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Religions-Beliefs Attack-Terrorism UK Trinity


(When is an MUSLIM Cleric Really A Jew Pretending To Be A Muslim??? )
Radical London Muslim Cleric of Jewish Lineage

Radical London Muslim Cleric of Jewish

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad
MI-5 believes he was involved in the London bombings.
His London Rallies Spew Streams of Hateful Venom
"Definitely time to pull Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad’s pants down to see just what kind of Jewish shit head we’ve got here. Peace. "

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Flashback: When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman

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I have a Reason for Bringing this up!
Bomb Suspect Held In Italy

What is his name? Or,What are they claiming his name is?

The bomb suspect arrested in Rome could spend months there before being extradited to Britain.

Hussain Osman left the UK on July 26 from Waterloo station on Eurostar - five days after the attempted bombings.

The 27-year-old is accused of the failed suicide bombing on July 21 on a train near Shepherd’s Bush.

Scotland Yard is trying to get Osman returned under a new fast-track law which came into effect in Italy last Thursday.

However, his lawyer Antonietta Sonnessa, appointed by the Italian courts, has said the highly technical legal process could take two months.

She said Osman would fight any extradition attempt which could delay the process further.

Osman is being held in the Regina Coeli prison and Italian authorities want to question him ahead of deciding on extradition.

Ms Sonnessa says Osman speaks good Italian and does not need an interpreter.

She said no formal charges had been made but "certain accusations are being raised for the July 21 attacks."

Osman was born in Ethiopia and has British citizenship.

He was arrested in his brother’s flat on the outskirts of Rome on Friday after fleeing the UK by train.

Police were able to track him by tracing calls on a mobile phone.

Now...Tim Osman(Osama Bin Ladin) was a CIA Asset- Created by the CIA

Newspapers said Hussain’s real name was Hamdi Isaac. His brother, who was also reported arrested Friday after guiding police to Hussain’s hideout in Rome, was identified in news accounts as Remzi Isaac.

Isaac- Israelis Zionists MOSSAD!!!
When Hamdi Isaac was Hussain Osman !!!
Gotcha, MF’S!!!

Hey, Intel Agencies...Bite me!!!
HUMINT THIS!!! My Middle Finger!!!

Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist And NEVER HAS

WHO with Any Intelligence would fall for it?
If Tim Osman is CIA
Then Hussain Osman Is CIA or MI6!!!
No kidding!
THEY are behind this whole Bogus Staged SHOW!!!


Anti-terror police are questioning five men - four in London and one in Rome - suspected of attempting to bomb the capital on July 21.

The name of the fifth man has been reported as Wahbi Mohammed, 23.

He was arrested during a raid in Tavistock Crescent in Notting Hill, London.

He is alleged to have dumped a device hidden in a rucksack on open ground at nearby Little Wormwood Scrubs.

Scotland Yard has not confirmed his identity but he is thought to be the brother of Ramzi Mohammed, who was arrested during a dramatic siege at the Peabody Buildings in north Kensington yesterday.

Ramzi Mohammed is allegedly responsible for attempting to blow up a train at Oval Tube station last week.

He was arrested alongside Muktar Said Ibrahim - the man suspected of attempting to blow up the number 26 bus in Shoreditch.

Police had surrounded a flat on the Peabody Estate and shouted to those inside to come out wearing only their underwear.

Two men emerged onto the balcony with their hands in the air.

Shortly afterwards, authorities in Italy arrested Hussain Osman, 27, a British man of Ethiopian origin.

Osman, held in Rome, is believed to be the suspect who tried to detonate a device on a train near Shepherd’s Bush.

The fourth suicide bomb suspect, Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, a Somali, was arrested on Wednesday in Birmingham.

He is alleged to have made his attempt on a train near the Warren Street Tube station.

A number of other arrests have also been made in London, including two women in Muslim dress at Liverpool Street station.

Despite all five suspects being in custody, police are warning the public to remain on its guard.

These guys are either totally innocent Patsies
They are A Creation of MI6/CIA!!!

Re: Attacks on UK will continue, radical cleric says


07/22/05 12:41 PM


I’m surprised that the British Foreign Office is still exploiting Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed and his organisation Al-Muhajiroun.

Since at least 1999, it has been openly acknowledged that the organisation is controlled by MI6. Even Bakri himself admits that "retired" British military officers are training new recruits in asymmetric warfare techniques at Al-Muhajiroun’s offices in the Lee Valley suburb of London.

Jeff Steinberg gave Omar Bakri, and Al-Muhajiroun a brief mention in a Sept 2004 article, which is available here.

When Al-Muhajiroun aren’t fighting the Anglo-American Establishment’s proxy wars, they are used domestically as the Foreign Office’s rent-a-mob. They are often used to intimidate visiting dignitaries to the United Kingdom when the Foreign Office requests their services.

I suspect that Omar Bakri’s crowd were those who held George Galloway hostage. Despite Galloway being married to a Palestinian Muslim, the mob very loudly proclaimed that he was an infidel. Strange hostage choice indeed, given that Galloway was one of the very few MPs who condemned the "wolves", Bush and Blair, for their policy of creating a Clash of Civilizations with the Arab Muslim world.


07/22/05 01:16 PM

Re: Attacks on UK will continue, radical cleric says
We all know who this "cleric" really works for now don’t we.
The ziokikes.

