rigged elections. Go to the polls in 2006 with a sign that reads "I REFUSE TO VOTE IN RIGGED ELECTIONS""

    • I was a poll watcher in Montgomery County Maryland, where they installed the most corrupt voting system imaginable. I had a sign that warned the voters about the Diebold fraud. Many voters acted as if I was a kook. They proudly declared they loved their touchscreen voting. Most couldn’t believe I didn’t trust MY government. My tired refrain was, "When massive turnout against Bush still results in his winning, what are you going to do then"? My experience taught me that first people who DO vote, need to break free of the programming and begin to think for themselves. Only then will they have the drive and energy to confront the reality of massive vote fraud.

      I hope next election cycle I will not be the only one there with a sign.

    • Completely agree. There needs to be a "national strike" against the system.

    • Whoa folks. In 2006, there will be people all over this. They can try to steal it but the boom will fall right on theire heads. Give us some time to get it together before you bail out. I do like the tee shirt idea. Nobody can tell what I do behind the curtain. Cheers.

    • "This message is to Democrats. The only way to really have power as a citizen is to REFUSE to vote in rigged elections. Go to the polls in 2006 with a sign that reads "I REFUSE TO VOTE IN RIGGED ELECTIONS"

      It’s what the NAZIs did, it’s what Stalin did, and it is a perfect representation of what has happened to democracyin this country <<<<<

      The real soultion is not to ’JUST VOTE’
      - it’s to GET INVOLVED, learn what the laws are in your State and locality, and ensure there are FAIR, and ENFORCED.

    • Another ignorant voter.....okay smart guy, how will your voting matter if the machine said you didn’t vote, or counts your vote for the guy you didn’t vote for????? You just don’t get it, as long as you agree to be used to make it look like there are tons of voters....and all of them voted for the other candidate, you have no way of proving that the elections were fair and that you were not just counted as a "voter" and your vote went for who ever the counters say it was for???? In rigged elections anyone who agrees to vote is agreeing to be made a fool of....can you see that????

    • Friends, I think the only realy solution to the crisis is a collapse of some sort. Catherine Austin Fitts Solari group has one approach - withdrawal of your $ from the system. Think she’s probably right. We have to stop participating in the system on a financial level to get any real attention. Check out

    • Hey, I like her and her ideas are truly positive. There will be an entirely new paradigm in the next 20 years, maybe less, as the resource crunch hits and eco catastrophes prevail. The Pentagon of all plaes released a report on the greatest security threats to the US inthe next 15 years. A smart guy wrote it and he said ’ECO-CATASTROPHES’. Mentioned parts of The Hague underwater (sorry) and the decline of the Gulf Stream AND the struggle for water. I think that we all need alternatives. I don’t want a collapse, however, because so many people, innocent, i.e., children, will be hurt. Things have to change in a big way and the first step in us having a chance is fair and honest elections.

      This is a great site. Thanks to the site managers for posting my message/article.


  • That ultra-libs continue to claim election fraud simply reflects their denial that leftist philosophy is incongruent with most Americans.

    The Supreme Court found there was no fraud in 2000. Even so, American voters re-affirmed the 2000 decision by voting in W for a second term.

    Note to ultra-libs: stop pointing at election fraud specters and start examining the ideologies that continue to isolate you from American voters.


    • The Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 to put a stop to the recount in Fla. which would have shown Gore won. Four of the five judges who voted in favor should have excluded themselves from the ruling because of conflict of interest issues. (i.e. Thomas’ son worked for the Bush campain and actually received a nice appointment by Bush after the "election") I cannot believe that after all you have read here on this very page you would still claim the 2004 election as ’proof’ that the 2000 elections were fair.

      You may be right about leftist philosophy being incongruent with most Americans. Most that I know are racist, homophobic, and just love to root for ’our boys’ overseas like they root for their favorite football team. We have become so infatuated with war and violence and the idea that god wants us to rule the world that most of us just don’t give two craps if some half-wit draft-dodger uses lies and media manipulation to steal elections and create a war with no end.

      people like you don’t help. Where do you get your news - Rush or Fox? I am only now starting to gain some measure of optimism based solely on blogs like this one where real information can come to light without passing through the filters of corporate America.

  • That ultra-libs continue to claim election fraud simply reflects their denial that leftist philosophy is incongruent with most Americans.

    The Supreme Court found there was no fraud in 2000. Even so, American voters re-affirmed the 2000 decision by voting in W for a second term.

    Note to ultra-libs: stop pointing at election fraud specters and start examining the ideologies that continue to isolate you from American voters.


