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What’s Behind the London Attacks?

Friday 8 July 2005

The bombing of the London Underground was a false-flag operation designed to keep the West mired in war. Don’t believe otherwise.

Only one word sprang to mind when I heard about the bombings that claimed the lives of dozens of Londoners today - convenient.

Is there anything convenient in death, or in thousands of lives
destroyed from catastrophe? No - and words cannot express the sorrow I
feel for the men and women changed by today’s events. But governments
with skeletons in their closets have a great deal to gain from a
national tragedy bolstered by "terrorism."

As I sit in my office today, I hear the whispers of co-workers now
utterly convinced our war on terror must continue. Despite American and
British involvement in the Middle East birthing wave after wave of
rebel forces, the Bush doctrine is now justified in the minds of
millions. Petty grievances such as the Downing Street Minutes, the President’s flagging support and Karl Rove’s treasonous outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame are unimportant. A shadowy conglomeration is out to kill us.

Sound familiar? It should - the same emotional ploy was used to great effect on Americans in the wake of September 11th.
Question nothing, particularly your cries for vengeance or that nagging
feeling in the back of your head. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Unlike four years ago, however, I refuse to accept that the attack
on London was anything less than a false-flag operation designed to
enrage Western "civilization" against the Middle East. Why? Because
there is no reason for "terrorist" groups to attack England. As
recently as this week, the Ministry of Defense announced that plans were being drafted
that would pull British armed forces from the quagmires in Iraq and
Afghanistan. With the British effectively admitting they’re throwing in
the towel, the only motivation to stay could come from an attack that
compels the forces to stay and fight "global terrorism."

Think about it. The attack only benefits empires desperate to
maintain a foothold in the Middle East without further eroding public
opinion. Will Parliament shrug their shoulders and push their soldiers
into longer tours of duty because of this? Obviously it’s too early to
tell, but if that happens, insurgents and rebels will have lost more
than they could have ever possibly gained in destroying part of the

Brian Kilmeade of Fox News agrees, claiming the sabotage

"works to ... [the] Western world’s advantage, for people to experience
something like this together." It doesn’t just make "terrorism" an
American problem. It makes it a worldwide problem. The Number One

No longer do we need to concern ourselves with two world leaders
(who have spawned more worldwide terrorism than any fanatical religious
organization) going unquestioned in their lies that started a war. We
can cast off our sluggish economies, lack of freedoms and pitiful
descent into draconian law. Terror is on the rise.

I feel like I’m sitting in my apartment watching the World Trade Center collapse all over again.

Everything is the same, right down to the previously unheard of Islamic group (The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe? Are you kidding me?) taking credit - even though the translation falls apart under scrutiny and the Q’uran is improperly cited. Considering the only Al Qaeda cell to ever be uncovered was a front for the Mossad,
you’d think the perpetrators could at least come up with a clever new
booga-booga name to grab headlines. Their arrogance is startling.

As is the ever-present Israeli connection, a staple among false flag operations. Before today’s attack, the Israeli Embassy in London was notified
an attack was forthcoming. As a result, former Israeli Prime Minister
Binyamin Netanyahu remained in his hotel room rather than head towards
a nearby hotel where he was to address an economic summit.

The embassy denies it had any prior knowledge, of course, but the story has changed dramatically in the process. If, as they say, Netanyahu was not warned, how did he know to stay in his room? How did he know the danger was so severe that he dare not venture out of the hotel?

Oops! The story’s changed again - here Netanyahu says that British police had warned the Israelis

(but not the rest of the city?) of a pending attack. Scotland Yard
denies this; Israel’s reply was to say Netanyahu received his warning
after the first blast. How? It was initially reported as a power surge for hours.
What is being hidden here? And why isn’t there an investigation into
these obvious discrepancies?

It’s enough to make your head spin and your eyes cross with rage.

Regardless, I am making an appeal to Britons who are understandably
wracked with grief at the moment - don’t buy into the hatred the way we
Americans did. Don’t ignore the obvious evidence that this whole affair
was orchestrated by your own government. Most importantly, don’t let
the deaths of the few, however tragic, plunge your nation into another
fit of war and civic clampdowns.

Toying with your emotions is expected. Don’t fall prey to ignorance.
See the attack on your home for what it really is - a distraction that
will keep your money, resources and troops mired in ceaseless battle
for an ideology that betrays your democratic and civilized tenets.

Honor your dead with tears, not a cry for war or praise for a disgraced leader.

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Forum posts

  • Whatever the U.S.A, or U.K. leaders say is behind the bombings, you can be sure is a big lie. These people are pathological liars and you can not believe a word they say. They ALWAYS have a hidden agenda and there is nearly always is money or oil /money involved.

  • At last, another voice of sanity!

    Of course this is a set up. We have been suckered for years. As a Brit, I was already suspicious on the 11th of September, 2001, when it was announced within hours that Osama bin Laden was responsible. When the attacks of the IRA were at their height in the UK, it often took longer before confirmation was made of a particular attack.

    I have said it before, and I will keep saying it, the biggest and best (!) terrorists these days are the governments, if there were ever any other kind. To my mind, the insurgents in Iraq are freedom fighters, so please give them their correct names.

    My heart goes out to my fellow citizens in Britain (I am a ex-patriot living in Switzerland); my prayers and thoughts are with you. Please remain calm and sane, and do not let the terrorists that lead us, cause us to destroy one another.

  • Sure Mossad knew the time when it would strike London! I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, but the London bombing stinks.

  • I Swear by Allah, We are innocent.