07/22/05 03:59 PM

Islamists have "covenant of peace" with MI6

As an academic point, it will be interesting to see whether MI6 continues to manage Al Muhajiroun, Omar Bakri, and the other Islamist rent-a-gobs, once the British Government’s new anti-terror measures are enacted.

How will the London-based Islamist mouthpiece, Omar Bakri continue to issue his phoney fatwas against American interests, once criminal statutes are in force which prohibit "indirect [and direct] incitement to terrorism"?

Bakri has been using British soil to incite terrorist acts against British allies, including America, for at least a decade. That must surely come to an end now, no?

Up until now, Bakri has effectively had a special dispensation. He has openly operated with complete impugnity, brazenly admitting that he is protected by the British Establishment.

At the same time that Bakri has been applauding Osama bin London and his supposed attacks of 911, Bakri has been telling the London-based Arabic daily Al Sharq Al Awsat, that "we [Al-Muhajiroun] have a covenant of peace with the British government."


The Quickening (A Signpost in the dark)
Friday, July 29, 2005

Calls for Leading Muslim Cleric to resign and be prosecuted for saying "Al Qaeda does not exist"

Telegraph | July 28 2005

Mohammad Naseem today also appeared on BBC radio and asserted that there
is no evidence Al Qaeda exists, no evidence it carried out the London Bombings and that it is a construction of Intelligence agencies falling in line with the CIA. These are all provable facts as we regularly point out on this website by refering to official sources. Are we to be prosecuted as well?
The MAJORITY of the callers on the show also rightly pointed out that Bin
Laden was a CIA asset and Al Qaeda, if it exists at all is a loose knit
group of Mujahideen trained and funded by the CIA to do battle with Russian
forces in Afghanistan in the late 70s and 1980s.

For the soundbites click here
and fast forward to 1 hour 22 mins into the show, and then later on
2 hours 45 mins into the show. The most senior Islamic cleric in Birmingham claimed yesterday that Muslims were being unjustly blamed in the war on terrorism and that the eight suspects in the two bombing attacks on London "could have been innocent passengers".

Mohammad Naseem, the chairman of the city’s central mosque, called Tony Blair a "liar" and "unreliable witness" and questioned whether CCTV footage issued of the suspected bombers was of the perpetrators.

He said that Muslims "all over the world have never heard of an organisation called al-Qa’eda".

Mr Naseem, who was speaking after police seized Yasin Hassan Omar in Birmingham, delivered his unprompted outburst when he was invited to a press conference with West Midlands police and Birmingham city council to help calm fears of racial or religious tension

It was held near the police cordon in Heybarnes Road, where Omar was arrested.

His comments shocked senior police officers.

Many Many More Excellant Links
after the arrest.


No doubt, after el-Nashar’s testicles are shocked with a field telephone battery, he will provide the necessary background information on this “clear
al-Qaida link.” Since forensic evidence is required to pedal the story
el-Nashar served as an al-Qaeda chemist in Leeds, a “highly volatile
explosive-acetone peroxide-has been discovered in a house in Leeds
thought to have been used as a bomb-making factory,” according to the Scotsman.
“The home-made explosives found in Leeds are similar to those used in
other al-Qaida-linked attacks. They were also used by shoe-bomber
Richard Reid.”

There you go people, do your own investigations!
MI6 Funded, set up Bogus Islamic Groups

See Also:
London plot thickens, as does propaganda
London is World Terrorist Headquarters
MI6 protected top Nazi war criminal
Put Britain on the list of states sponsoring terrorism
Do Advanced Searches on Google
lookup MI6 Behind The London Bombings

- The physical British Empire declined in the years after World War II, but the global elites, since the time of Cecil Rhodes, have understood this inevitable decline and have turned their attention to creating a brand new global empire. The Federal Reserve, the Council On Foreign Relations, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the Trilateral Commission, the World Trade Organization etc, etc, are all a continuing part of this march towards a global government.

- Islamic Fundamentalism was supported by the British and American governments during the Cold War. Bin Ladin was a CIA and British asset. He personally fought against the Russians in Afghanistan and he was almost killed several times by Russian shelling. After the Cold War America slowly backed off of its support for Muslim fundamentalists, but certain members of the British elite have continued to support, and perhaps even direct it.

- Bin Ladin’s direct financial assets and strategic capabilities have been hugely exaggerated. The entity known as Al-Qaeda is simply the guestbook for Muslims who entered Peshawar to join the jihad against Russia in Afghanistan. There is no such thing as a global terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda! Bin-Laden is probably not directly, or even secondarily, responsible, but of course the media is able to trot out "links" that "prove" Bin-Ladin was involved.


The International Bankers Are Behind This Whole Charade!!!
The International Bankers...Jewry Jewry Jewry!!!

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Suspect denies al-Qaeda link
"I joined a muscle-building class in Notting Hill and I was told we had to act to avenge our people who had been arrested, thrown into prison after the July 7 bombings," the Ethiopian-born naturalised Briton was quoted as saying.
"A signal had to be given and we did it, but we did not intent to kill anybody. It was just a gesture," he declared, adding that he had no links with the four July 7 suicide bombers, three of whom were of Pakistani origin.

In other words, he got suckered into being a patsy in another frame-up.
Just a reminder to patriot groups that the smelly guy who is always demanding that YOU blow something up is probably an FBI informant.

Finger points to British intelligence as al-Qaeda websites are wiped out

Posted Jul 31, 2005 07:45 AM PST

Since most of the "Al Qaeda" websites track back to places like Virginia and Texas, the real explanation is that someone is erasing the evidence of a frame-up.