    • To the "equalizer"...

      It’s interesting that only in a U.S. election that exit polls are considered invalid when their stats don’t agree with the reported controversial returns in a particular state. Jimmy Carter and other election watchers in foreign countries seem to put great store in exit polls, and fraudulent elections have been overturned because of them. Here, the response is "get over it."

      People voting for John Kerry hardly seem to be an isolated group when you consider that 49% of the voters preferred a different outcome.

      As for the Supreme Court, I simply invite you to check out its ideological composition.


  • IF someone doesn’t wake up soon the election fraud will continue and continue as if the regulatory agency of elections if there is one will assume the process as is is all we need...

  • Hi fellow BellaCiao readers,
    Maybe it’s time for a little Peach + Mint + Im: To the Editor:
    It will be a beautiful Peach of an Impeachment: the coming Impeachment, Trial, Conviction and Removal from Office of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for their High Crimes and Misdemeanors against the American people and the United States Constitution.
    Predict the exact date of the coming final and complete collapse of the illegitimate Bush regime. Win big prizes: freedom and democracy for all Americans! Help end the hated Bush war on Iraq. Bring our boys and girls back home. Help end the illegitimate grip of Diebold Corporation and ES&S Corporation, two privately-held right-wing run electronic voting machine manufacturers, on our elections, with their miscounting our votes in private with proprietary secret software. Create the return to honest elections with traditional hand-counted paper ballots. Help right our badly listing ship of state.
    Currently the corporate mainstream media is holding the Sword of Damocles over the continued existence of the Bush regime. When the corporate mainstream media finally tires of the Bush regime’s endless monkeyshines, they will quickly pull the plug by broadcasting some of the truth about how the Bush gang stole the 2000 Presidential election in Florida, how Dick Cheney and his neo-con idiot buddies were complicit in letting the 9-11 terrorist attacks proceed as originally planned (the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) stated that they needed "a new Pearl Harbor" to implement their imperialistic plans to dominate the Middle East in the 21st century; some 52 warnings to the FAA about how the Al-Queda terrorists planned to use hijacked airliners as weapons, and the FAA just could not be bothered to simply seal off the airliners’ cockpits and thereby prevent any airliner hijackings), how the Bush gang told a pack of lies about Iraq and WMD before launching its illegal criminal war on the Iraqi people in March 2003 (see, how the Bush gang stole the 2004 Presidential election by having its thugs and technicians hack and rig electronically attack insecure Diebold and ES&S electronic voting machines and vote tabulating machines on November 2, 2004 and flipped several million Kerry votes into Bush votes, how the Bush administration funneled billions of taxpayer dollars into Halliburton Corporation with its infamous "no-bid" Iraq "reconstruction" contracts and how right-wing Texas energy corporations, such as Enron and El Paso Natural Gas, conspired to rig and game the California electrical energy market and steal billions of dollars from California ratepayers with the phony energy crisis.
    Any regime, which bases its continued existence upon lies, fear, election rigging and public complacency, will fall sooner or later. This illegitimate Bush regime will fall sooner than later. Help grease the skids for this coming collapse by getting the Impeachment Ball rolling. Hold an Impeachment Ball in your neighborhood, city, county or state. Have a Ball. Have an Impeachment Ball. Create your very own Im-Peach-Mint web site.
    Watch the coming collapse of the Bush house of cards. Help pull the dark curtains of secrecy aside and reveal the inner machinations of this pathetic bunch of cowardly chicken-hawks. Bring on Impeachment. Bring it on.
    The winning date will be the day that the House Judiciary Committee approves Articles of Impeachment against President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
    Pick out which media outlet broadcast will be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back, as it were. Will it be Air America Radio, Pacifica Radio Network, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN or perhaps even FOX?
    Submit your entry as a letter-to-the-editor to local newspapers, regional newspapers and national newspapers. Post it on your own personal web site. Submit your entry to progressive web sites. Submit your entry to reactionary right-wing web sites (thereby increasing their paranoia level). Submit your entry to the mainstream corporate media outlets. Note: this Impeachment Revolution will be televised. Mission accomplished.
    Yours truly,
    James K. Sayre

  • After seeing the movie "The Manchurian Candidate", we could film another called "The Diebold Candidate" with the entire cast of characters from the next election. This is a most definite and direct issue that the Republic faces.

    Certain rules should apply. Everyone that wants to vote should do so. There should be a hard copy of every vote that should be counted along with the machine vote. If there are any discrepancies, the hard copy count should be considered valid .

    If we continue to keep our elective process the same, look forward to President Jenna Bush in 2024!